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ディストピア民主主義: 米国人だけが投票権を持つ地球皇帝によって統治された世界

Part 3 Abstract:

To avoid the dystopia, the world excluding US, needs to cut down its trade surplus with US, revamp the unfair global trade system, cooperate to distribute the world power in finance, science and hi-tech, media sectors instead of pivoting on US axis (Global Power Distribution Strategy, Shifting Supply Chains in Advanced Sectors away from US).

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10. How should the world deal with the US$ trap and US bully?

1st off, the strategy master postulates a theorem: 

If a country is a clear-cut number 1 world power and has bullied other countries, then with very few exceptions, it is strategically beneficial to drag down the number 1 power. Unless the world gets united to contain it, there is a tendency for the world to slide into further lopsided configuration.

If a country has bullied other countries, then no matter how it tries to project itself as morally noble, it is essentially a hypocritical greedy bully. It will tend to increase its advantage by exploiting and bullying other countries, its focused targets may be some other countries now, but when it has finished them, it will get even stronger, and your value to it is reduced, eventually its bully targets will cover all the countries. So, drag it down before it has the chance to bully you, or wait for it to bully one by one.

Think about it, the only super power on earth today, US, is hyping up the China threat theory, saying "if China were No. 1, the world will be like a hell" blah, blah, blah. Really? Put aside the big "if", but can and would the future China block the world from using American products such as Apple as US has done with Huawei? or hinder Germany from proceeding with Nord Stream 2? or order the world not to buy oil from or sell things to Iran after it had formally signed an agreement along with major world powers? I haven't even touched the numerous cruel evils done to third world countries by US empire. It's really difficult to find things that China has done or could do that can match up the evil things done by US, other than the Uyghur genocide farce fabricated by the US propaganda machine, which, even it were true, pales so much than the evils done by US, and if is a fabrication, then by itself another evil deed on US account.

Please imagine what the world would look like, if US can keep sucking blood from world economy, by having a trade deficit at US$600 billions or more a year and then printing US$1 trillion or more new money a year to refill its wallet, and cause global inflation, for 50 or 100 years?

As US is sharply increasing its annual budget deficit, we, all the people on earth with no exception other than Americans, are being boiled like a frog in warm water, with US turning up the heat on us. That is the true but never revealed big picture of today's world. How? Hour by hour, boatloads of goods and service are shipped from all around the world to US ports, carrying petroleum, clothing, computers, furnitures, mobile phones and everything you name it. The reward for all the hard work and the natural resource bleeding put into these is just some tiny kiting cheques, plus ever-stronger US military power, the bullying and bombings and killings by US around the world, and an aggravating global inflation. As US budget deficit increases, its speed of money printing increase, then its annual trade deficit increases, so is the above process accelerated.

Biden recently advocated: "We must start with diplomacy rooted in America’s most cherished democratic values: defending freedom, championing opportunity, upholding universal rights, respecting the rule of law, and treating every person with dignity".  Translation: Trump is a moron who crippled the US propaganda machine, one of the most powerful tool in its global hegemony.Trump: You (China and Russia) are evil, we are too. Biden: You are evil, we are angel. Democratic values, defending freedom, upholding universal rights, etc., are the incantations of Americans, used along with its bogeyman ruse, to cheat the world to help US to enhance its global hegemony. We have seen enough of American hypocrisy. US does not give a damn to these other than its own national interests. For examples, Saudi Arabia, an autocratic country, is the closest ally of US, and US has killed ~6 millions people (mostly Muslims) since 2001/9/11, while slandering China with fabricated Uyghur (Muslims) genocide charge, or pretending to be caring about the human rights of Uyghurs.

The media branch of the US empire is an important and powerful tool for US. Americans use US$ investments to have infiltrated into the mediae of many countries, along with the powerful US SNS sites, Americans' control on global public opinion is like tentacles of a huge octopus. These have tremendous brain-washing powers and have the ability to spin right into wrong and vice versa.

The world is on track to, or maybe with one foot already in, a dystopia democracy ruled by a global emperor (like Trump or worse) with only Americans having the voting rights and where every country has to be submissive to the US empire which has done many evils in the past. The reckless ballooning of US budget deficit and military spending is a demonstration of how the world except US is helpless when it comes to matters of key global importance, and US can do whatever it likes without regard to any others. So is the rescinding of the Iran nuclear treaty and illegal sanction against Iran. And because of the positive feed-back loop mechanism with the American advantages, the situation is getting worse.

The US$ issue is paramount strategic important for every country on Earth. No country has given enough attention and resource to this issue, perhaps because it is a very difficult and sensitve (ref. 26, US has tremendous power and influences in its ally countries) issue. So, the world is in a very perilous situation. I here remind everyone, whatever amount of attention and resource you give to this issue can be rewarded by the importance and value of this issue, and it would be easier to attack this issue with a concerted international effort.

To avoid this fate, the world must see through the various shenanigans of US, stop or reduce your country's trade surplus with US if it's chronic, or help or encourage other countries to do so, this will cut down the blood-sucking by US. Next, revamp the unfair global trade system, cooperate to distribute the world finance, science and hi-tech, media sectors instead of pivoting on US axis. This can be called Global Power Distribution strategy (or shifting of supply chains in advanced sectors), a counter strategy to the Indo-Pacific strategy. The world have been bullied too much because of US monopoly in these sectors, enough is enough!

Some people are buzzing with the Dump-the-Dollar talks. In my opinion, this is impractical, it would be easier to stop the world from sliding further down the dollar trap, by curbing or eliminating the trade surplus with US, limiting foreign capital inflow and investments from US. These measures would effectively stop or reduce the blood-sucking from the world economy by SU, but is still very hard to carry out. The world must cooperate to achieve this, nothing less can do.

When dealing with US, it is important to look at its track record, so you won't be cheated or lured into a trap by a sweet temporary deal. Note Americans can tear down an agreement anytime it wants, e.g. the Iran nuclear deal. It is also important to note US is the single global hegemony, it is powerful, so sticking together with other countries is very important.

Think about what you would do to deal with the US$ trap and US bully. It's the most important global issue and undoubtedly a very tough one. This article is the first shot at the 4 million pounds gorilla, people are hardly even conscious of the problems. The fate of the world is hanging in the blance, please help to spread the words at the very least, don't let me fight the war for 7 billions of people alone if you care about yourself and people of your country.


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