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Scratch and Robotics for kids and their parents (K-5)

Scratch Workshop & Open House this year

2012-11-14 15:36:11 | 日記
Nov. 18 sun 9:30 at Toyokawa Minami ES, Tamokuteki-shitsu
3-2-1 Onoharahigashi, Minoh, Osaka

produced by Assistant Professor Hideki Mori
for Gr1-6 with the parents

Free laptop rental avail.
Sign Up needed.

Scratch Bingo Pizza Party (Open house)

Dec.8th sat 10 am-12 pm
Tiayo no ie
3-1-31 Onohara Higashi, Minoh, Osaka

Organized by Scratch Onohara

Free foods and drinks
Sign up needed.


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