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*Goo* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee

2017-10-06 14:28:20 | 日記
*Goo* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee is awesome. "Whatever else, to the extent him attempting to battle Nate, the (interjection) rankings and everything else that the UFC remains for, goes out the window, man. That is to say, truly? You have rankings which is as it should be. You have a between time belt for a reason – that is so you can bring together the thing."

Watch here: UFC 216 Live Stream.

Obviously, McGregor's "Cash Fight" this previous month against Floyd Mayweather brought the Irish champ and the UFC into a radical new domain of matchmaking. Numerous contenders have addressed whether the advancement is relinquishing an opposition based model for a stimulation inviting framework based around stars. Ferguson positively trusts that is not the situation.

"In the event that they need to assemble that battle, that is incredible," Ferguson said. "In any case, you know the fans will be pissed, in light of the fact that they clearly realize that Diaz and Conor will profit, yet the genuine honest activity is to ensure the belts end up plainly brought together. That is the thing that truly needs to happen."
What the heck was that about today between Tony Ferguson and Fabricio Werdum?

Amid a UFC 216 media lunch meeting in Los Angeles, the two contenders directed separate meetings opposite each other yet at a similar table. As Ferguson chatted toward one side, Werdum started talking with a columnist on the flip side, however not that distant. That is when things exploded.
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