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*Yes* UFC 216 Live Stream Johnson vs Borg

2017-10-06 14:30:38 | 日記
*Yes* UFC 216 Live Stream Johnson vs Borg is great. "Hang tight, I'm talking, sibling," Ferguson said to Werdum with his hand raised toward him. What occurred next was not beautiful.

Watch here: UFC 216 Live Stream.

Werdum instantly let go back in Portuguese, telling Ferguson "f*ck you," in addition to other things, which provoked Ferguson to answer in Spanish, "When I'm talking, you have to close your mouth."

"Close your mouth, you f*cking fa**ot," Werdum reacted. "Try not to converse with me like that. That is not how it functions." Werdum proceeded in Spanish quickly before changing back to Portuguese, at the same time calling Ferguson that gay slur ("maricon") a few times as UFC advertising executive Chris Costello ventured in to expel him.

What could have made a lightweight snap at a heavyweight? Presumably despise (to some degree) by relationship since Werdum has a similar administrator, Ali AbdelAziz, as Khabib Nurmagomedov, who we know Ferguson has dissed over and again since their UFC 209 session not long ago was scratched off after a terrible Nurmagomedov weight-cut.
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