You have your own aromatic

You have your own aromatic

Our friendship

2013-09-24 08:56:38 | Experience

That season, beautiful memories

In their hearts

There is a person I do not need to mention but not forget hong kong company register

Every time I think of you slowly

Every time I see you are associated with the scene

The heart is slightly over the slightest pain

As the wind rushed through the youth

Memory is like a sleepless songs

Staged scenes of ancient story in the memories of the screen registration of company in Hong Kong.

More and more beautiful picture

But more let a person feel distressed when friendship

A heart ripples in the time of the water

His eyes half is half sorrow is happy

We have not met you in the most beautiful season

But it did not separate at the most sad season Business Registry Hong Kong

Let us then precious friendship always stay in my memory


Second man dies in Mt Cook National Park

2013-09-18 14:28:58 | 日記

The man aged in his early 30s fell about 600m while climbing near the Mount Sefton Bivvy on Saturday afternoonHK ip networking.

Rescue personnel were not able to reach him or his three companions, who were all from overseas, due to low light levels on Saturday, Mid-South Canterbury Area Commander Inspector Dave Gaskin said.

"They managed to have a look at him and it was pretty clear that there was no signs of life and they've flown in today to retrieve the body," he told NZ Newswire on Sundayhong thai travel

The other three men were rescued by about 10am on Sunday morning.

"We haven't been in a position to speak to the survivors at this stage, but it appears as if their equipment and preparation was limited," Insp Gaskin saidCraft Storage Furniture.

It was the second death in the park in two days.

A 36-year-old man died about 11am on Friday after he slipped and fell about 200m down a steep icy gully.

The man, a New Zealander living in Melbourne, was planning to go ski touring.

Two deaths so close together was unusual for the time of year, Insp Gaskin said.

"We don't normally get too many climbing accidents at this time of year, it's still basically winter conditions here, so there's very little climbing done."

The climbing season generally starts about late October/early November.

Mr Gaskin urged people not to go into situations unprepared.

"This is an extremely dangerous area and if you're going to climb or come into this area and go up high in the mountains, you've got to make sure that you know what you're doing and you've got all the appropriate equipment."


Tintri up slightly after lowering IPO price

2013-09-11 11:49:48 | Experience

Enterprise cloud company Tintri was supposed to debut on the public markets yesterday with an IPO price between $10.50 to $12.50, but then pushed things back a day and lowered its price to $7. Shares were up about 3.5 percent midday Friday, trading at roughly $7.25 per share.

In what seems to be a tough week for tech IPOs, cooking kit delivery service Blue Apron also significantly lowered its price range after weak investor demand. It could be a sign that the appetite for technology IPOs is cooling cloud computing companies.

But Tintri’s business is a lot more like Nutanix or Pure Storage, other venture-backed companies that have gone public in the past two years. Tintri is a flash storage provider, and it also offers cloud storage for large businesses, with a system that will be compatible with Amazon Web Services.

Tintri co-founder and CTO Kieran Harty told TechCrunch they are “providing the AWS-like cloud in your own data center.” He views this as a way for businesses to get “the benefit of the public cloud without the downside.”

Tintri has more than 1,250 enterprise clients, including Sony Computer, MillerCoors and The Carlyle Group. Harty says their systems are better equipped than some of the competition to “support tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of workloads.”

It brought in $125.1 million in revenue for its latest fiscal year, but its losses were almost as big, in the red for $105.8 million. Yet this is a better ratio than last year when revenue was $86 million and losses stood at $100.1 million. The prior year also had losses that exceeded revenue cover for galaxy s3.

“Sales and marketing” is Tintri’s biggest expense and cost the company $108.9 million this past year. The company also spent $53.4 million on research and development.

In the “risk factors” section of the filing, Tintri warns it has “a history of losses and may not be able to achieve or maintain profitability.” Their accumulated deficit is $338.7 million. “We anticipate that our operating expenses will increase substantially in the foreseeable future as we continue to hire additional employees, develop our technology and enhance our product and service offerings, expand our sales and marketing teams, make investments in our distribution channels, expand our operations and prepare to become a public reporting company,” the filing added.

Tintri also recognizes it faces “intense competition” from “numerous established companies that sell enterprise cloud infrastructure systems or storage solutions.” There’s a long list of data center competitors, including EMC, Dell, NetApp, IBM and VMware. Tintri not only competes with Nutanix and Pure Storage in flash storage, but also Nimble Storage from HP Enterprise.

Nutanix went public last year and has had a volatile ride on the stock market, but it is still trading above its IPO price. This may be a good sign for Tintri if investors consider them a comparable. Pure Storage, however, is trading below its 2015 IPO price, which could be seen as a negative indicator.

The Mountain View, California-based company has raised more than $260 million in funding since 2011. Its valuation at the last funding round was said to be $785 million. This is definitely a “down-round IPO” for the company, with its market cap currently at $225 million. We are increasingly seeing companies debut beneath their last private round, which is a letdown for late-stage investors and also some employees.

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) had the largest stake at 22.7 percent prior to the offering. Silver Lake owned 20.4 percent, Insight Venture Partners owned 20.2 percent and Lightspeed Venture Partners owned 14.5 percent wigs long hair.

The company listed on the Nasdaq, under the ticker “TNTR.” Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch co-managed the IPO.