You have your own aromatic

You have your own aromatic


2013-03-19 11:35:48 | Experience
A multinational bank recruitment Banking Commissioner, the second son just returned from the United States headed for, sent a letter to candidates. Soon received a telephone from London headquarters, set the date and time, and he conducted the first round of talks on the phone; over the hurdle over, best mobile accessories to get the opportunity to fly overseas for a formal interview.

The phone talks is scheduled for a particular day ten o'clock. The day before 9 am, I saw him solemnly to wear a shirt, hit a tie, sat next to on the phone just laughed and teased: "Hey, talks on the phone. The dress air doing here? Each other look not seen you, worthwhile so heavily?

Did not think he turned serious if: "Mom, if I am wearing a vest and shorts, my mood must also be easily agreeable.

Well, if I say it might be enough careful. Then again, The best mobile accessory the other is to dial my phone in the office, his well-dressed, how can I not given the respect he deserved it? '

I am ashamed. Where others faceless self-discipline, is the largest self-discipline! Finally, a five-off killing six, he successfully got the job.