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how you stick to warm the heart

2015-07-02 11:22:58 | 日記

Emotional pouring, emotional tribes are I like bubble jars, long time no come, familiar with the original batch altar friendlier, see figure, to the number of the couple, the moderators are also in, felt great joy, so you still here. DR REBORN Occasionally meet the man who had been familiar with, also can joy, here you are. There is a joy to meet after such a long separation.
Think of SAN MAO said, if there is an afterlife, to do a tree, stand in eternal, no sad pose; Half in the dust serene, half flying in the air. Half of the sala shade, half the sunshine. Very silent very proud, never rely on never find. These people stick to is SAN MAO said the tree. And I have is a bird flying between the trees. I don't do the tree, I don't be sad, I don't pose, I don't want to quietly waiting for strong and stick to 7). I want to be a bird, a nest in the tree, can free ups and downs, fly, tired tired can stay. I don't have the aspirations of the eagle fly is not high, far. More don't like migratory birds migrate, never stop to chasing the sun for warmth. I'm just a bird, a love to play don't like constrained bird. I would like to experience the cycle of seasons, the changes of The Times, appreciate changing ups and downs. I like those for my shelter,DR REBORN resist frost fresh air to me give me the happy time of the tree, I'll come back often and see the tree is still there, well, very good, I can walk, we can talk.
So you still here, this sentence is very warm. Is a joy, it is a light to get missed. Leave days you all right, which experienced wind and rain, how to enjoy the sunshine, who come and go, who walked again, whether very busy, is very tired, is happy, have happy, ever think of me, a little bit of good.
So you still here, this makes me admire. Is a what kind of strength, let you deeply rooted, grow into a tree, sala shade? In addition to duty, and that is love, there are two. To love to love, to two to two, we are a group of two goods, daft 2 well happy.
So you still here, dear tree, you are all right, I'm back, to hold a hand.
So you still here, thank you, how you stick to warm the heart DR REBORN.

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