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Susila Budhi Dharma ・ Chapter 2 The nature and function of Material force/

2017-08-14 | 日記
In the Susila Budhi Dharma, Bapak described the nature and function of the material force in separate form, taking examples as an example.

However, in that explanation, it is difficult to grasp the overall picture of the influence on people's lives.

Bapak talks about the nature and its influence of the material force with many talks after announcing Susila Budhi Dharma.

The following is a quotation from the part that seems to be related from such a talk.

That's why the following will supplement Susila Budhi Dharma.
Chapter 2: DHANDHANGGULA 2: 1952
Truly, if one remembers that all these things owe their existence to human beings, it seems impossible that people could be overwhelmed by the things they have made.
Yet it is precisely because they are creations of the human heart and mind and energy that they do exert this attraction on human feelings.
Many people even get things back to front and, instead of making use of things as ordinary products, regard them as objects to worship, able to bestow blessings on them.
There are also people who are altogether incapable of using their possessions according to need and who, on the contrary, are completely ruled and used by them.

July 20, 1957 - Bapak   
the material up to the ordinary human force just described - always accompany and strengthen the lives of human beings in this world.

These forces are also present within the selves of human beings, so that Bapak says that forces like this are both outside human beings and inside human beings.

That is why the forces that enter from outside can be accepted by and interact with those that are inside human beings, so that they constitute a framework for human life on earth.

You should know that these forces do not have power over human beings, but ( they are influenced ) because human beings themselves possess passions ( nafsu ) - so these material forces are the strongest to be found in the inner feelings of human beings.

Once the material force has acquired influence within the human self, by means of using the instruments of which Bapak spoke just now, that is, the nafsu - with that, the content of that person has been reinforced by the material force, using the three nafsu below the human level previously described - the aluamah, the amarah and the supiah.

All these instruments exist because the force that holds sway within human beings is the material force, together with the three nafsu just mentioned.

So the way people feel and the way they summon up the energy to work, to act, to understand and to be aware, are almost all filled and given strength by the material force.

That is why it happens that so many of the human race are unable to rid their awareness and understanding of the influence of this material force,

The same is true with the other forces that influence the inner feeling of human beings -
the vegetable force, the animal force and also the human force - but these work less strongly within the human self, because the will and desires of human beings themselves give preference to the material force over the others.

September 29, 1957 - Bapak
Besides these forces that have become man's partners, the human being, by God's Will, also has the desires ( nafsu ) he needs, to arouse in him the spirit to work and be active.

The nest of these desires is in man's heart, that is, in the heart of man's will.

July 8, 1970 - Bapak
If he were not influenced by the life force of matter, man would know nothing of clothing or housing, nor could he sustain a human way of life in this world, for he would be unable to produce any such aids to living as cars, trains, airplanes, and so on.

December 5, 1970 - Bapak
Clearly, you are not able to be rid of the nafsu amarah consisting of the material life-force, because if you did without it, or it left you, you would not know about material things such as houses, clothing, instruments with which to work for your living, equipment to speed up travel to distant places, and so on.
Without the nafsu of the material force, a man would be unable to make tools to afeguard himself from the attack of wild and venomous animals.

August 23, 1971 Bapak
You yourselves can see that if man and matter were separated he would have no knowledge of houses, clothes and even money.

if God had not decreed that there should be material life force in you, you would be unable to know or think of or even give attention to material things.
So the material evidently exists within you as well as outside you.

November 26, 1972 - Bapak
It is because the nafsu have their origin in the life forces.

When the material life force circulates in the inner self of men, when it circulates in the human mind and thinking, it takes on the nature of the nafsu amarah.
The nafsu is very useful to you in order to provide you with energy; energy to work and to earn a living in this world.

May 27, 1976 - Bapak
why this one and that are not in agreement and in harmony, it is because of money,
because of this need, because of the necessities of life.

Not that people should pray to God for money or pray to God that the work they do shall be well regarded, so that they get promotion, or pray to God to let them become very rich; nothing like that, for instance.

Such people are still influenced and still defiled by the lower forces and the nafsu amarah and the nafsu angkara ( anger and arrogance ).

May 21, 1981 - Bapak
and the material life force is associated with the human mind.

June 18, 1981 - Bapak
This material force, the roh raiwani, or the satanic life force, can work together or can work in parallel with the heart and mind.

With this, man can create everything he needs for his life in this world.

June 26, 1984 - Bapak
The link between man and the material is the heart and mind, and thus the heart and mind are the source of its power.

maybe out of a million people, only one can succeed.
The problem is: In order to free yourself of this influence, you have to be dead.

January 19, 1985 - Bapak
Their inner vision is darkened, and from an outward point of view because this is affected by the material life-force.

May 9, 1985 - Bapak
People like material things.
They create them with their minds, and then shape them and form them into useful objects.
So material objects are very closely linked to man's thinking mind.
This building would not be here if it hadn't been thought about.

Brothers and sisters, man's thinking mind is very important for his life in this world.
what is it that causes people to be so aggressive to each other, so that wars break out.

That is the material nafsu, brothers and sisters.
If that material nafsu has a firm hold on somebody, that person can be said to be possessed by the devil.

That is because it is not possible to eliminate the nafsu amarah from the inner self of human beings.

June 17, 1985 - Bapak
we are always obstructed and disturbed by the action of the nafsu amarah, or the nafsu of the material forces.

In other words, with that nafsu, that life force within his being, man is able to use material things to make his clothes and houses, to be able to create vehicles and things with which he can fly through the air.

Finally, nowadays,
he can even use them to create fortresses in outer space.
This is the scope of the material world.

June 24, 1985 - Bapak
And these material life forces are part of us, they enable us to relate to the material world around us, without which we would not be able to live at all.

We would not be able to build buildings, we would not be able to have a civilization of any kind.

How come it can disturb us?
Why can't we manage it?
The reason why not is that this material life force has a very close attachment to our thoughts and thinking.
And the closeness to our thinking is because it is our mind which actually creates all those things which are around us.

because it fulfils a need and it is intensely bound up with our thinking, it has an enormous influence over our thinking and can rule over us, it can acquire power over us.

So it should be clear that this material life force is purely an interim measure for the time that our life is to be lived in this world.

So it should not gain power of life and death over us.
Clearly, the material in itself only acquires power through thought.

If there were no thought, the material would remain powerless, it would remain stones and trees and so on.
So it is thought that converts it into something that is powerful.

July 2, 1985 - Bapak
and you could not construct buildings such as this one.

You would not be acquainted with clothes; nor would you be acquainted with dollars or even money, for they exist because they are material.

Thus it is that nafsu which is our enemy, in that we are not calm and peaceful, and so that we have no time to worship God; that is because of the nafsu amarah, the material nafsu.
In this way, the material force is "an essential existence for us to live on this 3-dimensional substance world, the earth, that we are to use while carefully managing it" It is a claim of.

However, all things are two-sided, and this useful one has strong side effects.

And in a word it was nafsu amarah. <-- Link

Even so why will the successor of Bapak express nafsu as lower forces?

Bapak never thought of identifying low forces and nafsu as same one.

For example from Februrary 14, 2003 - ibu talk
It’s true brothers and sisters, that we can never be free of our low forces in our life here.

As we know, these low forces are: aluwamah, amarah, supiah, and mutma’inah.

These forces really exist, and it is God’s Will that we possess them to equip us for life in this world.
The life world exists in seven layers, in which there are 9 Rohs in total with each work, so that the four low-order forces and the four nafsu are here.<-- Link

It is a fundamental claim of Bapak that there is a correspondence relationship between Roh and Nafsu.

It is true that this is perceived and recognized, understanding so is quite difficult, it seems to complicate the situation.

However it is so, but it is very difficult to understand why the successor of Bapak claimed to be "should not change Bapak's talk" .

Because she who claimed to be "should not change Bapak's talk" has changed Bapak's talk.

And that is something that can be taken to ignore the actual "Susila Budhi Dharma" or ignoring the fundamental of Bapak's assertion.

Bapak enthusiastically talked about enterprise, and that he was involved with society.

And, as mentioned above, enterprises and material force are very strongly connected.

However, I do not think that the successor of Bapak is very enthusiastic about talking about enterprise.

About the successor of Bapak who does not talk about material force, this article will be helpful as well. <-- Link

It is impossible for human to put material force in a controlled state.

Then Latihan began to exist.

This is a training method in which the strength exceeds human beings.

It is possible to say that we can no longer control this powerful material force unless it is such a way.

Then, as a result of Latihan, as a result of controlling the material force, the material force fits in the place where it should be, the place where it is supposed to be.

So that it is not to force by using excessive force as the desire as symbolized by Nafsu amarah.

Then, it is changed and suppressed naturally by Latihan.

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