How to Restore your Deleted Android Data




How to Restore Important Data on Android SD Card

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As android SD card are used widely in our daily life, we may often face with such situation that delete or format files and data unintentionally or mistakenly. It is very annoyed since such data and files are hard to find back. What will you do if you meet such situation? Will you choose to let it alone or will you choose to do something for making up? Let me recommend a perfect recovery tool for you.

Android SD Card Recovery Pro is a professional recovery tool that can give scan to both internal and external phone memories of the device to recognize the deleted and lost data and files from Android and Android SD card. It recovers them in a safe and secure location which can be reused easily. Besides, it supports all Android devices and is compatible with almost all versions of Windows. With its help, it is no need to worry about deleted or lost data and files, just enjoy your life.

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We all know that common software is very complicated to operate. While for Android SD Card Recovery Pro, everything becomes quite easy. No matter what degree you are in computer, you can find this recovery tool very easy to operate.

Step 1, open Android SD Card Recovery Pro, then connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 2, scan and select the files that want to recover.

Step 3, press recover and get the result.

About Lionsea,

LionSea Software is a company that specialized in the research and development of software. It owns first-class talents in business, computer and software development. The shareware of them is professional but very easy to use. Besides, the software of LionSea is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems, card types and famous brands of cameras and phones in the market! Their technical team will give technical support whenever you are in need. In a word, people can choose proper software with satisfaction.

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