How to Restore your Deleted Android Data


How to Recover Formatted Data on Android

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When facing with the situation that important android data being formatted accidentally, I think no one would feel happy and relax, especially at knowing that if the the situation continues, more damage and data loss would be caused both on the system and the device itself. Then how to recover formatted data on android to get rid of further destroy? You can find Android Data Recovery Pro for help, a professional recovery software for android but apples to all level computer users.

Android Data Recovery Pro is a recovery tool specialized in the recovering of lost messages, contacts, data, photos, audio and video files. Whatever the reason for data loss, with the assist of this software, all your wanted files can be recovered. As the world's first android contacts recovery software, it allows people to restore deleted contacts, as well as messages, photos and video directly from android. Besides, it is very safe to operate and can prevent your android devices from more damage. It supports almost all Windows OS and android devices. It can apply to other brands of devices as well.

How to recover formatted data on android? With the following three steps, you can find back the formatted data easily.

Step 1, open Android Data Recovery Pro, then connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 2, scan and select what you want to recover.

Step 3, press recover and get what you want.

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