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KAFUNSHO -Pollen Allergy 花粉症

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 There are so many good and interesting things in Japan, but probably you don't know much about them if you cannot speak or read Japanese easily. I will give you tidbits of information on Japanese custom,life and food.

This is seasonal allergy (pollen allergy) time in Japan.  It’s said that 20% of people have a seasonal allergy nowadays.  I know some foreigners got this allergy in Japan.  Very sorry… Let's share with you a few coping strategies for allergies. 

What kind of pollen?

Hey fever is a seasonal allergy created by many kinds of pollen.  Cryptomeria スギ is the most abundant, but other pollens are prevalent all season long.  Normally the distribution time of Crymtomeria is from February to March and March to April for Japanese cypress.

  Spring → Cryptomeria スギ , Japanese cypress ヒノキ
  Early Summer → Orchard grassesカモガヤ  (the family Poaceae イネ科)
  Autumn → ragweedブタクサ, mugwort ヨモギ (the family Asteraceaeキク科)

So even after April, some people can still suffer from allergy.  

 How about other countries in the world? 

It’s said that the family Poaceae is abundant in Europe and the family Asteraceae is ubiquitous in the United States.  


Many Cryptomeria were planted after WWII to reforest Japan.  There are many reasons that would increase the serverity of Spring alleries including and an increase in exhaust fumes from vehicles , the life is stressful than in the past , our food are less healthy , too much and the wrong kinds of protein in our diet , and our houses and commercial buildings are less ventilated .  

 Amounts of pollen

It’s said that that amounts of pollen are influenced by the amount of daylight of previous summer.  So if the last summer was so hot, next seasonal allergy will be severe  

 How can you manage?

  Refrain from going out especially during the time pollen is really abundant (around 1:00-3:00PM, depending on area)
  Clean the house ( vacuum carefully and wipe surface with wet towel)
  Gargle a mouth wash and wash your face when return to your house
  Remove the pollen from your clothe or pets when you come back to your house
  Close the windows and doors
  Don’t dry the clothes outside
  Wear a mask and glasses. Choose a coat with a slick, non-porous surface
  Avoid consuming too much high protein foods, alcohol, and spicy foods, smoking
  Avoid your stress as much as possible

 A bit more

 シソ油 Perilla oil…..It includes α-Linoreic acid, which contains an unsaturated fatty acid and some flavonoids.  It’s said that α-Linoreic acid and these flavonoids suppress the immune system  and work for decrease allergy symptoms. 

 甜茶 Tencha…..It's a Chinese tea from the family Rosaseas .  It includes Tencha polyphenol (GOD polyphenol)  and it works as an antihistamine and obstructs the action of cycloxygenase which occurs inflammation.  

This season is very tough time for people with allergies , but there are many ways to reduce severe allergic reactions.   Please reduce your symptoms as much as possible and enjoy the beautiful Japanese spring  !!  

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