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Cruise Ship Presentations: Take Your Idea To Sea!

2015-01-05 00:16:35 | 日記

Cruise ships provide exciting and value-packed venues for vacationers of all ages. They appeal to adventure seekers and those who want to be pampered with leisure services. They also appeal to business people. Presenters enable cruise lines to provide entertainment in the form of an information seminar. Do you have a product or service and a way to present it to cruise ship clientele?

It is possible to take your work with you on vacation, and receive a substantial discount on the cost of the vacation. Better still, it is possible to increase profit from your work while you enjoy your vacation at a discounted cost. A cruise ship is far more than a seagoing hotel that takes passengers to multiple vacation settings. Many businesses reward their best employees by mixing business with pleasure at sea. Do you have a product or service that will support a business owner’s claim that business was conducted while aboard a cruise ship?

How Does it Work?

If you promote your product or service to your customers, examine how you do that and identify who are your customers. Especially, if you provide a public presentation or seminar and you are confident about your topic, you are on the right track to be able to work with one of the cruise ship booking and entertainment agencies to compete for a position. The agencies provide the booking service for cruise lines, which tell the agencies as much as they know about their clientele. Web search Cruise Ship Entertainment and Booking Agencies. In general terms, describe your customers to the agency recruiter, so that the recruiter can begin to qualify you. Anticipate that if you state that you can conduct a one-hour seminar on a topic, that the

ecruiter will ask you for proof. Do you film and record your seminars? That is the proof that you will send to the recruiter. Bear in mind that the agency has a contract to fulfill with the cruise lines. They are accountable to the cruise lines for the quality of presenters (like you) and for the relevancy of the content (your presentation). Their good name is at risk when they accept you.

I Don’t Want to Sail on That Ship.

The recruiter acts on instructions, in accordance with his/her agency’s contracts with cruise lines. Unless you work with an agency that represents a single cruise line, you may ask for a list of all of the lines that the agency represents. Once you have it, you can negotiate in a more focused way,to seek the cruise settings or particular ships that interest you, as well as ships that the cruise line has stated that your customers will use. Once you have your targets, negotiate what you are willing to do for the discount that you want. Unless you are a famous celebrity, you will not get a free

cruise. Expect to pay at least half of the commercial rate. If you are able to cruise with little notice, you may have a chance to replace another presenter who has backed out of his/her contract. In that case, negotiate for a 50% discount on the rate that the cruise lines offer the public in order to fill empty cabins. Don’t forget the incidentals and perks. You can negotiate for the airline travel to and from the ship (rarely given, but try it). Negotiate discounts for your bar tab, other fee-based onboard entertainment, and for onshore cruise excursions.

Plan For Success.

It would be a mistake for you to define success only as getting a discounted cruise in order to have your fun cheaply. Deliver on your promise. Provide a far better presentation than the agency told the cruise line that you would deliver. You may want to do this again. There is a fine line between a presenter and an entertainer. If your audience is thrilled by you and praises you, the cruise line will likely ask the agency to book you again. If you are a practiced presenter, you can take your confidence with you. That will work for you at sea too! But, do not count on everything else that you need to work. Bring your own technology, with backups. Inquire about your schedule (usually, you will get one hour speaking slots). Adapt your presentation to be upbeat, informative, and you can include a welcoming invitation to your audience to make a decision about your product or service. Allow time for questions, and time to deal with a heckler without violating your time slot. If you want to meet attendees, measure their interest in your topic, or in any way complete your standard business model, bring with you the means to do that efficiently outside of the presentation room (which must be passed to the next presenter). Also, do not assume that the agency has communicated your after-marketing techniques and gained cruise line approval for you to use them. Make a friend out of the cruise director or his/her assistant. That is who will grade your performance. Now you can have fun!

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