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Black Hat Affiliate Marketing - Legal? Yes. Ethical? Hmmm...

2014-10-30 11:35:03 | 日記
There seem to be numerous methods that affiliate marketers use to earn their commissions these days. Adding affiliate links to websites, emails, instant messengers, articles, e-books, pay-per-click ads, banners, and any other form of media are all popular affiliate marketing strategies. Success comes to them when people click those links, get tracked by a cookie uploaded to their computer and then make a purchase from the affiliate program’s website. Then the affiliate gets a check in the mail for all the commissions earned.

Recently though, there have been some new affiliate marketing tactics that are creating a bit of a stir in the affiliate marketing communities. It seems that an elite group of marketers are using some questionable methods to increase their commissions that have been labeled as “black hat” affiliate marketing tactics. So who are these elite, and what are their black hat tactics?

The elite group of black hatters is headed by a sly programmer named John Reel. He’s created a program that cloaks affiliate links like no other link cloaker you’ve ever seen before. That’s right; this one does a few things differently.

- One of the black hat features is that it will create framed links. This means that the link you see in the address bar will not be for the actual website you land on by clicking it. Also, the title bar in your browser will say whatever message the black hatter affiliate wants you to see.

- Another one of the more powerful features of this black hat affiliate tool is the ability to embed affiliate cookies into your links. This allows the affiliate marketer to load their affiliate cookie onto your computer before you even land on the destination URL, and therefore there is no need to use the affiliate code tagged onto the end of the URL. It will appear as though the link is not an affiliate link at all, and yet the black hatter will still secretly earn the commission.

- Taken a step further, this cookie embedding process can also allow the black hat affiliate to embed multiple affiliate cookies into their link for the affiliate program that they’re promoting as well as any competitors cookies. This way, if the customer doesn’t buy from the site you send them to and then later ends up on a competitors’ site, the black hat affiliate still earns the commission.

- Now taking this feature another step further, this black hat affiliate tool can secretly hide rotating affiliate cookies embedded within a webpage. This sneaky tactic allows for cookie after cookie to be added for numerous affiliate programs that are all tracked to the black hat affiliate.

- Going even further upon this feature is the ability to embed any link with multiple rotating affiliate cookies. Again this can load your computer with affiliate cookies for any and all affiliate programs that the black hat affiliate desires to earn commissions from. What’s more, is that this sneaky black hat affiliate link will innocently look like any other link, and can be published anywhere without anyone knowing what it’s capable of when clicked!

Sounds like the invention of a mad scientist trying to take over the affiliate marketing world through the exploitation of ingenious black hat programming loopholes.

So are these black hat affiliate tactics legal? Yes, if the affiliate program doesn’t specify otherwise within their terms of service.

Are these black hat affiliate tactics ethical? That all depends on your personal code of ethics, and whether you would use the tools ethically, or whether you would use them in every way possible to earn as many commissions as you can with no respect for your customers.

Do you want this black hat toolkit? Forget it! There are only 1,500 available, and by the time you read this they’ll probably already be gone. After that, John Reel will be parading as an angel, selling his white hat tools, but don’t be fooled by this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Jambhala Rinpo is a viral affiliate marketer and joint venture broker. Black Hat White - Black hat tools or white hat tools, and free affiliate link cloaking tools.
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Simple and Ideal Web Design Principles for Your Website Needs

2014-10-30 11:29:28 | 日記
An appealing web design requires meticulous hard work. There's no perfectly designed website since no matter how great your website has been designed and programmed, there's always something slightly wrong about it. So, there's always an experience of criticism despite all the hard work you've done. But by simply taking notes of the most important things in website design, you can avoid the visitor's criticisms regarding your creativity but rather admire your work, visit your site consistently and generate more customers.

Remember that websites should contain all the necessary information needed in building interest among users and to keep them to stay longer on your web page. Your web content should be well-informed and updated regularly. Visitors can get frustrated when all they see is outdated information, making them leave your website and go to a website that provides what they need. To avoid such cases, what you incorporate in your website should be relevant, complete and essential and more importantly do remember to stick to facts only and plagiarized content. Graphic images are great for websites although you'll have to limit them to the adequate size since it will affect the downloading speed of your web pages. Visitors don't want websites that loads poorly, they tend to click away from your web page because it takes forever to load. Your website should have a fast downloading speed and contain updated and complete information that visitors need.

Internal links are very essential in keeping visitors to your website but you should know that integrating a hundred links to your website's inner pages from your home page is completely unnecessary since it will definitely affect the website's usability. Another important thing to remember is contact information along with the appropriate details should be included on your home page.

Websites incorporate sections like email newsletter forms or feedbacks especially contact numbers which are sometimes required. Always remember the purpose of why you want to acquire feedbacks. If it's a feedback with no necessary sales leads, contact number requests are irrelevant. Instead, set your form in a way of declaring confidence and trust. More importantly, focus on giving value to what your customers need if they want to get in touch with you through email. Also, contact number requests are irrelevant for newsletter sign ups. You should be more customer-oriented by providing contact options through phone or email. These are all easier to learn and even simpler to apply. You are guaranteed constant visits from your customers and generate more potential clients.

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CRM Software That Can Live Up To Your Professional Needs

2014-10-30 11:29:28 | 日記
Almost every company makes use of CRM software so that their business objectives can be met in a timely and budget oriented fashion. However, you might notice the presence of several CRM products in the market which can lead to a lot of confusion for a professional client. Some products might not deliver all the features while others might be too advanced for most people. The key element is to select the right set of software products that can be rich in performance and help you attain your goals. Under such a scenario, taking the help of professional experts is always a prudent choice.

There are plenty of advantages of using experts to integrate and determine the CRM related choices linked with your company. First of all, you would get to use specific vendors like Microsoft CRM that might work with your existing IT infrastructure. The various products on the market are also evaluated on a larger scale to see which ones live up to your performance demands and constraints. This way, you can be assured of getting an optimized solution that has been fully tested for your business environment. When you install the right product, performance issues always decrease by a considerable margin, a positive step in working with CRM on a long term basis.

Processing and evaluation of the CRM system is not done by any automatic tool that can have a set of predefined fields and produce generalized results. In fact, the professional service provider would meet up with all the different shareholders and board personnel, along with technical representatives, to define each individual business goal and achieve it. The information that is collected is analyzed and processed in a fashion that is individual to each company. The end report that is generated in terms of Salesforce CRM or a special vendor product is completely unique to your specific needs.

Once the report has been generated, the parameters utilized in the report are shortlisted to choose specific Microsoft CRM products that are right for your company. You can be assured of maximum productivity and profitability with such software because it has been tailor made to your requirements. A detailed CRM project plan is also created to make sure that you achieve the maximum benefits from your newly integrated CRM solution. This makes sure that you get the right opportunities and hot leads to drive the business potential of your company.

Even after your software has been installed, it might take some time for users to fully understand and utilize the new system. Any professional service provider would use its experienced technical training team to make sure that the end users can adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. This would maximize returns on your original investment and allow you to handle CRM projects with greater accuracy. As far as support is concerned, most of these teams would also provide answers to queries and other problems related to the integration procedure. All of these benefits could make a world of difference to the way CRM software is applied and utilized in a competitive business environment.

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Ugg Classic Tall: Fashion and Puff in One Capital Match

2014-10-30 10:29:21 | 日記
If you are thirsting not only for dash but Also for Puff when it occurs to your own Pair of boots, then you should bring a Ugg Classical Tall. This Pair of boots is not only one of the freshest footgear there is right now, it Besides has a lush and easy feel to it that could not be equaled.

Be S[censored] y, Wear Ugg Canonical Tall

You must be sensible that the Ugg Classical Tall is one of the trendiest things that has encountered to the boot world and that this is already being boasted by a number of the grandest names of Hollywood as well as some Big supermodels too. Intrinsically, you can look to see this footgear from Australia beautifying not only most every street from New York to Los Angeles now but Too runways and even depicts on tv set.

The Main thing about ugg boots like the Ugg Textbook Tall is that they are not just innocent boots that you can Endure over and low your drawers or jeans when it is cold right. This Pair of sheepskin boots is the image of Soothe for your feet because they are soft and variable and could even be dead even when the windward is quite hot. Aside from jeans, these boots can As Well be drawn with your favorite mini skirt or knit dress. Easy in different colors like chestnut, sand, chocolate brown, and even diverse camo shades, these Ugg Classical Tall boots are just Big to be bore with any outfit. So if you must have these boots, then find two matches that you can use to match a Big deal of draping corps de ballets.

come Some Comforter, Break Ugg Standard Tall

If you are the kind of soul who values not only mode but Besides Puff when it follows to the Pair of boots that you want to Don, then the Ugg Criterional Tall is direct for you. Made of deceptive sheepskin, these boots are just the complete best when it occurs to supplying Ease to your feet. The sheepskin substantial of these ugg boots does not only soften your feet, it bosoms them so you would be able to feel all luxuriousness out of them.

Because sheepskin is Besides known to isolate your feet, then you are checked to be kept hot during cold weather when bearing your Ugg Criterial Tall. As the double face of the sheepskin is qualified by the skin for its outer face and the shear for its inner, then you can Too be sure that your boots will suffer the thermostatic nature of the corporate. This means that while your feet would be saved fresh by your Ugg Classic Tall during winter, you will As Well be held stylish by it during the summer months. Likewise, the fur describing of this Pair of boots will not only let your feet catch one s breath, it will As Well knead your feet like no other boot can.

If you don't own a Match of Ugg Basic Tall boots still, now may be the Main time to bargain yourself one. You will see that despite their highest cost when likened with other boots, uggs are very worth every penny especially when it arrives to getting Manner and Soothe in just one Couple.

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The Regularly Scheduled Maintenance BMW Automobiles Need

2014-10-30 10:29:13 | 日記
Car hassles can be frustrating. They usually happen at the most inconvenient of times, and often when you’re just about as far away from an automotive repair shop as possible. That’s just the way of the world. But you can do something to avoid all that stress. You can put the scheduled maintenance for your BMW automobile that is recommend by the manufacturer, in the hand of a professional and experience garage such as Performance Motor Works in Roseville. You can save yourself a lot of trouble that way.

The scheduled maintenance BMW manufacturers recommend, range from the simple things you can do at home yourself with a little knowledge, to the professional services which really should be performed by the experts. Ideally you and your garage, like Performance Motor Works, will form quite a team.

You should have your BMW car’s engine checked on a regular basis. Don’t wait until it ‘doesn’t sound right’ or ‘it’s a bit slow in the mornings’. The engine is what keeps your car running – or not, as the case may be. If the engine in your BMW isn’t working well, you may as well have bought a bike, instead of the great car in which you invested. And unless you want to be stuck out on a back road in Roseville, having left your cell phone at home, it would be a good idea to ask the professionals at Performance Motor Works to take a look at your automobile, according to the schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

The brakes are of course, an essential part of a car. Your safety, your life and those of others depend upon your brakes working well. Just like having good brakes are important, getting a good mechanic to look after them (like those found at Performance Motor Works), is essential also. Have them check out the brake fluid levels and see that the braking system is working correctly. You really don’t want to find out when you need them that your brakes are soft or the fluid is too low or dirty to work, so get them professionally checked on a regular basis.

The scheduled maintenance BMW automobiles should undergo also takes care of your comfort, as well as your safety. Performance Motor Works will check out your air conditioning, etc. to make sure that is also in good working order. Even minor things like this should be dealt with before they become a major problem and regular car maintenance allows you to nip these problems in the bud, thus giving you fewer hassles and saving you money for costly repairs or discomfort in the future.

Dave Slotte is the owner of Performance Motor Works ( , the leading provider of repair, service and maintenance services for BMW, Audi, VW, and Mini Cooper in the Sacramento valley. Dave spent 14 years working in some of the finest BMW dealerships in Californi as a Master BMW Technician, and for the last 12 years has owned and operated Performance Motor Works, his own high end German auto repair shop in Rocklin, CA. Dave can be reached at (916) 624-9656 or

Dave Slotte is the owner of Performance Motor Works ( , the leading provider of repair, service and maintenance services for BMW, Audi, VW, and Mini Cooper in the Sacramento valley. Dave can be reached at (916) 624-9656 or