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Knowledge is Power

2016-03-08 17:05:12 | 日記
Every time you go into an art museum you are learning more How to Relieve Recurring Heartburn about the artwork.

The first time you go, you’re Mr. Curious, and you ask, “I’ve never CARTIER Tank Anglaise Silver Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Ladies Watch seen this before, how does it make you feel?”

The second time you go back, you know a little bit about the artist and you can ask about that. The third time you go back, you say, “you know this artist has some other stuff on the third floor as well,” and you’ve become a relative expert. You have more to talk about and you are better able to continue the conversation.

The first time you walk into a supermarket you might not really know about some of the food and products they sell. You can use the same Mr. Curious opener as Versace Women's 68C99D009 S009 Reve Chrono Black Matte Dial Sapphire Crystal Chronograph Date Black Leather Watch at the museum: “ I’ve never seen this fruit, is it really good?” By the third time you go in there, you can say, “ I’ve had this before – it’s so good!”

Life is Jacques Lemans Women's G-117L Gloria Classic Analog Sapphire Glass And Genuine Diamonds Watch like a museum. Every time you go back Are You Getting Frequent Hiccups? Acid Reflux May Be Why to a certain place you’ll get more comfortable in that situation.

I tell guys this all the time: pick five places Retirement Planning Calculators - Tools To Help You Realize Out How A lot of Cash You Need To Retire that you like and keep going back there. Keep practicing until you get so familiar with how that place works, and then add a sixth place to your repertoire. And then the seventh, and so on.

It’s always about repetition. I used to go to the same places over and over again until I felt like I owned the place. When you own the Longines La Grande Classique Quartz Ultra Thin Diamond Markers Women's Watch place, you walk and talk Muiyerse with authority. I’ve been to these places a thousand times – of course I’m comfortable!

The first time you go anywhere you’re going to feel uncomfortable. The second time will be a little more comfortable, the third even more, and so on – and by the time you’ve been there 20 times, you own the place. You know everyone there, and you know about what they do.

I always tell guys to stop trying to go everywhere and limit yourself to a few places.

I have a client in London who has been going to the Tate museum at least every couple of weeks by himself for the last few months, and you should see him there. He’s just been talking to people, and now they know him and he’s very comfortable there.

And he’s completely different than he was six months ago. I met him for the first time about a year ago and he wouldn’t talk to anybody. He was so shy and uncomfortable. Now he’s not shy at all.

You can do the same thing. Go down to the museums in your town every week and talk to people. Pick the same markets. If you do not have museums pick any Movado Women's 0606791 "Concerto" Stainless Steel Watch with Diamonds place that you can learn from.

This is why repetition works. Guys refuse to do repetition – they are always expecting instant gratification. “Well, I went to the museum and I felt Omega Women's Constellation Polished 27mm Analog Display Quartz Silver Watch uncomfortable – fuck it, I’m not HERMES Cape Cod white pearl dial K18YG solid case Alligator leather CC1.288.212.ZAR Ladies watch going back!”

You have to embrace the small victories and not focus on your losses.

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