This permits mounting on 10mm sq. LED module substrates

2020-05-20 12:26:48 | 科技

The BD18336NUF-M is definitely the 1st single-chip IC to include a current bypass functionality that permits steady lighting throughout battery voltage drops. The next capabilities lead not simply to stable lighting,bigger miniaturization in addition inside the latest socket-type LED lamps.

Order now our ideal diode module, capable to draw 10 times less power than a traditional diode bridge rectifier plus it doesn't need a heat sink or fan.Auto batteries ordinarily supply a voltage of 13V (12V thinking about the backflow defense diode), although the output can differ due to numerous factors. With conventional items, once the voltage drops to as low as 9V, until an exterior circuit is configured, the LEDs may possibly switch OFF, which often can cause challenges by producing an unsafe problem when driving.

We are your trusted enterprise cloud service provider.In contrast, ROHM's new IC involves a present bypass functionality at voltage drops which makes it possible to easily switch the LED lights path as a result of which present-day flows from 3 lamps to two with out flickering in the event the provide voltage from the vehicle battery drops to 9V, contributing to secure lights that prevents LED transform OFF although keeping at least 30% brightness in the least moments (vs the conventional ratio). This function may be configured making use of three external resistors (for the functioning commence voltage and functioning interval), supplying greater versatility for your wide range of applications.

The built-in existing bypass function guarantees secure driving in the course of battery voltage drops that lowers the quantity of exterior areas by 7 around common models, rendering it achievable to lower mounting location by as many as 30% (together with exterior circuitry). While traditional items might lead to the LEDs to blink if configured without having exterior circuitry (comprised of comparators, transistors, along with other factors) in the event the battery voltage drops, ROHM’s new IC can make it simple to stably light-weight up LEDs that has a one chip. This permits mounting on 10mm sq. LED module substrates, allowing for the configuration of ultra-compact LED lamps that may not be realized while in the past.


Regular items, when configured without having external circuitry

The built-in present-day bypass operate makes certain secure driving

The BD18336NUF-M could be the initially single-chip IC

In distinction, ROHM's new IC involves a current bypass function

This functionality might be configured applying 3 exterior resistors