Only because of love

2013-10-28 16:40:07 | g-suite in oldham

"The first two novels, love, and turned to the time, just as with Iraq together; and so it went back to five hundred years ago, g-suite manchester to see the celestial, how worthy of a pain it.

The Lord Buddha Buddha first field will tell is: "bitter, set, arc, Tao", because of past world, into this world fruit: this life makes, into the next world fruit.

And the king wishes to pursue his time saved in time, sleep but repeatedly shouting Zijin fairy, but, the classic lines: "I guessed the start, but not to guess the outcome!"

Finally, the way and monk westbound met King in the last act, finally, he let go of the heart only fetters, but also be a loving but for mundane concerns with the lover, worried about a final.

Mahatma non heartless, g-suite in oldham just love deep, more must be put down.

The third part, also is same, Tripitaka master strong repression of their hearts that love be passionately devoted, as has been began more than body war friendship woman, seeking tao. One person die, still can stop hating on this, to the Dharma Avenue, excuse yourself with people. This is the saint and the mortal.

Early seen many negative reports on Stephen Chow, described him as the only for money can give human relationship and loyalty.

I don't agree with, this mortal world, to err is human. Li, kill knife, this is a make people attracted to love, is buried in a molten yuan intangible.

Stephen Chow is a lover, otherwise, not in his film naked to express that not clear not clear, how can not explain the detailed understanding of the Buddha of love of life that.

In fact, who can really puncture a fallacy with one remark that is the essence of Buddhism, to not transparent state.

Thousands of sentient beings behind, but not cold on the sidelines, love to the boundless, endless natural width to.

"A Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva as the autumn moon, Amitabha top solemn, ciguang shines Du sentient beings, who worship guanyin".

A Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva or Buddha heart pure boundless Amitabha or, teach us is not our desire is to meet g-suite cardinal manchester, in this world, after all the suffering of love after many twists and turns, can obtain, can see through the vanity fair, a variety of love is addicted to them and inextricably bogged down in sorrow, unable to describe the quiet, it is difficult to permit empty of, all proved, whose origin is the end, but we cannot see.


Shame Rui Yi huachi!

2013-10-24 11:03:25 | xinling

Thousands of flowers aromatic, I only love lotus. Zhou Dunyi (song). "Ms" writing is deeply its territory, moved to the heart: "Ms silt but don't dye, Qinglian Zhuo and not demon, straight, neither spreading about nor branching out-concise, Hong Yuan Yi Ching, Maxine Hong Kingston, far view and not Xie play." His book of beauty, beauty, Gao Jie wrote the character of the beauty of lotus, lotus, Qiao and jump in the paper, as to see a graceful fragrant lotus in the water rippling, Fang Qinhe hearts! A pool of lotus Buddha mind, light swing swaying, disturb the quiet lotus, scattered thought, recalling the tenderness fishesCraft Storage System.
South shore, catkins flying. The lotus pond river, whispering, slammed heartbeat feeling, throbbing feeling, taste the lotus beauty, its rhyme, pure lotus lotus, lotus fragrance, beauty, indulge in pleasures without stop, has gone far. In the still, sweet aftertaste you, not the desecration of the Gao Jie beauty of rhyme, with flowers, deep understanding of insight, thought the taste, Youtong Fang long, Hong Yuan Yi ching. Stamens, shy Yi hang, mind graceful, Yan Mei into words.
The former and the later, the text set ring. Leisurely for thousands of years, pigment volume Shu picture. Buddha said: "the past glancing back five hundred times, a pass in order to change this life". You gently on my side looking back rub shoulders, margin is on my side, I'm surprised the world once like smoke, if possible, let the time stop on the whole, sleeping, drunk in the flowers dancing room. Do not want to wake up, deep drunk to indulge in a gentle kindnesssamsung mobile accessories, showing continuous! If not this encounter, then I still gazing, lake water, the water in the central Wan, not tenderness. Powder core green wind, dance swing Huachi, Yi Fang mind like a dream. Just because you gently back soulful eyes, disturbs my sweet heart full of poetry, a pool of gentle feelings, dark fragrant crisp sleeve bosom!
I quietly in the lake waves, the wind up, wait for your back and gentle, quiet mind was subtle, but the night moonlight Ying Ying, slowly breeze dancing skirt swaying, waiting for my persistent. Perhaps, you inadvertently, I faint fragrance, filled the flying with a pool, it su. For a surprise you Yimei lightly, natural wind, my gentle hand, slide your handsome face. Lake independence, your indifference, as if in the world of mortals. The tip of the smoke linger, thousands of years of transformation, white petals, still remain your mellow. Thousands of waiting, the abundance of my white petals with reddish. Light stained flower dew Ying Fang, graceful fragrant, rippling blue waves.
Through thousands of years, on coagulation Sufang, shallow dream entangles the atrium, day and night Mi Ting fang. Melancholy pull Vicki, whirling dance. Temporal and forehead line, affectionate look. In order to meet, the fragrant petals blooming, tears, drops of tear drop, often heart. An instant into the emotions million scent, meet, does not appeal from the calamity, who solution for thousands of years in mind, and given. Looking forward to the only sad, sad loss coagulation Cihang, the song to listen to the night, infinite thought setting essays, as the lotus throne, Buddha Gu side, watching, Lian Yi fang.
Gently review sorrow millennium, you my story seems to be in the dim and the blossoms are,, only a bank apart, touch the light like in the side, not far away, the distance of the heart heart dependent, not a loss, gazing around, if present, ambiguously, the dream in the distance, she stood near the water, gently chant infinite sad song, dance, art of youth, lonely shuiyun. Some petals flying Qing Cui Ying, residual incense, fragrant heart mildly sweet, mild soft atrial growth, instant listen to heart, lotus overflow Yayun Youtong fang. Epiphany, still flawless pure static condensation of aromatic.


The Federal Reserve Mechanism

2013-10-18 14:21:26 | News

The new bill passed in the House and Senate that ended the partial government shutdown has some items in store for both state and federal agencies.

WASHINGTON — Here's a little secret about the bill Congress has approved ending the partial government shutdown and preventing a possible federal default: It's got goodies for some states and federal agencies too.

There's language allowing more spending for upgrading a lock in the Ohio River between Illinois and Kentucky; money to help Colorado rebuild roads washed away by last month's catastrophic floods; extra money to help the Veterans Affairs Department whittle down a backlog of disabilities claims; and permission for the Pentagon to keep helping African nations hunt a notorious warlord.

The measure, approved Wednesday by the House and Senate, has one lump of coal for lawmakers: For the sixth consecutive year it would deny them the annual cost-of-living pay raise that by law they automatically receive unless they vote to block it. Members of Congress earn $174,000 annually, and some leaders receive more.

The 35-page bill had only a handful of such narrowly aimed provisions. That's a far cry from years ago, when spending bills would be studded with hundreds of "earmarks," or projects for specific states or congressional districts, often designed to ensure the votes of lawmakers.

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One provision would let the government spend $2.9 billion — an increase from the current cap of $775 million — to upgrade the Olmstead lock on the Ohio River.

It gained attention because the two states it straddles are represented by two of the Senate's most powerful members: the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, and No. 2 Democratic leader, Richard Durbin of Illinois.

Both men said they had nothing to do with the provision, and others backed that up. Aides to Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the leaders of a Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees water projects, said they had requested the provision.

They said President Barack Obama had requested the project in his budget this year and said it has been included in House and Senate water bills this year too.

"This is not an earmark," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who with McConnell struck the compromise on the overall shutdown and debt limit bill, told reporters Wednesday.

In a boon for flood-battered Colorado, the measure would lift the usual $100 million limit on Federal Highway Administration emergency highway aid to $450 million for the state. Colorado officials have said last month's flooding destroyed 200 miles of roads and 50 bridges.

The legislation, which keeps federal agencies functioning through Jan. 15, provides an extra $294 million during that period for the Veterans Affairs Department's efforts to reduce backlogged claims, along with an additional $100 million to prevent furloughs of air traffic controllers and safety inspectors, and extra money for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to continue work on two weather satellites.

It also:

—Lets the Defense Department continue assisting African forces pursue Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group accused of atrocities.

—Provides extra money for contracts with private companies whose ships move American troops and their equipment overseas.

—Supplies $600 million for Forest Service firefighting and $36 million for Interior Department firefighting.