Vania Zouravliov//INTERVIEW

Vania Zouravliov

1,Can you tell us about your artwork, for example the field you work in or media you use?:

--I consider myself to be a graphic artist.I use inks and pens but I also experiment with photographs and textures.

2,Please tell us about your career history, both inside and outside of the art community:

--In the past I only produced work that was interesting for me.I have done projects with musicians whose work I really liked and I chose publishers or magazines who published my favourite artists or photographers.Sometimes I did work for people whom I found inspiring ,like Isabelle Adjani or Sophie Marceau.

3,I’ve heard you’ve contracted with BIG ACTIVE. How did it become like that?

--I showed some of my work to Jasper Goodall and he decided to show it to the guys at Big Active.I had a meeting with them and really liked their attitude and ideas.

4,Where do you find your inspiration? Do you draw your inspiration from aspects of your life?:

-I find inspiration everywhere ,from popular culture to classical art.I get inspired by fashion magazines,books,films,old photographs,music,various cultures and religions.I think my overall melancholic view on life is represented in my work.

5,There are various works with women motif. Is there any particular reasons or messages?

-When I was a child I used to draw animals and birds all the time and now I draw women .I can`t think of anything more interesting or beautiful at this point in my life. I use female characters in my work to say or explain things about myself

6,You’ve worked on a lot of CD and record sleeves. Are there any reasons of that?

-Music is a huge part of my life .For me listening to music everyday is as important as eating or drinking.When I work with musicians this is my way of saying that I admire what they do.

7,What do you think of the relation between art and design? How does your artwork take into account this relationship?:

--I think every work of art is already a design,it has structure and composition.Every great piece of design is sufficient and powerful in itself,it doesn`t need to be seen as a part of something.

8,Have you learnt any valuable lessons from being an artist?, if yes what would you have done differently in the past?:

--I think the only lesson I have learnt is : only be an artist if you are a) really good at it,b) can`t live without it.

9,Can you tell us about your plans for the future? How do you think your artwork will evolve from what you have presented here?:

--For me the most important part of being an artist is development of ideas .I will continue to experiment and create and I will also be happy to collaborate with my favourite musicians,writers,artists and models.

10,Are you interested in doing some artworks in Japan? If so, what and with whom would you like to?

--I don`t have a lot of connections in Japan.At the moment my priority is for my artwork to be seen by as many Japanese companies as possible .If it will be popular I will be more specific as to whom I wish to work with.

11,What are your thoughts about the art scene today? What do you like or dislike? Are there any projects that you find particularly interesting?:

--I am not really interested in any particular scene.I strongly believe in importance of being an individual.I like the work of Helnwein ,Maruo Suehiro, Yamamoto Takato, and Xue Liang.I am also very mush inspired by experimental electronic music and young japanese fashion designers.I am not a huge admirer of conceptual art...

12,How are you managing the development of your art during this production boom? Do you have an organizer or will you be commissioning one in the future? What do you think is the ideal type of the relation between the organizer and the artist?:

--I think that organizer or agent (if they are good) make the relationship between artist and client much easier.If an artist can spend more time on his work and less time organizing it`s always good.

13,Some people say that there is still too big of a gap between the creative community and the public, How do you think art can be made more accessible to ordinary people?:

--I don`t think that art should be elitist and I also don`t think it should be dumb.I beleive that some art has universal appeal like the books of Tove Jansson or Mozart and some like work of Hans Bellmer will only be appreciated by certain people.It doesn`t need to be changed.

14,What do you think about our efforts to put art galleries onto the internet? Do you think it will succeed? How do you think it could be improved?:

--Internet is the most important source of information we have today.Athough things like internet based art galleries or internet only music releases are still relatively new they will soon become mainstream.

15,Can you tell us about your favorite artist(s), particularly those whom ordinary people may not have heard of?:

--I love the work of belgian symbolist Fernand Khnopff,all his paintings have haunting ,other-worldly feel to them.My all time favourite artists are:Ingres,Gustav Dore,Grunewald,Von Bayros,Bakst and Utamaro.

16,What are your favorite 3 CDs? do you listen to music when you work?:

--Yes always.

1.Dead Voices on Air-How hollow heart...

2.Premature Ejaculation-Necessary discomforts

3.3rd Eye Foundation -Ghost


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