SDHC Card Recovery

2014-01-04 13:35:19 | 日記

SDHC card is one popular kind of SD Memory card. it is wide used by digital camera and phones, and other digital products. Sometime we may suffer data lost on SDHC card, then there is professional SDHC card recovery software which is able to help you solve all kinds of data lost on your corrupted SDHC card, formatted SDHC card after corruption, deletion,formatting or other emergency events.

 SDHC Card Recovery Pro is a easy to use SD card recovery software which is able to support all kinds of file types, like photos, pictures, videos, audios, emails, documents and other all kinds of muliti files.

Supported memory card:

SD Card (Secure Digital), Multi Media Card (MMC), Compact Flash (CF), XD Card, Micro SD card, mini SD card , Memory Stick, Mobile phone memory card, Cellular phone, digital media, USB flash drive.

 know more detail:

corrupted SD card recovery


download link:

 SDHC card data recovery

This SDHC card files recovery software has more than 10 years history on SDHC card files recovery. Many people like to use it for its easy steps. Even if you know little about computer and software, following the steps below, you can get your lost files from SD card.


1 download and install SDHC Card Recovery Pro.

2 enter SDHC Card Recovery Pro, press “start scan ” at the main windows.

3 select file types and digital camera brand.

4 preview the files which is able to recover

5 press the “recover” button.


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