Recover Deleted Files From Memory Card

2014-04-09 11:04:40 | 日記

Memory card is widely used in our daily life, we use it to carry files or data or transfer to PC. But sometime we may lost those files for various kinds of emergency files. Like accidental deletion, sudden power off, virus infection, file system crash, etc. how to recover lost files from memory card? we just need a memory card data recovery software is ok, SDHC Card Recovery Software is a professional memory card recovery tool which can help you recover deleted or corrupted files on memory card.

This file recovery software owns the ability of recovering deleted files and folder. It supported all kinds of memory card. it is able to recover deleted files from SD card, and Multi Media Card (MMC), Compact Flash (CF), XD Card, Micro SD card, , Memory Stick, Mobile phone memory card, Cellular phone, digital media, USB flash drive.

Moreover, this SD card file recovery tool supported all kinds of file types such as photos, pictures, images, music, video, documents, emails and so on. and you can get those files back with SDHC Card Recovery Pro in a few minutes.

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