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First Demonstration Against Eating Meat in Japan !! July 18th 2010 (Sun)

2010-07-17 21:19:42 | 肉食廃止キャンペーン

First Demonstration Against Eating Meat in Japan !!
  ☆ Request for Support !! ☆

Against Meat Demonstration @ Osaka, in Japan
  July 18th 2010 (Sun)

Sponsor : Against Meat Japan
Cosponsor : Kei & Liru for the sake of this world

We are pleased to announce to you that we will hold the First Demonstration Against Meat in Japan !!
 Go ! Vegetarian Walk !!

Kindly please join & support us and call people up to gather participant and public attention.

Your kind support and influence is required with many thanks !!
We need your power that is always struggling to solve various social & environmental matters and contribute to a peaceful world.

We would like to put your association's name as a supporter on our handbill to advertise the coming demonstration.

Also we would highly appreciate it if you advertise our demo and donate to us.

If you are interested in or decide to participate in this protest,
Please send e-mail to our e-mail address :
with your information / the participant's name and How many participants will come,
so that we can reply to you soon.
Also, If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by e-mail. The details are as follows.

Date : July/18th/2010 (Sun) * Rain or Shine

Meeting time : 14:00
* The time might be changed, so please kindly check our website again few days before the event.

Meeting place : @ Nishi Temma Wakamatsuhama Park, Yodoyabashi, Osaka (西天満若松浜公園、淀屋橋、大阪)

Access : 「Yodoyabashi station」 Keihan Railway / Subway Midosuji Line (淀屋橋駅、京阪電車/地下鉄御堂筋線)
     → located kitty corner from Temma Police department. (天満警察署の斜め向かい)

Map :

Departure : 14:45
Arrival : 16:15

Arrival place : @ Motomachi Naka Park, Namba, Osaka (元町中公園、なんば、大阪)
Access : 「Namba station」 JR / Subway Midosuji Line / Subway Yotsubashi Line (なんば駅、JR/地下鉄御堂筋線/地下鉄四つ橋線)

Map :

What to bring : Placard / Banner / Panel / Fancy dress, Disguise / Music Instrument /Megaphone etc...
            Please bring the stuffs to attract people attention & understanding!!
            Of course you can come empty-handed but we don't have enough stuffs...

Our individual influences are very small, but we believe that human beings has always changed the world to better place by gathering the small power.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation,
and are looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Against Meat Japan

E-mail :
Web site :

The Reason & Purpose of the Demonstration

We would like you to...

1. Ask Japanese people why we do not think about animals who are killed everyday although We love Dogs, Cats and Many other animals with our kind heart.

2. Imagine if you have to KILL Animals who you bring up with big care and affection.

3. Make the society better place not to allow others to get their hands dirty and turn a blind eye to it.

4. Notice that you can choose not to eat meat, animals, and anyone can make that choice.

5. Understand that you can keep yourself in good health enough without animals, and put it in action with much concern.

6. Spread the fact that 1 kg of Beef needs 8 kg of Corn, and make it our first step to change our meat diet life which is the worst cause of a food crisis.

7. Think about that 14 billions of Cows, 10 billions of Pigs, 150 billions of Chickens in the world have caused Air pollution, Soil pollution, Water pollution, Destruction of Forests, and Global Warming.

8. Doubt that disregarding Mad Cow Disease and Chicken & Pig Influenza, why Factory Farming are still being kept.

9. Need to know that the fastest way for human beings to live in good health and slim naturally not depending on medicine, without cancer, Heart disease, and obesity is to eat no animals and to become Vegetarian.

10. Remind that it is only a handful of people who can EAT MEAT EVERYDAY.


As you may know, this world, our planet for us to love,
is on the verge of a crisis because of the increase of the destruction of nature,
the environmental pollution and Global Warming, even worse endless starvation and cruelty to animals.
The major reason of this crisis is EATING MEAT by developed countries and their ego.

To resolve the problems, not only the nation and politics have to be changed
but also each of us needs to change our lives and ourselves.

Do you know how we can reduce environmental hazard if every people
do not eat meat only once a week??

Actually if only one person stops eating meat only once a week for a year,
it will have the same results as saving 1,700 km (1,056 mile) car driving.
This means that it can be saved 400 kg of Greenhouse Gas.

In this 21 century the easiest and the most effective way all the people can in order to save the earth
is to stop eating meat, become Vegetarian.

The United Nations (UN) published in 2006 that Livestock has come to the major cause of the environmental pollution" ,
and Mr.Yvo de Boer, the then Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,
proposed that everyone should quit eating meat once a week to restrain Global Warming.

After that "Meat Free Day" movement became popular in Western countries
"Meat Free Monday (MFM)", a campaign that Paul McCartney began, has spread widely.

☆Reference Movies☆


Devour the Earth

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