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2009-07-04 09:09:48 | About This Blog

The eggplants look more purple in the original painting.


2009-07-04 09:08:27 | About This Blog

I started painting again.


2008-09-21 15:45:11 | Watercolor Painting

I was too bored and started painting this, but I lost my patience right away...


2007-09-17 17:48:17 | Watercolor Painting

OK. Here's another one. This is a sketch from a photo I took at the beach this summer. I don't feel like coloring this one... I could ruin it.


2007-09-17 17:40:26 | Watercolor Painting

I know. I made a mess. This is a total mess. I know this is not even finished yet, but I don't feel like working on it any more. I don't like this one at all!
Oh well... I guess this is a stage you have to go through when you're learning something, right?


2007-05-16 07:43:20 | Watercolor Painting

This is what I painted on the day after the surgery at the hospital. Yes, I had brought one small painting brush there in case I get bored, but no paints. So can you guess what I used to color this picture? It's something you can get as much as you want for free while staying at a Japanese hospital as a patient. (It took a couple of days to finish coloring like this.)


2007-01-22 15:44:39 | Watercolor Painting

I know. I haven't done this for a L-O-N-G time, but finally I painted a watercolor today. YAY!! The sky and the trees look kinda pinkish in this photo, but actually they were more brownish... The overall tone was more brownish in the original painting. I don't like the tree in the center. BTW, looks like I have to have a couple of ads at the bottom of each post now. Maybe there's no way to get rid of them. Bummer!


2006-05-21 01:07:14 | Watercolor Painting
I know. It’s been a L-O-N-G time and I feel soooooooo ashamed...
But let me emphasize this: it was a long interval indeed, but I didn’t mean to quit. No, I won’t. Watercolor painting is going to be my long-time hobby, so I never want to quit it. It just has to be on an on-and-off basis… OK. I admit it. I’m writing this to convince no one else but myself. ;P

Anyway, I’m going to re-start watercolor painting, but it will be a while before I post my next watercolor. Why? For the time being, I’m going to practice by copying someone else’s work. I want to learn some techniques now rather than continuing the struggle empty handed. And I don't feel like posting that kind of paintings here because they are not "my watercolors," after all.

These are my first Holbein tubes. Since most of my watercolor pans got hardened with time, I bought some watercolor tubes (primary colors only) at 100-yen shop a few months ago when I felt like starting painting again. It was a lot easier to squeeze out colors from those tubes, but cheap paints were nothing more than cheap paints. They were just flat, clear colors with no murky touch to make the painted colors look “real." It was discouraging and I ended up staying away from painting for another couple of months...

To motivate myself better this time, I bought a few useful colors from the Holbein series today so that I can mix them with the cheap paints to make the colors I want. This may be a stupid idea… Maybe, maybe not... I don't know. Well, let’s see how it works.


2005-06-20 00:24:35 | Watercolor Painting
It’s always sad and frustrating when I admire something so much but cannot capture and express its beauty on a piece of paper.

There’s a magnolia tree at our prefectural office and this flower was the biggest one on the tree. Of course I didn’t sketch it in the middle of the parking lot there. I took a photo, and painted this from the photo at home. Painting flowers and leaves are always so difficult for me. It’s not like a distant view of the mountains in the background. The numerous leaves are right in front of me and I see them all but I’ve got to simplify them somehow in painting…


2005-03-03 21:32:12 | Watercolor Painting
It’s been a long time since I uploaded my watercolor painting last time. Today was my complete day off and I had nothing in particular to do in the evening. Usually, I feel a bit depressed on a cold winter evening, especially when it’s raining. I asked myself whether I want to go out walking in the rain or paint a watercolor. And you know what? I did both today.

This is the landscape of my hometown and the two big rocks are called “Myoto-iwa.” “Myoto” means a married couple and I guess there was a legend about these rocks, but I don’t really remember.
I painted this from memory and didn’t spend much time on it, so this sure is a sloppy work.;P Esp. I don't like the ocean... it looks dead, doesn't it?