herowarsと言うゲームで サーバー65のギルドJapaneseSharkでギルマスやっています。

ギルドJapaneseSharkの決まり事,(Rules of the guild)

2021-10-19 05:15:09 | herowars
このギルドについて説明 (English translation is at the bottom)
このページの短縮URL= https://bit.ly/2ZeNnJV

日本時間2021/10/19 5:12変更
質問などはサーバー65内で "Galeomorphi"にメッセージ下さい







 a4: P.M.貰った人の中から知り合いまたは初めてでも常識のありそうなP.M.くれた人だけ招待し


(English translation)

Japan time 2021/10/19 5:12 Change
(No more automatic withdrawal days, no more clause if someone wants to join, guild warfare as a courtesy to opponents)
Carcharodon has changed its guild name to JapaneseShark.
##Recruitment of participants ##
JapaneseShark is recruiting participants for guild warfare at lvl 60+. We will not be offended if you fail to attack.
If a guildmaster fails in an attack, the guild will jokingly issue a "guilt edict" such as 50 push-ups as punishment😅.
There are no fees or quotas to be met.
If you have any questions, please message "Galeomorphi" in server 65.

##### rules ######
#1: The first policy is to prioritize real life, the second is to enjoy playing, including guild games.
If you don't have 3.4, you can use the 5th one.

#2: We do not charge or otherwise force you to do anything.
However, if you are going to do something, we may show you an efficient way to do it.

#3: The guild is basically about having fun, whether you win or lose.
However, as a courtesy to our opponents, we will try to fight as hard as we can.
If you want to specialize more in combat, we encourage you to join a serious combat guild or become independent.
#4:## Rules: If you are not active for 8 days, you will be automatically removed from the guild, so please be active at least once a week if you want to continue.

#5:Please refrain from clearing adventure raids immediately on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays as much as possible (it's ok to play adven normally and use it as a base for raids) to make it easier for more people to play.

#6: In general, please try to avoid playing in the same guild in arenas. However, if there are only one or two players in the same guild, we will assume that they are intentionally lowering their ranking and encourage them to play against each other.

#7: [Regarding adventure nuisance] While we do not recommend it, we do allow the following steps
 a1: When creating an adventure group, check the [] Private Group checkbox and [start].
 a2:Invite only people who have a good track record of not causing trouble, or
 a3: In guild chat, say something like "I'm looking for adventure 7, please send me a private message.
 It is strongly recommended to use both English and Japanese.
 a4: Invite only those who have given you a P.M. who you know or who seem to have common sense, even if they are new to the game.
 If you get a P.M. from someone who doesn't, just say, "Sorry, it's filled.

#8: I also try to let people know about important things in English as well as in Japanese.
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