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Teach at monkey tree-the Magic and Importance of Pronunciation

2017-06-17 22:21:46 | 日記
Teach at monkey tree, Writer Bing Xin is walking on the road, I heard the roadside speaker is playing her a work. Listening to listening, they could not help but stopped. Bing Xin how did not expect their own articles by announcer read out, actually become so moving! The article after the announcer's recitation processing, has been sublimation, reached a higher realm. Here is the voice of the announcer's moving voice. Bing Xin excited, determined to find the announcer, a good talk to her, to learn from her. After much effort, Bingxin's wish finally realized. They hit it off, and soon became Mo inverse of the turn.

Speaking of voice intonation, I can not help but think of one of my university teachers. He is talking about a standard spirit of style aristocratic English, the tone of the study was very deep. He speaks English very much, and his words are very connotative. Listen to his class is simply a pleasure. One day, he gave us an intonation, and wrote great on the blackboard: 'Come in.' Let's go up and draw as many tone curves as possible and tell the background of the various intonations. Students are very enthusiastic, have rushed to speak, and draw a variety of tone curve. But after drawing six curves, no one went up. Because we can not think of any other tone. At this time the teacher to help everyone analysis: that six tone is actually five, there are two are duplicated. The teacher set out eight curves on the blackboard and explained them one by one. At this time we only wake up like a dream Intonation as much as such a big knowledge, a primary school students will 'Come in.' Read up there are so many changes! Since then, we have no time to look down upon the tone of English.

When I teach students, I attach great importance to the students' voice and tone, so that when they are back to the text is to check the voice tone, if the back is a good word, but the tone is wrong, I can be considered his fault. Once, there was a student who recited the word correctly, but the tone was wrong. I said he was wrong. He is not convinced. I said: 'This is the protagonist said in the angry, and you read it flat and light. If you let the film director, your actor so back lines, you can let him through it? He had nothing to say.

Pictures and text of the different we are very clear, but tell the words and the text of the difference there are a lot of people did not notice. Phonetic tone contains a lot of emotional composition, emotional composition, and sometimes there are many very subtle things, are difficult to express with the text. So the tone of the tone is absolutely can not be taken lightly. To carefully try to figure out the slight changes inside, master the essence of voice intonation.

Many friends who learn English only pay attention to words, do not pay attention to voice intonation, with Chinese voice tone to listen to English, the results of many words always can not hear. They complain that the recording is not good. In fact, this is because the tone of the English and the tone of the Chinese language caused by the difference. English tone like a ribbon, or a song, words connected, light (prepositions, articles, pronouns, conjunctions, interjection) can be light to almost do not know clearly, no trained people sometimes hear only a few Reworded words (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, numerals). Chinese tone is like a jagged, the word another sound, clear words. Because English is like a tape to read, so there is the so-called Lianpian, sometimes up and down in the snare, it is difficult to distinguish that tone is the word, which is not in the Chinese. Listen to the Chinese language to listen to English, of course, do not know clearly.

Finally, I would like to talk about [New Concept English]. There is a scholar in the [English world] published an article saying: '[New Concept English] recording and the most classic [Ling Ge wind English] comparable. 'That is to say, [New Concept English] recording is another pinnacle of English recording, is the treasure of English recording. National foreign language colleges should hold annual academic exchanges every year. There are teachers and some excellent students. At one of the exchanges, a student from the north came to speak to learn his experience. His tone of voice makes all the students present to admire. When his speech ended, he was surrounded by the students. Everyone has asked him how he learned such a wonderful tone. He said he was back [new concept of English] learned. We do not believe it. To know, can participate in this exchange are the top schools of the school, who did not learn [New Concept English]? He is a wise man, immediately see the idea of ​​everyone. He asked how everyone is back. We all say is to read, and then listen to the recording and follow, and finally back down. He smiled and said, 'I'm not learning that way.' I first read, and then listen and follow, and then the text together with the voice tone back down, repeated practice, until they think that read and the original recording sound is almost, to record the sound. And then two recordings at the same time put the original recording and my recording. The sound of the two recorders will sound like a chorus when I stop. 'Master is so cherish the new concept of English recording, and many of our friends on the new concept of English recording just listen to a few times to put aside, would not it be wasted in this world treasures! Hope that everyone can like the master as a good treasure [new concept of English] recording, so that this world treasures release more dazzling light!
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