Shear Blades come a long way round

2017-06-16 08:39:43 | 日記

There, Shear Blades come a long way round from isometric exercise. I hope you found the story interesting. I warn you, if you get me talking about dogs or martial arts, you'll be in for a long haul!

News articles across the country have reported that a Florida child had actually formed the intent to carry out a premeditated, violent robbery. In actuality, this "assailant," who had only turned 7 a few days before, was simply playing. Like any concerned parent, legal help was sought to avoid the life long ramifications of a false allegation.

Upon meeting with the mother and her son and hearing their account, it quickly became apparent that the media's initial perspective was laden with untruths and explosive exaggerations. Throughout that first meeting, all were amazed at how well-behaved the child was. "Obviously the facts have been distorted here.

This child has been raised by good parents. He is the most obedient and polite child that I have ever met", stated his attorney, William Moore. The incident in question happened in the elementary school bathroom the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday and was reported by the "victim's" mother the following Monday. No mention of this "robbery" was ever made by any of the children present, and not one faculty member observed anything out of the ordinary on the day of the alleged crime.
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