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The astral world’s significance and the group soul

2017-12-03 06:43:01 | Spirit World

We were born into earth with an intention, and as a representative of the group soul to which we belong. It appears that my personal experiences in the physical world are shared with the group, as the direct experience of the entire group. The group as a whole attempts spiritual growth in this manner. Does the group soul share only the favourable, positive experiences,
or are the drawbacks shared as well?
In short, the group souls do not share the responsibility of negative aspects of their individual members. They are subject to the selfresponsibility (law of cause and effect) of the respective soul, and they affect the karma of the single soul only. Souls are each responsible for their own drawbacks, where as positive experiences are shared among the group.
It may become a little circumlocutory, but let’s go through the procedures step by step.

[The guidelines on the departure to the other world]
(Quoted from documents prepared by Tokyo Silver Birch Circle)

1. To the “borderline region”—The lowest region of the astral world, in direct contact with the physical world

Once the silver cord is disconnected, we shed the physical body and enter the astral world as an astral body. This is the first step after death. The astral world is the low sphere in the spirit world, with significant density of physical matter.
Migration from the rough vibrations of the physical body into the more exquisite astral body, requires a temporary pause of the consciousness (deep sleep). The process can be compared to re-booting the computer after re-writing the operating system.
This migrating procedure takes place at the “borderline region”, which is the region of the spirit world, directly in touch with the physical world. Every human being, without exception, will find themselves at the borderline region immediately after death. It is where the departed persons make the necessary adjustments for life in the spirit world, namely, completion of the astral body. (There remains the largest amount of influence from the physical matters in the astral body, of all the spirit bodies.)

2. Significance of the borderline region of the astral world —The place where the physical body and perispirit are shed, and separated from the astral body.

When we awake from the deep sleep, and in light doze, we will be shown the flashback images of your life on earth. Once you are selfconvinced of your death, you will shed and discard the semiphysical, perispirit (Perispirit is the matter that combines astral and physical bodies, and it is sometimes called the “double”). You complete the astral body this way, and then enter the astral world.
This borderline region is often described in Silver Birch’s books as “hospitals”, “resting place”, and “a place for reflection and introspection” in the spirit world. It is the place where we discard the physical body and perispirit (double), and switch to the vibrations of the astral body.

About the earth-bound spirits

The earth-bound spirits do not know that there exists another world after death, and they cannot shed off the perispirit (double), because they have strong obstinacy to the physical world. Therefore, they are unable to complete the astral body, and thus unable to move on to the astral world. They are hence “drop-out spirits”, stuck in the borderline region.

3. To the astral world—The guide appears, and we will be guided into the astral world to begin purification.

Next, with your astral body, you transfer to the appropriate stage in the astral world, according to the spiritual development which you attained during your life on earth. There awaits a world of introspection and purification. The astral world is an illusion world where we cleanse ourselves of the gaud we have gained through the physical life, such as arrogance, lasciviousness, avarice, and material desires.
The difference between the worlds before and after death, is simply whether we have the physical body or not. Death only changes human’s place of existence from physical world to spirit world; it does not change the human being.
In the astral world, all our thoughts and wishes are realized without effort; and in time we will begin to find such situations boring and unsatisfying. From that point, who we really are, and the focus of our consciousness gradually switch
from materialistic to spiritual. The time taken for this shift to begin, will depend on the indi-vidual; it may take a very long time for some. We shift from the astral body into the spirit body through the spiritual self-awareness (awakening) in the astral world. As the process of purification continues, the shift into the spirit body becomes more precise and exquisite, in graduated steps. The spirit body is completed after graduated process of purification.

4. To the spirit world—Return to the group soul

At the astral world, we have reviewed our physical life experiences and reflected upon them. Some experiences become the karma, which will require atonements; so, we work as assistants for highly evolved spirits, and pay off the karma. In turn our negative gaudiness is cleansed and purified. The purpose of the astral world is spiritual adjustment through this purification.
When we transfer to the spirit world, after purification and spiritual awakening, we take our positive experiences from earth as souvenir for the group soul. Precious expe-riences from the physical world are shared among the group soul; and they add to the per-sonal experiences of each group soul member. Spiritual growth as an entire group is at-tained this way.

— Summaries —
The astral world is the place where the negative aspects and disadvantages acquired from life in the physical world, are purified (process include reincarnation to the physical world). The astral body is shed, and the complete spirit body emerges, through spiritual awakening. Then we return to the spirit world (real world) where our group soul members await. Then, our positive experiences gained through physical life, which would promote spiritual growth, will be shared with the group soul. The group soul members will hold your experience as direct experience of their own, thus your spiritual growth from physical life is linked to fur-ther spiritual growth of the group soul.

<< Procedures after death >>
Preparing for the departure (The silver cord is gradually disconnected)

→ Death (Temporary disruption of consciousness and deep sleep…We undergo drastic change of vibration while the consciousness is rewritten and rebooted.)

→ In light sleep, we introspect our physical life. This is done at the borderline region,
the lowest sphere of the astral world, directly in touch with the physical world.

→ We become fully aware of our own death.

→ In order to complete the astral body, we make spiritual adjustments, namely discarding the perispirit (double).

→ We meet the guide, and move on to the astral world.

→ Through purification at the astral world, we gradually shift to higher spheres, as we attain spiritual awakening (graduated change).

→ We shed the astral body little by little, and the spirit body is gradually completed. With the completed spirit body, we enter the spirit world.

→ We return to the spiritual family (group soul).

→ We share with the spiritual family (group soul) the positive experiences and learning from the physical life, and contribute to the spiritual growth of the entire group.

There exists the purpose of physical life in “spiritual awakening” and “growth and development of spirituality”. “Development of spirituality” means allowing “God’s divided soul”, who we really are, to manifest itself.
Specifically, the manifestation is done through altruistic actions that serve and benefit others. However, in order to embody altruistic love in this slow and sluggish physical world, energy is required; and it is required in the form of actions and applications, which demand con-sistent willpower and concentration.
We must have strong willpower and concentration in order to conduct ourselves in the approaching “world of thought”. In the darkness of the physical world prevailed by materialism, these qualities are being developed and nurtured through troubles and struggles.

The astral world

2017-11-05 04:01:56 | Spirit World
“In the lower stages of the spirit world, there is a replica of all that transpires in your physical world. All the warfare and fighting still continues, but gradually as realization comes, the soul leaves the astral world and sheds all the prejudices and enmities that it had in your world.
Then these problems begin to solve themselves, for with a true understanding of spiritual laws they realize that their task is to equip themselves, to perfect their own gifts, to develop their own talents, which can be achieved only by giving service. These are purely temporary problems, problems of how to bring recognition of spiritual facts to those who are not yet aware of them. All kinds of expedients have to be used.
One of the greatest tasks is to convince those who do not believe that they have left your world.” (P.30 More Wisdom of Silver Birch —-edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

The lower stage of the spirit world mentioned here refers to the astral world, occupied by spirits who do not understand or cannot accept that they have died. More specifically, it is at the lowermost region of the astral world, in direct contact with the physical world, which we call the “borderline region”. It is where the earth-bound spirits roam around.
If we spiritually awaken ourselves in the physical world, live altruistically, and spiritually growth enough, can we briefly pass through the astral world, needless to say of the “borderline region”, and proceed quickly to the spirit world?
Unlike the astral world, dreams and wills take substantial time before they are realized in the physical world, due to its rough vibrations. However, I believe us spiritually awakened individuals are already aiming to go through the processes prepared for us at the spirit world,
by practicing spiritual knowledge and learning the providence in this physical lifetime.

Then, why is the physical world necessary? Why do we need the troubles of experiences and trainings in the physical world?
Silver Birch says that “spiritual progress” through “spiritual awakening” in this current life, prepares us for the life and work that awaits us in the next world.
In the physical world, individual spirits of various spirituality levels mix and exist together, creating constant difficulties in human relations. Under such conditions, we must work strenuously in order to maintain the physical body. Throughout our life we constantly face many other difficulties of life with a physical body, including strong sexual desires that remain with us to the end. Despite the tough challenges, learning from real-life applications in the physical world is an effective and ideal way of learning the spiritual knowledge, as long as we are spiritually awakened. Practices enhance understanding, and in turn expedite spiritual progress.

Evolution and advancement is the great principle of the universe. The entire universe is constantly growing toward the direction of “perfection”.
Certainly, human beings are not excluded from the ongoing growth, since each of us are constituting elements of the universe, incorporated into the natural laws and providence. Whether we like it or not, as a child of God, we are on the journey of eternal spiritual growth, aiming for “perfection”. Each of us are indispensable existences, contributing our part in the creative activity.

“There are many difficulties to be overcome; that is why there is an infinity of perfection to be achieved.” (P.31 More Wisdom of Silver Birch —-edited by Sylvia Barbanell)


Spirit world and physical world

2017-10-31 08:02:18 | Spirit World
“Supposing,” the guide went on, “you never woke, that dreams were your constant reality and you had no waking experience with which to compare your dream life, everything that transpired in dreams would be real to you and all that had happened in waking life would now become the shadow.
All the mental process utilised during the dream state are engaged in to a much greater intensity in the worlds beyond death. As those mental states are the reality of the people who dwell in those worlds, the states are as tangible to them as material things are to you in your world.”
“I am appalled by the prospect,” said the first questioner, who was asked by the guide, “Why?”
“It does not seem to be such a satisfactory life, bearing the hall-mark of reality which we experience here,” was the answer.
“That,” said the guide, “is purely a matter of comparison. Actually yours is the shadow cast by the sun of our life. Yours is the husk, yours is not the reality. Nowhere in the world of matter do you have the hall-mark of reality because matter depends on spirit for its existence. Matter is but one manifestation in one form of vibration of spiritual reality.”
(P. 119-120 Silver Birch Speaks——edited by Sylvia Barbanell)

I would like to express my personal opinions on the relationship between the spirit world and the physical world (the stage Earth).

Our will and consciousness are generally believed to vanish upon death, along with the brain. But what if our thoughts, will, and consciousness survive the death of the physical body and brain? Assume that the body and brain were just the control room and receiving station (sending and receiving device) of the mind.
After the devices collapse, maybe the mind itself continues to exist. If that is the case, the state of the mind similar to that of when we are in the dream world, should continue, except we no longer have the physical body to return to. (Our spirit bodies visit the spirit world every night while we sleep.) However, for all this to happen, it is absolutely essential that the soul, hence the “real self” exist, as the originating source of the will.

Silver Birch says, after the body demolishes, one’s true love remain immortal and real, because true love originates from one’s spiritual mind. Where there is love, we can reunite with our beloved family and pets in the spirit world, he says. After death we no longer possess the physical body, and thus we never again wake up to the physical world. Also, after physical body’s death, we cannot say that we are asleep and dreaming anymore, since we have no more awake state to compare with. Remember that sleep state and awake state are comparative conditions; each cannot exist without the other. Silver Birch even says that our past experiences in the physical world will turn into a shadow-like dream after we have passed onto the spirit world.

Once in the spirit world, souls with the same vibrations form a group soul and live together as a group, sharing their common dreams. When even a slight difference in the frequencies occur, the souls are unable to associate with each other. As an exception, lowering one’s vibration appears to be possible, as seen in souls coming down to the physical world. Considering these facts, we can say that the physical world is quite different from the spirit world, in that it consists of a large group of individuals with mixed vibrations and spirituality levels. Also, the physical world is a world of limited receptivity, only receptive to the exceedingly narrow range of wavelengths called the visible light. In the physical world, mixed vibrations exist together on the same plane of limited range of wavelengths. It is an extremely unique world.

By dressing up in the spacesuit called the physical body, on the Spaceship Earth, our souls are bound and confined to the rough vibrations of the physical body, and our “real selves” and memories of past incarnations are concealed into the subconscious mind. The purpose of this process is to allow souls of various stage of spirituality, mature to immature, to co-exist in the same physical world of relative comparisons; which in turn, cultivate spiritual growth.
In order to enhance our spiritual development, we exist in the world of relative comparison, like good and evil, light and darkness, selfish and altruistic, love and hatred, with individual awareness and under self-responsibility. That is why it is vital that we awaken ourselves to our “real selves”, before we are able to understand the true purpose of our lives, and our mission on this lifetime.

Majority of us see the phenomenal world as the only reality; and death of physical body is believed as the end of the road. But it is obvious that the visible light is not the universe’s only vibration.
In fact, the visible light is a very limited part of the entire wavelengths. Once we disengage from the vibrations of the visible light, we will be unable to see the physical matters altogether. The elaborate vibrations of the spirit world are incomparable to the limited range of the visible light associated with the physical world.

What had been engraved into the soul, like individuality, experiences, love and hatred, and karma, we can take with us to the spirit world, after our vibrations switch from physical body to the spirit body. But all the rest cannot be brought along, since they are only shadows of the reality, and merely empty husks.
It is a manifestation of the spirit power that provide their shapes and forms.

An individual annihilates altogether upon death, or instead, there is existence beyond death. Either way, the things for which many of us, especially males, have dedicated the most of our lifetime, may it be social status, fame, company, money, and the like, all belong to the physical world only. Need I not mention, these social evaluation standards are measures and tools for spiritual education in the physical world; all of which will become null and void in the life after death.
Physical world, namely, the world of comparison, is the place where people at various stage of spiritual development mix and live together.
We can see that it serves a very important purpose of providing the grounds and opportunities for spiritual growth. Nevertheless, if we look at the earthly life from the viewpoint of the everlasting individual spirit, it is just an illusion stage lasting about a hundred years at the most. The stage features the following theme: All that takes form in the physical world has no eternal reality; thus empty (spirit power) in nature. Emptiness (spirit power) is the actuality of all that takes form in the physical world.


Spirit is the reality

2017-10-23 10:13:02 | True Self
“Spirit is king and matter is subject. This truth has illuminated your life and made all the difference. You have found yourself. It has brought you knowledge and an understanding that cannot be assessed in earthly language or even material wealth. This is an abiding truth.
The knowledge of this reality is the key that unlocks all the riddles and enables everything to fall into its proper place.”
(P.110 Guidance from Silver Birch — edited by Anne Dooley)

The “real self” is the spirit. Spirit power (energy force of life) obtained a physical body, and in turn, gained individuality (individual consciousness). At this stage, the spirit is called the soul. Most of us do not really understand this fact.
As a general knowledge, we vaguely understand that there exist spirits and souls,
but not much further. Even among people who call themselves a spiritualist, the knowledge of many are categorized into this level of comprehension. Without much consideration, they believe that the spirit is simply an accompaniment of the physical body. In some cases, the worse ones, there are even those who believe humans become spirits when they die, or after death humans return to inorganic matter in the universe, as in qi or prana.
The physical body does not contain the spirit. The spirit contains the physical body. Silver Birch had repeated this fact many times. There is actually a fundamental difference between the two concepts. Among the two, the principle and the subordinate are completely reversed.

Now let’s try to understand Silver Birch’s words as follows:
“The knowledge of this reality is the key that unlocks all the riddles and enables everything to fall into its proper place.”
(P.110 Guidance from Silver Birch)

Currently, there are countries without law and order due to civil conflicts. There are also countries whose citizens are forced into long-term street life after earthquake calamity. At individual levels, we human beings spend daily lives under infinite variety of conditions and situations. There are people living with major illnesses. Levels of social status, fame, material wealth, superiority and inferiority of physical appearances, all vary among individuals. Constantly we face troubles in human relations; where egoism dominates, things get extremely ugly and hellish. We question ourselves on who we really are, the purpose of our lives, and the meanings of illnesses, troubles and calamities. We live our lives in confusion, accompanied with constant worries and uncertainty. Considering these situations, our worries originate from not knowing the true meanings of life and its events, and not being able to see what is coming ahead.

Silver Birch says, the spirit world is the real world. The physical world, on the other hand, was created by spirit powers; and it is a temporal world of illusions and delusions. It has been created with a clear purpose. In that sense, we can say that we are all actors from the spirit world, performing on the stage called “earth”. We are costumed into males and females of various physical appearances, and play the assigned parts. We are generally fully absorbed into the role, to the point where we have forgotten about who we really are. Fortunately, the assigned parts are not impossible to alter. Remember that we are God’s children; and we can use our willpower to change our fortune (cast assignment) ourselves.

On earth, an individual may be appointed as the role of a ruler conducting reign of terror. Others maybe cast as a company president, and staffs reporting to him.
Casts also include the person who draws the curtain on the stage, a lunch box vendor, and a ticket clerk. Elsewhere, there are people playing the role of sick persons.
Observing from spirit world, we can see that human beings on earth are merely playing their assigned parts. Different levels of status in the physical society are actually nothing more than a limited time illusion on stage. By performing the appointed role, human beings are attempting spiritual growth under strict self-responsibility and causality laws. In order to pursue spiritual growth, we repeat earthly incarnations many times; changing and switching the casting each time.
Throughout the incarnations, we carry the karmic seeds of growth.

Once you are able to truly understand that “spirit is the actual existence”, you will start to observe the physical world from the actuality of the spirit world. You will begin to correctly interpret the real meanings of events that occur in the physical world.
There, you will have gained the key that provides answers to all the mysteries of life in the physical world.
When that happens, Silver Birch continues as follows:
“The satisfaction is an inner serenity and radiance, an inner tranquility and confidence because the soul is coming into its own. When the soul is aware of this, you have found yourself and you have found the Great Spirit.”
(P.111 Guidance from Silver Birch — edited by Anne Dooley)


Contacting your spirit guides

2017-10-15 08:06:29 | Spirit Guide
“If you need personal help, then ask your spirit guides for it. Yes, you have guides. Later in this book I shall tell you about them. For the moment, let me tell you how to become aware of them.
Try an experiment. This evening, before you go to bed, try a “quiet moment”. Undress, or loosen your clothing. Remove your shoes. Sit in a comfortable chair in a dimly lit, quiet room where you are sure of not being interrupted. It should be dim because light stimulates, as does noise, and you want to be tranquil. In this environment, cross your ankles and loosely link your hands. And in this relaxing posture, close your eyes. Let your eyeballs drift gently upwards. Clear your mind.
It is difficult, to begin with, not to think. If you find thoughts intruding, concentrate on something in your mind’s eye that is unrelated to your daily life. A flower does very well.
When you are thus relaxed, speak your problem quietly as if to a friend.
Do not ask for any material thing. Merely state the problem and ask for guidance in dealing with it.
After a while, you may drift off into a light doze. When you awake, you will be refreshed.
Repeat this every evening. Do not make a set routine of it. The time and place are immate-rial—only the atmosphere of serenity and reception matters.
One morning, soon afterwards, you will wake with the answer to your problem firmly outlined in you mind. Or one day the problem will just disappear.
Or somebody will come to you out of the blue with an alterna-tive of which you had not known. You are being helped.”
(P.90 The Healing Touch—by M. H. Tester )

“If your guides wish to communicate, the “quiet moment” will give them the receptive con-ditions they need. Do not be disappointed if, after ten or fifteen minutes, nothing happens or you drop off into a light sleep. It takes practice to learn attunement. The one essential is to stop thinking about your problems.
Just relax and daydream. After a few attempts, you will start to get results.
The first thing you will notice will be a lessening of your pressures. Physically and mentally, you will feel lighter. The tensions will go out of you and you will be relaxed and refreshed. The next thing you will notice is that your worries seem less important and you can think of one or two new ways of dealing with your problems.
You are getting help.”
(P.138 The Healing Touch—by M. H. Tester )

The readers of this blog already have spiritual knowledge. So I believe in the past all of you have been guided by your spirit guides, more than just on a single occasion.
Those without the knowledge, would consider spiritual guidances as coincidences, flukes, rare flash through one’s mind, and so on. They probably think that us spiritualists are a group of insane people, discussing seriously on such topics as spirit guides and their guid-ances. None can blame them. They have no awareness and no knowledge at all that spirit guides exist, and they stay by their side.

Before proceeding further, let me clarify that “spirit guides” discussed here are not “earth-bound spirits” . I am referring to the guardian spirit, and other spirits who positively influ-ence us by providing love, guidance, assistance and directions throughout our life on the physical realm. Everyone has one guardian spirit, and often multiple spirit guides. When I hear “the voice of conscience”, I cannot distinguish from which spirit guide the voice origi-nated from.
However, Silver Birch says in his books that our minds are ruled and greatly influenced by the spirit guides through the subconscious mind. Apparently, they influence our minds much more than we think.
Furthermore, it is said that in this world, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Those of us with the knowledge should recognize the guidance from spirit guides on day to day basis.
As for me, the voices from the spirit guides are not “heard” but instead, the words enter my mind as second person messages. Until not too long ago, I was a little puzzled by these sec-ond person voices. I thought it was strange that my own voice and my own thoughts in my mind speaks to myself saying “you are…” Often the messages spoke of contents from Silver Birch’s book series, ways of thinking, and advises, as if someone else was talking to me. Al-ways spoken in a reserved manner, they were clearly different from my typical choice of words and phrases.

When did I first start noticing these voices? By all means, in the midst of difficult problems. They are not heard at ordinary times, and they never occur when I am happily having a good time. Well, I never focus my attention to the voices within on such occasions. But as time went by I had become more and more conscious and receptive of the guiding voices, and I started calling out for them more often. Soon I was recognizing the voices on regular basis, at ordinary times. Eventually a type of “conversation” with the voices became more frequent. The “conversations” often occur in the morning just after awakening, when stray thoughts and delusions are minimal. Or similarly, when my mind is not absorbed on some-thing, and free of tenacious thoughts. As M. H. Tester has said, spiritual guidances pop in when your mind is clear and your mental concentration is undisturbed. These are the condi-tions favourable for spirit guides to make contact with you. I suggest you on daily basis to have frequent moments of quietness, where your mind temporarily becomes selfless and thoughtless.
Each session can be as brief as twenty or thirty seconds. I am sure all of you can manage to spare time for several of these short tranquil moments everyday. You can do it anywhere.

Spend your each day doing the best you can. After you have put your best efforts, leave it to the hands of your spirit guides, and do not worry about what tomorrow will bring. That alone should relieve you a great deal. Imagine yourself five hundred years from now. You are at the spirit world, looking back at your current problem. You would realize it was not a big deal after all. Even within our very short current lifetime, we forget about how difficult it was when we were faced with problems in the past. These problems may have made you suffer tremendously at the time, but now they are just events in the past. They do not disturb you any more. In the end, all that matters is your spiritual growth. The most important is whether or not you have spiritually progressed from your life’s experiences.