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Silver Birch’s Mission

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How do I make the most of my life on earth? I am on this long pursuit for wisdom of life, searching for the wisest and the most beneficial way of life.
These are words from my friend’s blog post, which I believe is a query directed to every human being. Let’s think together about this life-long task, assigned to us all.

Silver Birch describes our earth as:
 A world swirling with heartaches, problems difficulties, suffering, calamities and trials
 Cold, desolate and dark
(from the recorded cassette tape Silver Birch Speaks)

“You have sought to build you lives on the system of your own material world.
You have sought to become educated and cultured and have tried to build up a civilization away from the laws of the Great Spirit.
Because of that, your world has fallen. It is in ruins, just as much in ruins as is the civilization of the olden days.”
(p.24 Teachings of Silver Birch)

Silver Birch tells us also, that the providence has not yet succeeded on earth, because human beings fail to hold rock solid belief on life after death.
Therefore, the spirit world appointed Silver Birch (an evolved spirit), with the mission to save the earthly world from its horrific state of materialism and money worshipping. He was dispatched, just like Jesus of Nazareth had been dispatched two thousand years ago, as spreading spiritual truth and the providence, is the only way to bring true and fundamental salvation to earth.
Silver Birch’s mission was to teach the people of earth about the law of the universe, hence, the spiritual providence (truth). (p.19 Teachings of Silver Birch)
The spiritual providence can be applied to all aspects of life on earth; and it sets our soul, mind and body free, from the prison of darkness.

However, even us spiritualists with spiritual knowledge have insufficient faith nor confidence in the word “You are God.” I believe the actual circumstance is that we spend our days with very little awareness of the spirit world, not to mention “perfect faith” in it. For that reason, Silver Birch’s teachings merely go in one ear and out the other, no matter how many times we read it. We read and learn the providence, but as soon as we return to our busy daily lives, we forget; and forget altogether to put the learned providence into practice. Every time I encounter difficult trials of my own,
I realize so again and again.
Hence, I have picked up a quote by Silver Birch, so we may confirm once again the basic providence. A very lengthy quote, but it teaches us of the important message, essential for us to live our earthly life in the most valuable way.
Read thoroughly, and as many times as necessary, until the essence behind these words spread into our subconscious mind. Let’s all strive to practice and confirm in our lives, the absolute truth and reliability of God’s providence.

—Silver Birch has told of a ‘great secret’ that has not yet been learned in the material world—
The Great Spirit is infinite, and you are parts of the Great Spirit. If you have perfect faith and live your lives right, then you are able to participate in the bounty of the Great Spirit.
If every person in your world had perfect faith, then he would receive. If a person were hungry and yet had perfect faith, then he would receive the answer.
That is how the Law operates. If you learn to attune yourselves to the Law, the result must come. If the results do not come, that only proves that you are not in tune with the Law. Your history books tell you that there have been those from the lowest of the low, the poorest of the poor, who have tried the Law—and it has not failed them.
You must not point to those who do not try it and ask why it does not work.
Sometimes the spirit gets crushed and cannot rise above the surrounding circumstances, but if you had perfect faith you could rise above all the troubles of your world. You would turn your faces to the sun, which is but an emblem of the Great Spirit, and say: “I am a part of the Great Spirit. I am indestructible. I am eternal. I am infinite. That which is finite and part of the world of matter cannot touch me.” If you did that, you would not be touched.
Many people start with fear in their hearts. They are afraid they will not get results, and the element of fear disturbs the vibration. Perfect love casteth out fear! Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you!
That was taught to you many years ago by one who knew the Law. He showed that when he put it into operation the results were always forthcoming. If you allow the Law to function, then the results must come.

I will tell you another Law. There is nothing you can have in the world of matter without you pay the price. The price of mediumship is increased sensitiveness.
You cannot accumulate wealth without paying the price because if you do that, and forget the duties of your own spirit, then you may be rich in the goods of your world, but you will be very poor in my world.
You have the greatest riches within yourselves. You are part of the Great Spirit.
There are no riches or fortunes in your world that can be compared with that. We seek to teach you to explore your own gold mines, to reveal the diamonds of the spirit that are within the clay of your own natures.
May you all learn to respond to vibrations of the highest planes of spirit. May you all realize that you are never alone, but always encompassed around and about by a host of those who love you, who seek to guard and guide you and to help and inspire you. And may you, as you unfold your own spirits, realize that you are being drawn closer to the greatest Spirit of all, becoming more in unison with His Law.
You serve Him by serving the children of matter. When you do that, you are within reach of His infinite arms, you are surrounded by His love, which will bring you to perfect peace.
Faith that is faith alone sometimes fails when the winds of bitter experience blow.
But the faith that is born of knowledge provides a foundation which is so strong that no wind of circumstance can disturb it.
Blessed are those who believe and have not yet seen, but thrice blessed are they who know and, because they know, place their faith in that which is not yet revealed to them, because they know that the laws of the universe are operated by a power which is love and wisdom.
You should all have perfect faith, because it is a faith born of knowledge. You have had the proof of the power of the Spirit. Now you should have the faith that all things work wisely and well and that, if you put yourselves in tune with the laws of the Great Spirit, then you must reap the operation of those laws.
You can all banish from your minds the thought that anything that is unenlightened—or, as you would say, evil—can ever touch you. You live and move under the protection of the Great Spirit and His laws.
If there is no evil in your hearts, then only good can reach you, for only good can dwell where goodness reigns. None but the servants of the Great Spirit come into your presence from my world. You need have no fears. The power which envelops you, the power which supports and seeks to guide you and inspire you, is the power that emanates from the Great Spirit of all.
The power can sustain you in all your trials and difficulties. That power can change your storms into sunshine, and bring you out of the darkness of despair into the light of knowledge. Your feet are set on pathways of progress. There is no need for fear.
Perfect love casteth out fear. Knowledge dispels fear, for fear is born of ignorance. Where there is love and trust and knowledge, there fear cannot reign. An evolved spirit cannot be afraid at any time, because he knows there is no experience that can come to him in any phase of life that he cannot master, for he is the Great Spirit.
Fear creates its own prison for the soul. You must learn to rise above fear and not to allow its vibrations to hinder you, to have perfect faith and confidence and trust, to know that you can stand on your feet and say: “I am the Great Spirit and the wind of circumstance cannot shake me. I will rise triumphant over every difficulty because of the infinite power which is within my soul.” You have power over every circumstance. Would you limit the power of the infinite soul?
The Great Spirit rules over that which is material and that which is spiritual. There are no divisions in His universal kingdom. Do not attempt to divide the life of matter from the life of spirit. They are not distinct and separate. They are parts of one indivisible life, for things of matter react on the things of spirit and the things of spirit react on the things of matter.
You have yet to learn that there are no difficulties which beset those blessed with the power of the spirit that they will not surmount, as long as they in return serve the Great White Spirit wherever they go. There are no obstacles in your world we cannot remove, if it is the law that they shall be removed. If, sometimes the cross you have seems very hard to bear, remember that, although I would give up all my progress to take it away from you, it is better for you to carry it and to learn the lesson it brings. You must consider not only this life, but the whole of eternity.
If you children of matter would but remember that not only are you human, but also divine, how much easier would it be for you to live your lives.
Your troubles would melt away, your obstacles would be swept on one side. But you have little faith in the power that is within you. What you call human belongs to the world of matter. That which is divine belongs to the Great Spirit.
Many years ago you were told to be in the world, but not of the world. Because the people of your world have not the faith, then the Law cannot be put into operation. You say one has more money and less worry than another. You do not know how their worries compare. The laws of the Great Spirit cannot be cheated.
You are on earth to build your characters. It is the way you face your problems that makes your character. But there is no trouble in your world of matter which is greater than the power you have within you for overcoming it, because the troubles are of the earth, material, and you are part of the Great Spirit, divine.
There is only one peace—the peace which comes to those who are at one with the Great Spirit, whose hearts beat as one with His great heart, whose wills are at one with His great will, who are at one in soul, mind and heart with the Great Spirit.
Then there is peace, because they are in harmony with His laws. There is no other peace.
I can only teach you the laws. You were told many years ago that the kingdom of heaven is within. It is not without. It is not to be found in the rush of the world of matter. It is to be found within the soul.
(p.51-55 Teachings of Silver Birch)

All our lives we worked hard and sought money and happiness from the outside world (earthly world), although it had always been within ourselves, in our soul (“true selves”), that true peace, tranquility and happiness actually existed. We could not see them, because these things were concealed behind physical body and materials.
Our lives on earth are like the journey of “Tyltyl and Mytyl,” searching for the “blue bird,” in Maurice Maeterlinck’s The Blue Bird.

As previously mentioned, our faith in the spirit world and its operation are not rock solid, and not from the bottom of our hearts. Despite repeated reading, Silver Birch’s clear-and-concise teachings never seem to stay long in our hearts. Why?
I believe the reason to be the overwhelming realness of this earthly world, of which we perceive through the five physical senses. We are so powerfully dominated by, and accustomed to physical conception, that when anything beyond physical perception comes along, we automatically (and unconsciously) classify it as something otherworldly and dreamy, not applicable to this material world.
Now then, how do we work ourselves towards “perfect faith”?
Let’s review the procedure, indicated in Silver Birch's teachings.

—Spiritual progress, step-by-step—
1. One has the knowledge of the spiritual providence through reading, but the knowledge is yet to exert significant influence on one’s belief, consciousness and awareness.
2. What must one do, in order to acquire awareness and faith in the providence?
3. The only way is to learn through real-life experience.
4. For that one is required to pay the price, in the form of sufferings, trials and difficulties.
5. Faced with trials and difficulties, one seeks refuge in the providence, and learns to apply the providence.
6. One practices the learned providence (with faith in it); and as a result, overcomes the problem.
7. Repeat the process many times, and gradually one’s belief in the providence grows toward solid faith.

In reality, God’s providence has no division between the two worlds: spirit world and physical world. Both worlds belong to one great cosmos, and each of us has our own “true self,” hence the spirit, with latent divinity. Therefore, there is no point in searching for “true peace and tranquility” (heaven) in the outside world, of this physical, materialistic sphere. Heaven is found when we become one with the God within ourselves, says Silver Birch.
Becoming one with God within our “true selves” (soul), means matching ourselves to God’s providence, thus living our lives in harmony with the providence, in which God manifests. This is the answer to the question at the top of this post.

“Let them open their souls to the Great Spirit. Let them strive to attune themselves to the laws of the Great Spirit, so that they are at one with Him and He is at one with them. Then their hearts and souls will be at peace, they will be in harmony with the great rhythm of the universe, and discord will disappear from their lives. They will begin to live as they have never lived before.”
(p.26 Teachings of Silver Birch)

Silver Birch Speaks—recorded cassette tape published by Psychic Press Ltd., 23 Great Queen Street, London WC2, produced by Educational Tapes Ltd., P.O. Box 4, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England. Copyright held by the HANNEN SWAFFER HOME CIRCLE.
Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by Austen, A. W. Edition 2010. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1938.


Attempts Toward Spiritual Advancement

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--Becoming responsive to the vibrations of evolved spirits—

“We seek to make you world of matter realize the great power of spirit, waiting to co-operate with all those who strive to serve the children of the Great Spirit, so that, armed with knowledge, they can fight all superstition and all that belongs to the mists of darkness, and allow the light of spiritual truth to radiate its glorious beams. That is our task. And we bring with us that power of the spirit which can inspire and guide, which can uphold and sustain, which can bring food to hungry minds, healing to bodies racked with pain, which can bring inspiration and revelation, truth and wisdom for all.
We can fill them with this power just as they provide us with the capacity to understand and receive it.”
(p.47 Teachings of Silver Birch)

The earth and its society, of egoistic individuals and nations, are currently under disorder; and the coronavirus calamity aggrandizes the chaos across the globe. “Your current materialistic society has fallen into ruins,” said Silver Birch in his teachings.
If he warned us so some fifty years ago, what would he say about our society today?
On individual level, personal problems to fuel our stress, anxiety and worries, never seem to wane. Personal relationships, issues within families, financial concerns, troubles at work, health problems, and growing number of natural disasters due to climate change.
We may have grown wealthier materially at least, but our sociological environment has turned into a kingdom of materialism and money worshipping, where societies are founded on desire for materialistic wealth, success, and more material gain.
Us spiritualists are no exceptions. If we allow ourselves to be off guard, we quickly drown into the darkness of mammonism, endless anxiety, worries, distrust and depression.
What we have now, are the results brought by the law of cause and effect, we are aware. But still, why so many problems after problems without end, and how should these problems be handled?

“You will not achieve that which is worth achieving without travail, without sorrow. Your world must learn its lessons in the only way it can learn them.”
(p.30 Teachings of Silver Birch)

Do not jump to quick conclusion that you have understood Silver Birch’s teachings, after reading his books merely several times.
I must say so, because the only way for us to attain true understanding of his teachings, and obtain real appreciation for the true spiritual values behind his words, is through experience; the rigorous trials of day-to-day life. Real-life experience is “the only way we can learn our lessons;” and the lessons of spiritual knowledge are like climbing up a stairway. One small step at a time, we raise ourselves toward greater knowledge and understanding. The contents of lessons are designed, according to one’s current capacity to receive and understand. There is infinite depth of spiritual knowledge in the treasure house of the spirit world; and the spirit world makes available to each individual, the lessons and knowledge that match their capacity to receive. There is no limit, and there is no end, to this great spiritual stairway, which is why spiritual learning and growth is such an enduring process. There are simply no quick flights forward in spiritual growth; growth only comes after long accumulation of continuous efforts in one’s day-to-day life. Once again, the purpose of life on earth is to learn the providence through the ups and downs of emotions that result from being encased in a physical body. One lifetime on earth is usually not enough to collect enough experience to fulfil the purpose, therefore, repeated incarnations are called for, I presume.
At the same time, keep in mind that Silver Birch is only a messenger for the spiritual truth. Under any circumstance, do not consider him as the founder of Silver Birch religion. He is not. Our attention should be directed, not to the messenger himself, but to the contents of his messages, hence the providence of the great cosmos and the spiritual truth.
Attainment of spiritual truth requires lifelong pursuit, careful examination and ample practice in real-life situations. However, many of us are sidetracked half way, and wander off in search for something and someone “better”. Although I understand their feelings, what a waste of their time and life. I must say so, from my own experience.

Now then, how shall we raise our attunement and receptivity to the spiritual truth, of even higher level? In the quote below, Silver Birch teaches us the required conditions.

“Our message always is that you are living now in the world of spirit, that the world of matter is but one reflection of an eternal life.
If only those who know would be faithful to the knowledge, how much more could we accomplish? If only those who have listened to the voice of the spirit and those who have witnessed the operation of spiritual laws in the phenomena that links together the two worlds of life would forget Self and rise to the highest heights that they could scale, we could achieve a great deal.
Knowledge and service are greater than individuals. What we have achieved is but little compared with what can be achieved. No limits can be set to the Great Infinite Spirit, to the wisdom, to the inspiration, to the truth that can be showered upon your world. There are no restrictions to the mighty power of spirit waiting to fill your world, when your instruments can provide the right channels for us to use.”
(p.26-27 Teachings of Silver Birch)

“The right channels” here, means “attuning to the correct wavelengths (vibrations).” Silver Birch’s message above indicates the prerequisites for becoming receptive to the vibrations of evolved spirits.
The followings are the condition we must aim for:

A. Being faithful to the knowledge
B. Forget Self
C. Rise our soul to the highest heights

A. Being faithful to the knowledge
“But I am always ready to serve and to teach the Law, for it is only through an understanding of the laws of the Great Spirit that the people of the world of matter can live as the Great Spirit intended they should live.”
(p.26 Teachings of Silver Birch)

We exist on earth with a physical body. At the same time, we are living, as we speak, in the spirit world, using our other body, the spirit body.
In order to maintain faithfulness (to the knowledge and the providence), and to become actively receptive to the guidance of our spirit guides, we need to live in this world of materialism and selfishness, without allowing ourselves to become materialistic and selfish. Thus, we require understanding of the providence, and have our lives in accordance with the providence, which means we must strive to remove the obstacle (wall) between the two worlds: physical and spiritual worlds.

The obstacle (wall) for us to shed are:

I) Banish Fear
“The great thing is to have no fear. Fear is an obstacle which is very difficult for us (spirit guides) to conquer. Fear is negative, fear is corrosive. Fear and worry and apprehension, these disturb the physical, mental and spiritual atmosphere around you, making it far more difficult for us (spirit guides) to get close to you.
Those who know, however little, because none of us can know much about these infinite truths, should always maintain, or try to do so, a calm, quiescent, receptive, tranquil approach to every problem. The soul who knows should be filled with resolution and with confidence that there is nothing in your world stronger than the power of the spirit which makes all life possible. If there is any message I can give and repeat, it is banish fear and you will have peace within. And as you have peace within you will have peace without.”
(p.196 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

II) On banishing fear, place utmost trust in your spirit guides

“But I am confident that power which is available to us all can be utilized in emergencies when necessary.
Always remember what I have stressed so many times. We can only accomplish in our own way and in our own time. We cannot accomplish in your way and in your time. Ours is the larger vision, yours is restricted. Let us guide you and all will be well.
You may have temporary defeats, but you win the final battle.”
(p.51 Lift Up Your Hearts)

In reality, we are never alone. People and things of the spirit world are invisible, inaudible and untouchable to us, simply because the vibrations of the two worlds are different, and are undetectable with our five physical senses. Every individual, with no exceptions, has his and her own spirit guard and guides. The guides can use the spirit power in many different ways to help us, and exert influences on us, provided there are no obstacles (walls) to interfere the flow of the spirit power.
However so, how much time do we spare each day, thinking about our spirit guides? The reality is that most of us are not even aware of them at all; and certainly not prepared to immediately start the full trust on the spirit guides.
In order to prep ourselves toward utmost trust on our spirit guides, continue learning the providence, and little by little, build our awareness on the spirit world. until we are naturally thinking of the spirit world on daily basis, with active awareness of its presence and nearness. At the same time, collect enough experience, through which we confirm the presence and support of our spirit guides, so that our trust toward them would grow and solidify.

B. Forget Self
“Forgetting Self” means “being free from physical desires.” Those who forget self are not fixated on materialistic perspective, and are unaffected by the physical mind and consciousness of their temporary self, that struggles through physical life.

“The troubles in your world arise because so many people want to try and own as much of what they think is best-nobody wants the worst. As a result, greed, avarice, selfishness are enthroned and materialism becomes the new god to be worshipped.
The by-products of materialism are alas all to painfully rife in your world. Misery, squalor, starvation, malnutrition, cruelty, needless suffering, all these are the dreadful fruits of materialism.”
(p.202 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

“You have sought to build your lives on the systems of your own material world.
You have sought to become educated and cultured and have tried to build up a civilization away from the laws of the Great Spirit.
Because of that, your world has fallen. It is in ruins, just as much in ruins as is the civilization of the olden days.”
(p.24 Teachings of Silver Birch)

C. Rise to the highest heights
To raise our soul to the highest possible heights, live life of altruistic love and service. Among the many possible ways to altruistically serve others, us spiritualists on earth with spiritual knowledge have the privilege to “spread spiritual truth.” We have the privilege, and the spirit world strongly requests us to use this special privilege.

“I strive to transmit all I know (spiritual knowledge) so that you may drink in as much as I have to give you. I do this not because I am greater than you, not because I am proud of what I possess, but because only by giving can I serve.
All (spiritual) knowledge has its place. Do not strive to stop at any rung in the ladder of progress.
It is only by imbibing, by striving to get the complete picture, that life will be understood by you.”
(p.26 Teachings of Silver Birch)

“It is your responsibility to pass on the knowledge you have. I know that to be the Law.”
(p.25 Teachings of Silver Birch)

“Let them Open their souls to the Great Spirit. Let them strive to attune themselves to the laws of the Great Spirit, so that they are at one with Him and He is at one with them.”
(p.26 Teachings of Silver Birch)

“Try to rise above it, to be in the world but not of the world, to be aware of your spiritual nature, your divine potential, so that at least you become a little lighthouse of the spirit with rays that will help those seeking to find you.”
(p.198 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

Attain true understanding of the spiritual providence. Radiate confidence, because we know we have the support of our spirit guides, along with the mightiest power of the spirit that governs the entire cosmos. Become the “lighthouse” that serves to spread spiritual truth. The lighthouse, through which the flame of the Great Spirit manifests. In return, our soul will rise to higher heights, and we proceed further on the stairway of spiritual growth.

Lift Up Your Hearts—compiled by Ortzen, Tony. Edition 2009, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1990.
More Philosophy of Silver Birch—compiled by Ortzen, Tony. Edition 2008, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1979.
Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by Austen, A.W. Edition 2010, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1938.


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Sooner or later, death comes to us all. No exceptions. Being a human being with conscious, sense of self, “death” is an important, final theme of life. On this post,
we will learn about this essential topic, by studying Silver Birch’s teachings.
Before we proceed, I would like to make clear of the following facts, to avoid misunderstanding. Let us be reminded that there are many atheists who are far more advanced spiritually than many devout men and women of religion, says Silver Birch. He has also made it clear that the lengths of one’s life on earth is irrelevant to the advancement of one’s spirituality.

I have recently read a book by Shintaro Ishihara and Ayako Sono, called “Shi Toiu Saigo No Mirai” (2020, Gentosha, Tokyo Japan). The title can be translated as “Death, Our Final Future,” and it contains series of frank conversations by the two authors, exchanging their personal opinions on the titled theme. What death is all about, and what would happen after we die? Do we turn into nothing, or does life continue on? Ishihara and Sono are both approaching ninety years of age; and both are well-known persons of common sense, being among the most widely-known authors in Japan.
They represent, so to speak, the intellectual population of Japan. The two hold contrasting views and beliefs on death, largely from their different religious backgrounds. Ishihara is a Buddhist, and Sono is Catholic. Roughly said, this book allows us to observe an exchange of opinion by an intellectual Buddhist (atheist) and an intellectual Catholic.

Let’s now have a look at their contrasting views on “death.” Contents are quoted from Shi Toiu Saigo No Mirai, the book in discussion.

Ishihara: No, I believe consciousness is lost at death. Without consciousness we have no perception, which means we can no longer grasp anything.
To die is to become “void.” We turn into empty nothing. But “voidness” exists as voidness. There is just no other way to express it.
They say void is an existence itself. Mere voidness is what we become once we die. Shakyamuni’s (Gautama Buddha) verse in the Heart Sutra, “Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form” is the ultimate aphorism on time and existence. Upon death time expires, and everything dissipates.

Isn’t there somebody who can show us what is beyond life…?
Being a man who would never give up on life until the very final moment, I must say I am in great struggle.
The thoughts of death are pressing me every single day, seeing so many of my longtime mates of my age, passing away, one after another. It’s tough.

Sono: To me, people who believe death is the end, scare me in a way. It troubles me seeing how people turn into thieves just because they want money, or commit murder or arson, because someone offended them. How could these people let crude instincts rule them like that? I am puzzled. Once they learn what death is all about, at least people would not come to hold such instinctive thoughts.

Ishihara: Upon death we lose consciousness. Consequently, we would lose altogether, the ability to understand and make sense of things. Unable to think, unable to comprehend. I have certain fear and frustration, knowing that is where I am headed.

Sono: Life is supposed to continue on. We will receive our rewards, based on how we had lived. How we fared on our current life on earth, would determine whether we go to heaven or hell; and in between heaven and hell, there is a purgatorial place, where we atone our sins, before being allowed to proceed to heaven. It is supposedly a preparatory stage for heaven.

Ishihara: Is there next life?

Sono: It is supposedly so. But you know, it is all unknown to us. Maybe there exists hope for life after death, or opportunities for reunion with the ones we had been bereaved of. Or maybe there is no such hope at all, and desperation exists instead.

Ishihara: That type of thoughts do not exist in Buddhism. Shakyamuni did not mention anything of that kind. During the Heian era, Honen, who founded Jodo-shu (Pure Land Buddhism in Japan) introduced the idea of afterlife in Buddhism, with the intention of saving the common people from fear of death. There exists the Land of Bliss, and to receive saving grace you only need to chant “Namu Amida Butsu,” Honen preached.
It was like a magical sales talk. Shakyamuni himself mentioned no words on reincarnation, heaven, hell, etcetera. Therefore, I see death as the “ultimate unknown,” and I am yarning to find out what it is about.

Sono: I don’t really understand the state of “attaining Buddhahood.”

Ishihara: “Nirvana” is the state of Buddhahood in the Lotus Sutra. It is to pass away, surrendered in absolute peace and calmness.

I have often heard of “hinotama” (or hitodama, balls of fire floating in the air.
They are said to be the souls of the dead, according to folklore in Japan.) I think those are manifestations of people’s thoughts.

Sono: I believe this thing we call “the soul,” does exist, and that they are immortal. . .
Those who believe, call it as “the moment before immortality.” We go through so much thoughts, joys and sorrows in life. All that we experience and learn throughout our life, do they suddenly terminate and lose their functions and meanings altogether by death? I cannot imagine it that way.

Ishihara: I see. My view on death is that once we breathed our last, we are totally extinct, including the soul. We would immediately turn into non-existent dust.

Sono: “Death is a new birthday towards eternity; not the extinction of life.”
This message is in the heart of all Catholics.

Ishihara: I understand that’s what you have been telling me about, the soul being eternal. I maintain the exact opposite view. I see death as death, the termination which extinguishes us all in seconds.

Sono: Of course, that’s fine. People see things differently, and have different views. There is no problem in that.

Ishihara: But still, when we die, we lose awareness, consciousness and all. Unable to perceive anything, we would turn into useless void. . .

Sono: “Life is a mere journey.” A foreign nun had told me this many times. We journey on the path of life.

This is the end of quoted materials from the book Shi Toiu Saigo No Mirai.

Next, let’s take a look at Silver Birch’s words on death. Kazuo Inamori, a famous entrepreneur (founder and honorary chairman of Kyocera, and a Zen monk) sometimes mentions Silver Birch in his books and lectures.

“Should you be sad because they are freed from pain, from old age, from tiredness and weariness?”
“Should you be sad because they have escaped from darkness (earthly world) into the light (spirit world)? Should you be sad because they can now unfold the talents with which they have been endowed? Should you be sad because they are now free to enjoy the pursuits that are natural to them?”
“No, your sorrow is selfish. You are mourning your own loss, you are thinking in terms of what you are missing and what you will have to endure-a life of loneliness, bereft of love that has enriched it. But you are wrong.”
(p.89 Silver Birch Anthology)

“Millions of people think the world in which they live is the only world. They think the life they are living is the only life they will live, and so they try to accumulate all the things of matter, the earthly treasures which one day they will have to leave behind. The cause of your wars, bloodshed, misery, sickness - practically all of them - is due to the fact that the secret of life eludes millions who do not know that they are eternal spiritual beings here and now, that they are not bodies only. They are spirits expressing themselves through bodies. They are placed in a world of matter to grow and to develop that soul which will fit them for their real home which begins from the moment the Angel of Death touches them on the shoulder and says ‘Come hither.’”
(p.115-116 Silver Birch Companion)

Individual’s consciousness continues to live after physical death. “Death” is the phenomena where one’s “true self” (soul) merely discards its physical body. “Death” is the process of liberation, which sets us free from the blunt jail of physical body.
Our brain does not create consciousness. Individual consciousness is an attribute of the soul, which grows as the soul unfolds itself, whereas the brain belongs to the physical body, our temporary dwelling on earth.
Everything that are built of physical materials (of the earth) has its lifespan. There are no exceptions. The brain, which is an element of the physical body, is but a relaying organ that links the soul (spirituality, mind) with the body. Its function is to move the body, perceive the five physical senses, and transmit the information to the soul (true self). It is an intermediary organ. The spirit gains its individual consciousness, and the ability to express its sense of self for the first time, when it is born into the physical world, contained in a physical body.
The soul (individual’s consciousness) is the “true self.” It possesses two bodies: spirit body and physical body. On death, the physical body is cast off, then the soul moves onto the spirit world, of different vibrations, where it continues life, expressing oneself through the spirit body.

Among those who believe death as the end, some choose “death” on their free will. “Forceful death,” including suicide and homicide rob one’s own or others’ lives by force. Doing so they squarely violate God and his providence (natural law). Needless to say, those who violate inevitably face the consequences for their actions. The law of cause and effect ensures our evolutional advancement, by maintaining automatic and precise reaping (expiation) of what we sow. If the reaping does not occur during our lifespan on earth, we will face it after we move on to the spirit world.
“Life” (our individual consciousness) does not terminate at the extinction of the physical body. We will not become “void.” Every experience on earth is engraved on our “true selves” (the soul).
What if death means void, and everything ends when we “die,” turning us into nonexistent dust? Then what will happen, if the “good effects” of the “good cause,” or the “bad effects” of the “bad cause” fail to come into effect during one’s lifetime on earth, which would mean exemptions from “you reap what you sow”?
Should that be the case, those who violate the providence, those involved in unscrupulous actions like homicides and nation-wide manslaughter, actions of extreme evil that forcefully end lives of others, and the anachronistic hegemonism, oppressing their own citizens, and persecuting people of different race, would be excused, without consequences and penalties for their actions, hence allowing gain only to those who violate.
If violators gain by violating, and those who flee from their responsibilities succeed, that would indicate faults in the “law of cause and effect.” The law, which is the grounding principle that governs the entire great cosmos, would lose its perfection, and the absolute fairness of God would collapse. All this would mean God, the omnipotent providence (law) is incomplete and powerless.
Once again, we need to compare God’s wisdom, thus the grounding principle of the great cosmos, with our own beliefs and presumptions, based on our very limited knowledge. The answer, once again, should be self-evident.

Shi Toiu Saigo No Mirai 死という最後の未来)Ishihara, Shintaro and Sono, Ayako, 2020. Gentosha (幻冬舎), Tokyo.
Silver Birch Anthology—edited by Naylor, William. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1955.
Silver Birch Companion—edited by Ortzen, Tony. Edition 2013. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1986.

You will not achieve that which is worth achieving without travail, without sorrow.

2020-09-17 11:41:32 | Suffering & Ordeals
— “Your world must learn its lessons in the only way it can learn them.”—

This time we would like to investigate the message behind this title (p.30 Teachings of Silver Birch), by studying some of his teachings. In our discussion we will direct our attention to the spiritual standards, or the “scale of eternal life.” Based on the spiritual truth, this scale measures all aspects of life, all events and situations, in relation to the eternal evolution of the soul. We will learn through comparison with its counterpart, “scale of physical life,” based on materialism, centred on the temporal life of the physical body on earth. Almost all of us evaluate the events of our lives through this “scale of physical life,” and even us spiritualists often forget about the more important and accurate “scale of eternal life” altogether. Silver Birch’s teachings are always based on the “scale of eternal life,” and he wishes that we too learn to base our daily lives, as much as possible, on this eternal scale, and start viewing life with the correct focal length.

Scale of eternal life (spiritual truth) ⇔ Scale of physical life (materialism)

“The darkness and the light, the shadow and the sunshine, are all but reflections of one whole. Without shadow there could be no light and without light there could be no shadow. The difficulties of life are steps which enable the soul to rise.
Difficulties, obstacles, handicaps-these are the trials of the soul (to be surmounted). And when it conquers them all, it rises stronger, more purified, deepened in intensity and more highly evolved.”
(p.26 Silver Birch Anthology)

⇒ Difficulties, handicaps and disadvantages constitute the requirements for the soul to evolve on earth. The soul grows, one step at a time, as it overcomes these conditions, one by one.

“There is no experience that comes to the human soul, which, rightly understood and rightly faced, does not leave you better for it. Can you contemplate a world of matter where there were no difficulties, no trials, no troubles, no pain, no suffering?
There would be no evolution. There would be nothing to surmount. You would decay.”
(p.27 Silver Birch Anthology)

⇒ Earth is created as a school for the soul, where it learns the spiritual truth through trials, difficulties, and sufferings. Being a world occupied by souls at diverse levels and stages of evolution, there are no shortages of these conditions on earth.

“You who dwell in bodies of matter think only of lives in your world. We who have left the earth place it in its proper proportion as only a speck of your infinite lives. All your focus is wrong. You see a poor soul suffering and, very rightly, the compassion rises in your breast. I do not condemn that. But you only think in terms of the suffering, not realizing that the time spent in that suffering is infinitesimal compared with the compensating joys.”
(p.64 Teachings of Silver Birch)

⇒ We pray God and other divine figures, and ask them to grace us with good health, security and prosperity. Our prayers are our attempts to avoid as much as possible, of the adversities of life, sufferings, obstacles, hardships, and any other unfavourable conditions which may make our lives difficult, because we believe that is how a happy life should be: free from troubles and distress. (based on scale of physical life)
But according to Silver Birch, these ordeals, which are unique to the physical world, are essential conditions for growth and evolution of the soul. For that reason, we have planned our lives on earth, before birth. We had deliberately chosen the most suitable outline of life for the growth of our “true selves.”

Therefore, we are tried and tested, all through life, on how we think and behave amid sufferings, how well we take and handle the hardships of life. Quite unavoidably, however, the scale of physical life tends to dominate our judgements and actions.
Nevertheless, us spiritualists are the ones who have awakened before others.
We should not be discouraged by difficulties and setbacks, because these are none other than opportunities for spiritual growth. Maintain solid faith (belief) that we will overcome any situation, because our spirit guides are always with us, helping us, and showing us the way. We are not alone. We should strive to do our best to attune ourselves with the spiritual providence, until the spirit world becomes ready to take action.

Precise operation of the causality law ensures exact amount of “atonement” and “compensation” to follow all trials and difficulties; therefore, the lengths of earthly time spent in suffering and distress, are infinitesimal and insignificant, compared to the eternal journey of spiritual evolution, says Silver Birch. However, he understands that the period of distress is felt as excruciatingly long to those who are in the midst of adversities. He also adds, that we are unable to fully appreciate the true value of these bitter experiences, while on earth, bound in physical bodies. (p.103 Teachings of Silver Birch)
When our minds are obsessed with anxiety and distress, passing of time becomes dreadfully slow, and the prospects of our worrisome future would appear depressingly long. Still, once the difficulties and bitterness are in the past, they are nothing more than moments of our memory.

“Welcome difficulty as a challenge to be met and conquered. That is the purpose of earthly life. If all were smooth and easy. You would never unfold because you would be unaware of the tremendous richness of the infinite divinity within you.”
(p.132 Lift Up Your Heart)

⇒ One who knows the spiritual truth must not flee from obstacles, disadvantages, and other circumstances that others generally dislike. Being the ones who know the spiritual truth, we are required to demonstrate the courage to confront the difficulties squarely. We are aware that there are no coincidences; and we have been taught that everything occurs according to the plan which moves us forward on the path to spiritual growth. The general public behaves to avoid anything which may interfere with happiness and well-being, as defined by the scale of physical life; and this exactly, is where we err the focal point of life, points out Silver Birch.
Adjust ourselves with the spiritual providence, so when we encounter trials and difficulties, we know why these conditions should be willingly received, and be confronted, head-on. As we strive to surmount them in this manner, to the best of our abilities, then our spirit guides start showing us the way. We start receiving inspirations, and when ready, they will open the “guiding door” for us. This is the “path for the soul’s evolution and fortification,” to be discussed in the summary below.

[ Summary]
“Those who live wisely are the ones who seek to turn all experiences into advantage to their souls, who do not try to flee from trial and temptation but seek to use the innermost strength (to the best of their abilities) to face difficulties, for it is in that spirit that character (soul) is evolved and strengthened.”
(p.103 Teachings of Silver Birch)

Compiling the teachings of Silver Birch quoted so far, we have the following factors that contribute to the growth of the soul.
1. When struck by doubt and suspicion (at times of trials and difficulties), hold on to the spiritual truth.
2. Difficulties, obstacles, disadvantages, these are all trials for the soul (nourishment for growth).
3. Embrace all earthly experience, using the spiritual truth as the scale to measure and appreciate their true meanings and values.

“Problems of your world must be worked out by yourselves. We are not allowed to intervene, nor take measures to prevent your problems from occurring. It is the essence of earthly life itself, that those who dwell in it must confront problems incessantly. Go forward and deal with them, head-on. Draw out the spirit power from within, and strive with your best. (Refer to previous post “What is Spirit Power?”)
After you have done that, and you find it is still not enough to win the battle, then at that point you take the next step, and pray for support from the infinite storehouse of the spirit world.” (Silver Birch)

Lift Up Your Hearts—compiled by Ortzen, Tony. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1990.
Silver Birch Anthology—edited by Naylor, William. Edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First published in 1955.
Teachings of Silver Birch—edited by Austen, A. W. Edition 2010. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, England. First Published in 1938.

What is Spirit Power ?

2020-07-22 08:56:57 | Spiritual Powers

Let’s explore into the super-microscopic world. If we magnify an atom —the most minuscule unit of our body’s constituents— to the size of a baseball field, the atomic nucleus would be equivalent to the size of a marble ball toy placed in the middle, and the electrons orbit around the perimeter of the field. The ultimate compositions of atoms, the elementary particles, are considered to have no detectable size.
Thus, seen from super-microscopic vision, human body is mostly empty space, more or less the same as “nothingness.”
By the way, the sensations of touch are said to be the results of sensory nerves registering the repulsive forces of negative ions on the contact surface.
In fact, the super-microscopic fields of quantum mechanics have been revealing a completely different and new domain, way beyond our accustomed standards based on the five physical senses, associated with the Newtonian mechanics of the classical physics. According to this quantum theory, “small solid particles” are not the components of our bodies and other objects around us, and rather, we are made of “strange wiggling presences,” which are integrated into space to produce a spot.

Now we switch to a macrocosmic perspective. As we know, our Milky Way galaxy alone contains tens of billions of earth-shaped planets. So, even within the Milky Way alone, our earth is so small that its presence is virtually insignificant, like an invisible particle of dust in the air.
Based on what we know so far, 63.8% of the universe consists of some unknown dark energy, and 26.8% are unknown dark matter. Atoms, the only confirmed portion, are said to take up only 4.9%.
Furthermore, the cosmic space and time are “physical existences” that expand and contract, according to the general theory of relativity. Although it is a standard knowledge for spiritualists that this world is an imaginary world, there appears to be this new theory, which claims that this “three dimensional space may be an illusion”; and it has been receiving respectable attention.
(From the Newton Magazine, April 2020 issue— Newton Press, Japan)

Even of the physical world, we know so little. Despite the overwhelming prevalence of materialism and scientific omnipotence, what we have been able to discover and confirm so far, remain at an infinitesimal level. In fact, we hardly know anything about this world. Human beings are very restricted beings, contained within narrow range of visible light, faintly detecting the wavelengths with the five physical senses.
Just like the geocentric theory of the medieval period, do we unconsciously assume of the earth as the center of life, and its human race as the only existence? Does it appear to us that the rest of the universe is rotating around us? Most of us human beings in this modern world seem to still have this type of false belief, observing the way we reject and disbelieve the existence of the spirit world and other intelligent beings outside the earth (include beings of different wavelengths) . We are so quick to make self-conclusions, without proper consideration nor examination, just because the physical senses cannot confirm them, and they lack scientific proof. Quite narrow minded and prejudiced, considering the latest facts and findings, including the ones revealed by the article mentioned earlier. There is a classic saying, commonly used in Asia, which I believe concisely describes the situation: “A frog in the well does not know the ocean.”
Phenomena and existences of all kinds, ranging from super-microscopic to macrocosmic, do they occur under lawless, random and chaotic conditions? Nay, is the answer, as the “law of the universe” is the farthest away from chaos and disorder.
The law strictly governs the entire cosmos; for example, the “law of cause and effect” regulates nature with precise accuracy, and maintains its order and harmony. It may seem chaotic to the human eyes and minds, simply because there are just so much that we have yet to learn and to understand.

Returning to the main topic, Silver Birch tells us that different realms of the spirit world and the physical world, all alike, are constituent parts of the great cosmos.
All were created by the founding force, the power of the spirit; and are maintained and carried on, in an orderly manner, by the same power, he says. Physical bodies retain their forms, because they are sustained by this spirit power. Life of a physical body lasts about one hundred years at most, then the spirit leaves the body, and the body decomposes into soil, from which it originated. There is no exception on these steps on life and death of physical body. Sadly, too many of us believe that the “human mind,” supposed to have occurred from the brain, which is a physical organ, would disappear along with the physical body, into nonexistence. It is a preconceived, prejudiced belief of the narrow-minded, who assume without taking the trouble to verify the facts themselves.
Unfortunately, human beings of the modern world have grown extremely obsessed and with materialism and scientific omnipotence. Most of us arrogantly refuse to accept nor believe God (spirit power) and the spirit world, for the reason of lacking scientific confirmation. Consequently, selfishness is a common factor across the globe, in individuals and among nations; inevitably forcing ourselves into stressful lives of endless trouble and anxiety.

We shall now investigate the facts on this “spirit power,” described by Silver Birch, as the foundation of all beings, regardless of whether they are in the spirit world or the physical world.
Most of the quotes are from More Philosophy of Silver Birch (Tony Ortzen), chapter 8, titled “Orthodoxy Examined and Indicted.” (There will be one quote from chapter 12, and a couple from the book Light from Silver Birch—Pam Riva.)

[What is Spirit Power? Its characteristics based on Silver Birch’s words.]
First characteristic of spirit power: The spirit power is the force of life which originates from the Great Spirit (God) (p.152 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

“Where there is life there is spirit.” (p.158)

“An infinite spirit must have an infinite number of manifestations.” (p.160)

“The power of the spirit, because it emanates from the Great Spirit, it is divine. Thus revelation always must take priority over theology.” (p.152)

* Spirt power from the Great Spirit (God) manifests itself in the form of the spiritual providence (natural laws). Behind the providence is the great love of the Great Spirit.
The spirit power is the original source of all powers and forces of the world, both spiritual and physical. Its infinite power can take unlimited forms of expressions.

Second characteristic of spirit power: Spirit power is within us, and around us. (p.145)
• Spirit power, the most supreme power in the universe, is immanent in us. Waste not this greatest treasure. . . . (spirit power within)
• We can call on for more spirit power from our spirit guides, through praying. . . . (spirit power from outside)
* This second characteristic implies also that one’s “true self” is not the physical body (temporary self), but it is the eternal soul, God’s divided soul, who came to earth to attain spiritual growth. Group soul mates are our spirit guides, and they are always beside us, providing full support and guidance.

“You have potentially the greatest power in the world within you. There is no handicap, no obstacle, no difficulty so strong that you do not possess the inner power and can also call on a higher power to overcome them.” (p.151)

“You are not alone. You are part of a vast army. Behind and beyond us there is a tremendous range of liberated beings of much higher development spiritually than you perhaps can appreciate. You and I, and others who work close to us, have access to this vast richness.” (p.144)

“Behind us all is the power of the Great Spirit, the mightiest in the universe.” (p.158)

“I tell you with all the strength that I can command that all of you who strive to serve (as instrument of God) have access to the greatest power in the universe (spirit power), one that is life itself. It is a responsibility. Use it (spirit power) diligently, wisely.” (p.155)

“We (as instruments of the Great Spirit) will always give more than we receive from you. That is our duty (responsibility), to support, to sustain and to ensure that all your fundamental, essential needs will be supplied.” (p.208, from chapter 12)

Third characteristic of spirit power: Spirit power has the power to change destiny.
“Spirit is king, matter is servant. Spirit comes before matter.” (p.154)

“Some here in this circle will tell you that we can succeed in manipulating matter when it is necessary.” (p.154)

“Know that the power of the spirit is stronger than matter. There is no obstacle, difficulty or handicap that the power of the spirit cannot overcome if you provide the right conditions.” (p.156)

“Always when I speak through my instrument here the first words I say are, ‘Let us try to abolish any thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry or apprehension.’ These are impediments to the full, free flowing of the power of the spirit.
Rest your confidence in us. We will show you the way. We will open the doors.”
(p.152 Light from Silver Birch)

* Deliverance of the spirit power follows a fixed pattern. It is determined and decided by the spirit world, and “the doors” will be opened at the time chosen by them. It will surpass imaginations and expectations, and possess the power to open up our destiny.

Fourth characteristic of spirit power: We can express the spirit power, which we inherit from the Great Spirit (God). (p.144 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

“This is the incentive for all of us to exhibit more and more of the innate divinity which is the heritage of birth in your world.
Hold your heads high. You can achieve far more than all the churches, synagogues, temples and chapels. You can exhibit the power of the spirit, which they cannot.” (p.144)

“You have access to the mightiest power in the universe (the Great Spirit). It is more majestic than any power known in your physical world. It is the supreme power.
You can allow it to stream through you and perform its beneficent work.”
(p.29 Light from Silver Birch)

* The “beneficent work” mentioned here means “spreading the spiritual truth.”
Thus, we are exhibiting the spirit power, as we strive to spread the truth.

Everything on this earth is dependent on the spirit power and its operations. We exist, because the spirit power sustains us.
Each of us living being, is a living proof that the spirit power is at work.
Examples of the works of this spirit power, recognized by spiritualists include: spiritual guidance, protection and support, spiritual providence, enlightenment, wisdom, healing of body and mind. These are all operations of love, inherent in the spirit power. It takes on many different forms to deliver its functions.
Silver Birch’s teachings tell us that we all have equipped within ourselves, the spiritual inheritance which is the spirit power of the Great Spirit, the mightiest power in the universe. We even have the ability to draw out for ourselves, these “functions” of the spirit power. Furthermore, when necessary, we can call for more spirit power from outside (through spirit guides and evolved spirits). Sad to say, however, most of us are simply unaware of such a great gift; and even spiritualists with spiritual knowledge fail to maintain their faith, and many of us forget about it altogether. Needless to say, we don’t see people acknowledging and enjoying this divine power in their daily lives, not to mention efforts to make meaningful, constructive use of this special privilege.
We have the most supreme power in the universe at our disposal, but it remains unnoticed, unused, forgotten, ignored. What a waste of treasure! On top of that, if we are still prone to worries and anxieties, we are no different from those who are spiritually blind.

This “power of the spirit” has always been intimate and familiar to us, because spirit power means “spiritual revelation” and “spiritual providence.” Silver Birch’s teachings and the spiritual assurance, channeled from divine realms of the spirit world, are specific examples.
Do our best to align our daily lives with the spiritual providence, and work on building faith through daily practice. Degree of faith on the providence directly affects the condition of our connecting link with the spirit world. As our faith grow deeper and stronger, this link becomes more solid and secure; and eventually, the divine words of the providence will become animated with its innate spirit power, and flow into our soul, mind and body.
In the meantime, the guiding “door” will be opened, showing us the way toward opening our “destiny.”
Once again, “using the spirit power wisely” means to attune ourselves to the spiritual providence (brought to us through Silver Birch), and to practice strengthening our faith in its spiritual values, in our day to day lives. This exactly, is the road to spiritual growth, thus, the true purpose of life on earth.
Let us render our utmost trust and faith, on the teachings of our great mentor, and our spiritual father, Silver Birch. Hold on to what he has been teaching us, like children clinging to their father and mother. We can take full advantage of the mightiest power in the universe, the “spirit power,” with boundless possibility of expressions. Let us all live in assurance, confident that we have all the power, support and guidance to come through all that we must encounter through life.

“We will place our complete trust and reliance on the divine power that it will inspire people of good will to serve by utilising the gifts with which they are endowed, and by teaching mankind regeneration, individuals will save themselves and the world in which they live.”
(p.149-150 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

Light from Silver Birch compiled by Pam Riva, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1983.

More Philosophy of Silver Birch compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2008, Reprinted 2014. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1979.