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Dawn of the great new world, just around the corner

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In this post I would like to speak boldly of my recent personal thoughts; and for that I have put aside risks and fears of being misunderstood as dogmatic, biased et cetera.

“Like many others, I have come nearer to the earth vibrations to help push forward that great new world which waits just round the corner. I come to teach you the laws of the Great Spirit and to show you how, if you live according to them, the bounty of the Great Spirit can be poured into your hearts and minds.”
(p.27 Philosophy of Silver Birch)

Modern spiritualism movement began with the Hydesville incident on 1848, and by about 1900, leading scientists established scientific verification of the spirit world. Around the same time, rise of quantum theory opened the door towards the other world, of which classical physics (as the grounds for scientific omnipotence and materialism) had been unable to explain. The movement continued on, and by around 1950, Silver Birch and others, all of whom being part of the large band of evolved spirits, brought upon earth, massive amount of spiritual providence.

On one occasion, Silver Birch remarked as follows:
“It has taken almost a century to arrive at the position in which the number of those who can say ‘I know’ are to be counted in all the lands. In another century, the numbers who will join the mighty ranks will be far in excess of those who are today still regarded as pioneers.”
(p.144 Silver Birch Companion)

Although I have no way of knowing if he said it as a prediction, or in anticipation, but by simply adding another century to 1950, around which he spoke the above message, it will be about 2050. And there is another question: Just how long on the earth’s time span, is “just round the corner”? One hundred, two hundred, or five hundred years? Again I am unable to determine it for myself, but observing the series of events after 1848, I must say that I get a strong impression that this spiritual development, directed by the spirit world, appears to be progressing in graduated steps, each of which spanning about fifty to a hundred years.
Let’s return to the overview of the events. First it all began at about 1850 with miraculous phenomena, intended to let us know of the existence of the spirit world. These phenomena first touched our senses and emotional mind, making us respond with astonishment, amazement, wonder. Then it proceeded to analyses and scientific tests using the rational mind, in order to make sense of such strange phenomena; and to learn and understand the spiritual providence. It continues on to the next step, during which growth and fortification of the spirituality of humankind will be in process, through practicing the providence. It seems that these shifting phases are following the “large flow” toward development and strengthening of the human mind.

If we give a rough estimate of one hundred years for each step, maybe the dawn of “the great new world” is scheduled to occur from about 2050 toward 22nd century. The current stage at the early part of the 21st century (2000-2050), I see it as the commencement period for the practical application of the spiritual providence, including learning the transmitted providence, and taking on various measures to spread the providence. If this is the case, us spiritualists are considered as “pioneers.”

1850 (19th century) . . . Miraculous phenomena
1900 (20th century) . . . Scientific verification of the spirit world
1950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spiritual providence brought to earth
2000 (21st century) . . . Spreading the spiritual providence, and its practical application
2050 . . . . . . . . . .. . . . More lives will be based on “spirit is supreme, body is subordinate”
2100 (22nd century) . . . Lively interactions between two worlds (physical world and spirit world)

Even so, I certainly do not see selfishness, war, destructive actions, mammonism and environmental destructions disappearing from our world in just a hundred years or so. Remember that this physical world, the world of polarity, is a school of spiritual providence, where we learn through many difficulties and sufferings. It is occupied with fellow “students” at various stages of spiritual development, so that we can learn from each other. Some may exhibit good examples, and many others will demonstrate bad examples, from all of which we learn valuable lessons. The arrival of “heaven on earth” of which Silver Birch mentions, I believe, would require at least additional 1000 years.
On the other hand, based on how spiritualism has progressed so far, we can speculate that “in another century” (one hundred years later), there should be significant increase in the number of people who understand the spiritual providence. We should see more and more people trying to live in accord with the providence, centering their lives on the essential foundation of “spirit is king, body is servant.”
While humans on earth have attained sufficient progress in sciences, technology, and the physical body; mental and spiritual developments are trailing extremely behind.
It is because we humans, terribly ignorant of the spiritual truth, place undue emphasis on materials. Human society in general, remain completely obsessed with physical matter, and disregards things associated with spirits and spirituality. Consequently, population of earthbound spirits are rising at an unstoppable rate, every second, every day, creating serious problems on both physical and spirit worlds. In order to rectify the situation, the spirit world continues to take all necessary measures to spiritually guide, educate, and enlighten humankind. Under their direction, we will tread the path of spiritual fortification and evolution.

Then, what would happen to us next, once spiritual providence has become widely accepted within day to day lives of many ordinary men and women?

“Without a question, those who are termed psychic, or mediumistic, are the precursors of evolution. They are the advance guard of the next rung in the ladder of evolution. In time to come, psychic faculties will be part of the normal equipment of human beings. Your world is going through a stage of mental unfoldment, and that is why the unfolding psychic faculty will follow in its trail. . . . You must appreciate that man is not an animal confined to five avenues for his sole contacts with the universe.”
(p.134 The Seed of Truth)

Once we acquire spiritual knowledge, and attain sufficient spiritual growth through active practicing, we will begin to see natural awakening of the latent spiritual gifts, including the sixth sense (often possessed by animals), and other psychic talents.
In other words, our “true selves” start finding ways to express themselves.
Frequent reception of inspirations and insights, is an obvious indicator of the emerging spiritual gifts. After further progress, we will be interacting with the spirit world; for instance, we could converse with our guardian spirit and spirit guides.

“Try to realise this. Your world for centuries has become coarsened through its materialism. Originally mankind was able to function on many planes of activity.
Man was aware of the gifts of the spirit which are merely the expressions of the faculties that belong to his inner eternal reality.”
(p.117 The Seed of Truth)

As a result, the veil that separates the two worlds will gradually be lifted off; and we will see great number of ordinary people of this earth, appreciating the closeness of the spirit world. The awareness of “not being alone” becomes a growing reality, and it will be naturally and widely accepted, that life on earth is a journey together with one’s guardian spirit. Despite the difference in degree, it would resemble how Jesus of Nazareth had lived his earthly life, 2000 years ago. This may just be “the dawn of new earth.”

“The overwhelming difference is the knowledge that you are never alone, that you know love and friendship and comradeship and all the warmth of the spirit accompany you wherever you may be; the knowledge that there is a guiding power that will help you whenever you put forth your best effort, the sense of presences friendly, helpful, kindly, who desire that you shall extract the best from your own being and the best from your own life. That is what this knowledge gives you, and those who do not possess it are less fortunate than you.”
(p.44 The Seed of Truth)

Today, the mass public readily has access, through books and internet, to the vast volume of spiritual knowledge that matches the current stage of human evolution, delivered from modern-day spirit world. On the other hand, in ancient times, there had been enlightened individuals and masters who received divine inspirations, but the knowledge remained within an exclusive few, and did not reach the general public. This I believe, differentiates the spiritual gifts of today (and of the near future), from the spiritual gifts of the ancient world, naturally possessed and expressed by mediums (shamans).
The spiritual truth brought to us by Silver Birch, made it possible for us to understand the spiritual providence, and to base our lives upon it. Hence, modern-day spiritual gifts emerge and develop on the foundation of the providence; and this is the point on which I assume the significant difference between the ancient and the modern spiritual powers.
And in the new world to come, we can expect from life on earth, even greater attainment of spiritual growth. We will gain through inspirations, great number of wisdom and enlightenment from the storehouse of the spirit world, which will be added to the foundation of these spiritual knowledge.

Mediumistic individuals without spiritual knowledge, or unnatural, forceful attempts to develop spiritual power are extremely dangerous, and require especial caution, as they merely lure earthbound spirits. On the contrary, there are spiritual gifts that naturally and necessarily emerge, following solid knowledge and sufficient experience and practice of the providence. This type of spiritual gifts should not be grouped the same as the dangerous spiritual phenomena involving earthbound spirits, spiritual ignorance, and immaturity. Similarly, there is no need for undue fear, prejudice and loathe against communication with the spirit world. Accustomed practice of altruistic love elevates one’s spirituality (vibration), and automatically attract altruistic spirits with equivalent level of spirituality, under the principle of vibration attunement. One day it will be a normal practice on earth, to maintain daily interactions and conversations with spirit guards and guides via telepathic communication. There will be such time in the future, without fail.

“There is a real communion, the communion of spirit with spirit, that requires the attunement of two souls when mind reaches out across the barriers of earth to commune with a mind in another sphere of being—that is the best form of communication that there can be.”
(p.171 The Seed of Truth)

Spiritual gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, gift of healing, reception of inspirations, and much more, with great diversity and originality among them.
Always very important to keep in mind, that all are divine gifts from God, and they are qualities that belong to the spirit body. God endowed the gift upon you, because you are His child, and you inherit His soul. He wishes to use the divine power with you, and through you, in order to manifest altruistic love. Do not ruin God’s entrustment, by using the gift to earn money, popularity, and to fulfil other personal, selfish intentions. There must be no showing off; and monitor your behaviour and attitude, so that you are not falling into the misconception and delusion that you are special and superior, for possessing the spiritual gift. The divine gift from God must never be used for the benefits of oneself. Humility is one of the most important attributes of a true medium.
Remember once again, that spiritual knowledge always comes with responsibility. Obligation, responsibility, and penalty are automatically multiplied for those with the knowledge, compared to those without knowledge.

“I look forward to the time when the power of the spirit will pour into your world through millions of channels, not as it does now, through a few and in sporadic bursts, but when it is all part of a normal process of life; when the barriers between the two states of life have been broken down; when the gifts of the spirit, which all possess, are naturally trained in schools; and when the recognition of the nearness and oneness of all parts of life is clearly understood. I look forward to the time when your world knows that it is part of a vast universe, and those who live in it have their eyes opened so that they can see around and about them the denizens of the larger life who are their constant companions. What a kingdom of heaven that will be!”
(p.157 The Seed of Truth)

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What must we do to acquire strong faith in the spiritual providence?

2020-05-04 13:49:46 | Life`s Purpose

What is behind needless worry, experienced by long-time spiritualists with the spiritual knowledge? During challenging setbacks, why do we struggle to maintain confidence in the spiritual support and guidance, assured by Silver Birch? We have been reading the Silver Birch series for years, yet we find ourselves worried and panicking as soon as we see troubles, as if we have literary forgotten about Silver Birch’s assurance. Have we not the full-out trust in it, from the bottom of our hearts? Is it possible that somewhere in our minds, perhaps unconsciously, we think that Silver Birch’s teachings, after all, belong to some imaginary, otherworldly world?

Silver Birch acknowledges well of our doubt and distrust in the spiritual support. As an evidence we see him reminding the seance members again and again about “not allowing even a particle of fear to find lodgment within your being” (p.159 Lift Up Your Hearts) and explains its foundation. His teachings are directed not just to the circle members at the time but are very much true and relevant to us today. We have not yet attained absolute confidence and faith in the plans of the Great Spirit.

Our worries and fears are inversely proportional to our faith in the spiritual providence. How do we deepen our faith, so that we have greater faith, and lesser anxiety?
The cause of our distrust may be the drastic difference between our physical world and the spirit world. We are unable to associate with the idea of this “otherworldly world” of the spirit, invisible, inaudible, and untouchable. Most of us are not mediums, limited to extremely poor sense of “spiritual awareness.” As a result, we have some spiritual knowledge from books, but the spirit world is something that exist exclusively in the catalogue of our knowledge.

Below, I have listed some of the descriptions of the spirit world, as revealed to us by Silver Birch, to see once again that spirit world, in fact, is a world completely opposite to the one we currently live in.

Material World (World of Darkness) ↔︎ Spirit World (World of Light)
Mixture of people at different levels of spiritual development exist together on earth.
↔︎ Each realm of the spirit world is occupied only by people of the same level of spiritual development.

Things of the material world is registered with five physical senses.
↔︎ World of thoughts, beyond recognition by the five physical senses.

Centered on instincts based on physical body and selfishness.
↔︎ Centered on spirituality, based on spirit body and altruism.

Widely believed that death of physical body is the end of life (materialism).
↔︎ Eternal life begins in the spirit world (real world), after death of physical body.

Materialistic wealth: the more we give others, the less we have.
↔︎ Spiritual wealth: the more we give others, the richer we become.

We are all alone.
↔︎ Our spirit guides are always working with us.

Many of us see no clear purpose in life.
↔︎ Life on earth is a preparation for our next life in the spirit world.

Material world is where we struggle in the darkness of materialism, in order to find the light of the spiritual providence. It is an effective learning centre, allowing us to nurture our awareness and understanding of the basic spiritual principles.

Although difficult ordeals that leave us feeling worried, anxious and troubled are prerequisites for spiritual growth, we must not worry because we are always given the necessary support and guidance from the spirit world (spiritual assurance). We all have this knowledge by now, but how steadfast will our faith be, when we are fighting a crisis? Having the knowledge and having enough faith in the knowledge to be able to make practical use of the knowledge. The two are completely different, and the latter requires faith built on adequate amount of personal experience. We certainly cannot reach “steadfast faith” in one flight.

Spiritual progress is a long, slow process. Advancements are made in small and slow steps, one step at a time.

➡︎ In the meantime, fear and anxiety (of worldly affairs), and confidence (faith) in the spiritual providence are always back to back with each other. We are very susceptible to words and actions of others, and as well, to the states of our own minds, which are just as unstable and unreliable as the actions of others. Our minds sway back and forth between the earthly world and the world of Silver Birch’s teachings (spirit world), as if we are in a tug-of-war. Obviously, we are mostly dragged by the overwhelming force of materialism and science. (Physical body rules the spirit.)

“Spiritual progress must be slow. It cannot be instantaneously done because there are no short cuts to it. Every step forward has to be consolidated before any advance can be made.
Each successive step reveals another still to be trod.
Rest content on the foundation of what has been revealed to you. When questions arise, as they must, and when doubts come, as they do, and when difficulties raise their troublesome heads, be patient. Know that the power of the spirit is stronger than matter. There is no obstacle, difficulty or handicap that the power of the spirit cannot overcome if you provide the right conditions.”
(p.156 More Philosophy of Silver Birch)

Our true selves (the soul) awake, as we struggle through tribulations in this dark and hellish world of materials. We then slowly shift our materialistic minds toward its complete opposite, the spiritual mind and the spiritual world. Step by step we move along, confirming ourselves on each step with Silver Birch’s teachings. Gradual and steady progress is the way of spiritual evolution.
There are no short cuts, and no quick way to redirect ourselves 180 degrees, from physical to spiritual. This is why the paths of spiritual evolution consist of unending worry, anxiety, and suffering, as we sway back and forth between two worlds (physical world, and the world of Silver Birch’s teachings—spirit world).

No matter how many times we read Silver Birch, his teachings, the spiritual knowledge, enter one ear and right out the other. Try sowing the seeds of spiritual providence into a field packed full of weeds of distractive thoughts like worry and apprehension; and naturally, the seeds fail to grow and root themselves there. Therefore, it is important that we read, read, and read. Continue reading so that the amount we read exceeds the amount we forget. And hold onto the spiritual truth, like a child clinging onto his or her mother.

Now, just to give you some ideas, I will discuss specific measures, of which I think are effective steps to take for deepening our faith.

1. First of all, seek help and guidance in the Silver Birch series. Silver Birch’s messages are the salvation from the spirit world, available in the form recognizable by the five senses. Search for a message that fits perfectly to the current state of your mind. Read it repeatedly and thoroughly, until you have every word memorized.

2. As you read, acknowledge that Silver Birch himself (or the spirit guide) is directly speaking to you from the spirit world; and willingly accept the guidance.

3. Silver Birch’s words are the “spirit power” itself, and if time is ripe, the inherent life force will flow into your true self (the soul). It will touch the soul, encourage and heal the mind.
You will become uplifted and energized.

4. At the same time, you come to understand the true meaning of the setbacks and ordeals, from which such a great anxiety had been originated. Although the lengths of time required would vary from individual to individual, you will gain the courage and calmness, needed to surmount the situation. It may be a long process, but you will come through.

5. However, very unfortunately, this soul-touching experience is quickly lost and forgotten. Spiritual influences, with its very delicate, intangible nature, have no chance when physical matters, bold and overwhelmingly real, start appearing on our awareness again. For that reason, it becomes essential that you turn to the Silver Birch series on daily basis and renew and retain the spiritual link.

6. Build up your reading until Silver Birch’s teachings have spread well into your subconscious mind. Then, in time his words of advice, precisely matching your current situation, will naturally start to come to your mind. It will be sent up from the subconscious to the conscious mind field. Or, you may be led to open a book, and find the perfect message there. These phenomena are the efforts of your spirit guides, who work to guide you through Silver Birch’s words.

When the time has come for the spirit world to “open the door,” we will begin to see and experience miraculous spiritual unfoldment beyond our expectations. We want to work on accumulating this type of spiritual experience—it will be a long, slow process—a small step forward at a time, toward convinced confidence in the spirit world, that is, “unswerving faith.”
We gain spiritual knowledge by experience, and mostly experience of suffering through ordeals and difficulties of our own. We learn it the hard way, and it is the only way through which we truly acquire the knowledge. Consequently, spiritual progress becomes such a lengthy procedure, requiring great deal of patience, efforts and courage. There is simply no “easy way” in the path of spiritual growth. We earn it at the end of hardships and hard work.
All earthly events that cause us to worry and fear, are accounted for by either fate or the law of cause and effect. The underlying purpose of these unpleasant events comes down to resolving one’s karma and attaining spiritual progress.

Having read this far, there is one thing we must always keep in mind. That is, by all means do the best we can every day toward our wishes and hopes, but anything beyond that point should be left to the hands of our spirit guides. When will the spirit world “open the door” for you? How and when such “guidance beyond human wisdom” be brought to you? These will be determined by the spirit guides who see much better than us, so we must simply trust them and wait quietly. We may need to wait a long time, but things will fall into the right places in the end.
The intent here is for us to gain understanding of the spirit world and the spiritual providence, through personal experience. We may have collected vast amount of knowledge from reading Silver Birch series over the years, but merely having the knowledge serves no good. Book-learnt knowledge is useless unless it is courageously put to practice and tests in real cases of ordeals and difficulties. The knowledge truly becomes ours, only after rigorous practice in real life situations.
Although it is our natural and unavoidable tendencies to view and understand things only through the physical perspective, we must shift ourselves to the subjective observation through the spiritual perspective, for us to start acknowledging the guidance and its timing, from the spirit world.
Start by reflecting back on our past experiences, and see if we can realize for ourselves that, in fact, we had been guided from the spirit world. We can then work ourselves from realization toward confirmation.

—The ultimate choice—
How shall we handle ordeals and difficulties? The choice is for us to make, and there are basically two options: “our way” based on our own thoughts, or the way of trusting the “spiritual support” as assured by Silver Birch. Do we choose to throw ourselves into the sea of our own anxiety, worry and fear? Or instead, do we cast out all these negative thoughts, and maintain confident in the spiritual support? We are asked to decide for ourselves, which one of the two is the “right choice” the better attitude with which to face ordeals and difficulties.
Let us pause a moment and evaluate our own minds and thoughts once again. How reliable are our minds, especially when we are hit hard by anxiety? We have, after all, only short-term vision, based on worldly desires, and likewise is the capacity of our minds and thoughts.
Lacking the long-term vision, we cannot see the large, complete picture, and whereabout on it we currently stand.
If we can confidently say that “spiritual truth” tells the eternal, incontrovertible truth, then there is no need to even mention if it would be the correct perspective to adopt, over that of our own. Quite simple, self-evident truth; but when we try to adhere ourselves to it, we struggle. It is not as simple as it seems and requires much courage.
At the root of this problem are the depth of our faith in the “spiritual truth” written in Silver Birch’s books, and our willingness to put the truth into practice. In the face of difficulties, can we shed the needless anxiety, maintain faith in the “spiritual support,” and conduct ourselves accordingly? Our faith and courage are being questioned and tested every time.
Read Silver Birch well, and always practice what you have read. Learn the way of the providence through practice, as you tackle ordeals. We will never acquire the sense of “spiritual awareness” until we start practicing our knowledge this way.

“There is no circumstance in which you could possibly be neglected by those who love you and who, because of that, are drawn as close to you as the beating of your heart and the breath that animates your whole frame.”
“It is in this realisation that you will help to attain inner peace, serenity, confidence, resolution and awareness that all is divinely well.”
Silver Birch said he realised that the counsel he gave was not easy to follow.
“But the things of the spirit cannot be easy. As I have said so many times, the spirit comes into its own, not in conditions of ease, but amid hardship and difficulty.”
(p.106 Lift Up Your Hearts)

In the face of difficulty, we all have to fight the recurring anxiety and doubt (disbelief in the providence). To help us get through, I have selected the following three quotes by Silver Birch. I strongly recommend reading them thoroughly, and as many times as we can. During ordeals, cling on like a child, to what he tells us. This is how we can put our faith into practice and tests.
It is only after we have accumulated enough experience overcoming ordeals in this manner, that our “faith in the spiritual providence” starts to solidify, and the soul may progress one more step forward in its evolution. This exactly, is the true purpose of ordeals and difficulties.

“The channel is open, and your reception is good when there are complete trust, confidence and faith that are founded on knowledge. The moment fear asserts itself you disturb the atmosphere, you introduce an element that closes the channel.
Fear is the child of ignorance.
Fear should not make itself felt among those who have knowledge.
Similarly, any thoughts of anxiety act as a deterrent to what can be achieved. Always when I speak through my instrument here the first words I say are, ‘Let us try to abolish any thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry or apprehension.’ These are impediments to the full, free flowing of the power of the spirit.
Rest your confidence in us.
We will show you the way.
We will open the doors.
If you knock on a door that is closed and will not open, forget it. The moment you knock on a door and it opens, then you go right through because that is the right entrance for you.
There is no other way that we can work. We will help, counsel and lead.
Do not be in in a hurry.
Just give us willing co-operation and we will fulfil our part.”
(p.152 Light from Silver Birch)

“Never bang on a closed door; wait for it to open.
There is a plan, not only for the universe but for every individual within it. The plan will operate. I have told my friends here many, many times that we can only do things in our way and in our time. We cannot do them in your way and in your time.
One reason is that you are not the best judges of what is right for you. We from our vantage point consider we are better judges of what is right for you materially, mentally and spiritually.
Wait, and the door will open.
It has opened for you many times.”
(p.112 Light from Silver Birch)

“Do not allow even a particle of fear to find lodgment within your being. It is not necessary. Fear is the enemy, the corrosive foe that should never be welcomed. Have complete confidence in what has been revealed to you and build your faith on the foundation of your knowledge.
You have the knowledge. That is your base.
Let your faith, your reasoned faith, your credible faith, arise from that foundation and all will be well. Just go forward. Do the best you can.”
(p.159 Lift Up Your Hearts)

Lift Up Your Hearts compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1990.
Light from Silver Birch compiled by Pam Riva, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1983.
More Philosophy of Silver Birch compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2008, Reprinted 2014. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1979.

Guidelines for spiritual growth on earth

2020-03-31 11:32:11 | Suffering & Ordeals

Let’s continue the discussion on the topic from the previous post: “Process of spiritual growth during earthly life.” Again, we refer to the book Light from Silver Birch (compiled by Pam Riva, The Spiritual Truth Press). On pages 150–152, we find Silver Birch speaking to a medium with his enlightening words of encouragement, following the introductory sentence “The guide encouraged another medium in these words.”

A) Those who wish to fulfil their purpose of life on earth must forget about life in a bed of roses.
We must suffer, and the experience of distress must be adverse enough to touch and awaken the soul. Crisis, deep sorrow, bereavement, illness, and other emergency situations that mercilessly throw us into a state of crisis, in depths of despair.

“The soul can come into its own only when it has emerged as steel does from the furnace, the gold from the dross, the diamond from the ore. Otherwise there is no means by which the soul can be quickened into activity in your world.”
(p. 118 Light from Silver Birch)

There comes a point where one learns that in this world there is nobody and nothing, including oneself, that can be relied on for help; and from there one starts to let go of the “self” (ego) which is dyed completely in the colours of materialism and scientific omnipotence. Here, suffering becomes the catalyst that touches one’s heartstrings, and in turn prepares the individual to start seeking help in the things of the spirit, if one is spiritually ready.

B) Do the sufferings stop, once we have suffered enough, and awakened ourselves to the “true self” (the soul)?
Unfortunately, we must confront sufferings and problems throughout our life, regardless of being aware of the “true self” (the soul) or not. Sufferings create anxiety in our minds, which close the passage of guidance and inspiration from spirit guides.
With varying degree, we go through similar situations on daily lives. Whenever we have a big problem, our minds become obsessed with worries and anxious thoughts about the issue, while
all other things are pushed away into heedlessness. No leeway, no room in the mind to accommodate other thoughts and other things. This basically demonstrates the functions of anxiety (worrying) when it occupies our mind.
These negative emotions (worry, anxiety, fear) hinder the spirit power to flow in freely and adequately. The spirit power, as we know, is the essential source of our vitality; and the blockage of this life force means we lose vigour and energy, and it will be shown our facial expressions and postures. For this reason, Silver Birch repeats again and again, “Do not worry.” We see him repeating at every seance, to the supposedly awakened circle members. This very situation, of repetitive reminders to “worry not” applies to all of us today. Even though sufferings and setbacks are inevitable, we must not worry, we are taught. “Do not worry” applies to every case and every problem, however small or large. There is absolutely no room for exemptions. We must expel worry, anxiety, and fear, from our minds.

“Those who have knowledge of spirit realities should never allow anxiety, fear or worry to effect a lodgment within their beings.”
(p.154 Light from Silver Birch)

C) Despite being spiritually awake, with the awareness of “real self” (the soul), troubles and difficulties of all kind and size, will continue to enter our paths. God has made it this way, because if our lives were problem-free we would not seek spiritual truth, nor attain understanding of the spiritual providence. There is no end to spiritual growth. It is a continuous and eternal process of evolutional development, in working toward expressing as much as possible of the inner divinity; and it imposes upon us, ceaseless dedication and determination.
Life on earth consists of difficulties and ordeals of all kinds, through which we must attain wisdom and enlightenment, and build steadfast faith on the unswerving providence. Because earth is a world of polar opposites (including human beings and relations among them), it offers plenty of opportunities for the soul to achieve remarkable growth within a short lifetime.

If life were all rosy and wonderful, even us spiritualists would centre our earthly lives on simply enjoying the pleasures of the world of materialism and scientific omnipotence. Captivated by the hollow illusions and satisfied, we would feel no necessity, no reason to pursue things of the spirit. At some point we may become interested, but it would not endure long. One lives a life in the sunshine filled only with joys of this world; which means one lived without ever experiencing hunger, and failed to fulfil the one and the most important purpose of life on earth: to learn the spiritual providence and attain spiritual progress.
We will not start searching for the light (spiritual providence) unless we are surrounded by darkness (suffering); and it is in the dark that we find the light. This is why our lives are designed to inevitably encounter troubles after troubles, sufferings after sufferings.

After we have found our “true selves” (the soul), we move onto the path of (A)“inevitable sufferings,” which is paired with this seemingly impossible instruction: (B) “absolutely no worrying.” How do we resolve this paradoxical situation, and start receiving guidance and salvation from the spirit world?

On Light from Silver Birch (p.151-152), we can find Silver Birch’s advice on confronting this challenge. Let’s look at the summary of his message:

1. The channel is open and your reception is good when there are complete trust, confidence and faith that are founded on knowledge. (p.152)

2. Rest your confidence in us (in the spirit world). We will show you the way. We will open the doors. (p.152)

3. (From the spirit world) We can only do things in our way and in our time. (p.151)

4. Do not be in a hurry. Just give us willing co-operation and we will fulfil our part. (p.152)

5. Watch carefully (monitor the thoughts of anxiety) to ensure that you do not even unconsciously block the very channel by which help (spirit power) can come.

Silver Birch’s words reveal the purpose and intent of sufferings and setbacks. That is, these difficult experiences make us turn to the spiritual providence, urge us to learn it, so that our trust (faith) in the providence, spirit guides and the spirit world will grow and solidify. Hence, we learn how sufferings and setbacks of life on earth are integral part of the spiritual education.

“The enemy on which we wage war is needless fear that is harboured in so many minds. We see millions afflicted with worries that do not always exist except in their imagination, and so I stress again and again, get rid of fear. There is no problem with which you are confronted that is beyond you. There is no difficulty that cannot be mastered. There is no load so heavy that it cannot be borne, and if you live and breathe an atmosphere of radiant confidence, you will attract all the forces that can help you and guide you and sustain you.”
(p.129 The Seed of Truth)

Believe in the spiritual promise that you will surmount every difficulty that comes in your way, as no burden beyond your capability will ever be placed upon you, and your spirit guides are always by your side, working to protect and guide you. Tribulations in life were, in fact, training opportunities to develop our faith in the spiritual promise, and to stop worrying.

On this world of polar opposites hence the earth, there is an established pattern (guideline) for spiritual awakening and spiritual progress.
For example, these two conditions are absolute prerequisites for awakening of our “true selves” (the soul): (1) one must experience suffering, and (2) one must be spiritually ready to receive things of the spirit (the time must be ripe).
Once we are aware of the “true self” (the soul) we must suffer through difficult experiences unique to the physical world (world of polar opposites), and pursue further spiritual development. By persevering the life of suffering we learn the spiritual providence; and it is in this learning process that we attain wisdom and enlightenment that enable us to earn genuine faith based on spiritual knowledge.
I repeat again that all of us, with no exceptions, will inevitably encounter troubles and difficulties of all kinds in our daily lives, at home, at work, and on social activities.
Us spiritualists must, on every encounter with a difficulty, return to the spiritual providence, and confirm once again of our faith in the spiritual promise. Accumulate your experience in surmounting problems with steadfast faith based on the providence and the spiritual promise, until you naturally master the process. You come to understand the providence and gain true confidence in it, only through your own personal experience. We are able to appreciate the brightness of the spiritual providence, and understand its value, only after we have suffered in the darkness of the physical world.
We deliberately came to this earth to gather experience of suffering, in aspiration to better comprehend the providence. It is true to say that sufferings exist to broaden our understanding of the providence.

“Handicaps and obstacles are all part of the necessary preparation for an evolving, developing spiritual nature.”
(p.19 Light from Silver Birch)

“And it is similarly for the human spirit to be tried and tested again and again, before it can emerge with a greater divinity being expressed than had happened before.”
(p.20 Light from Silver Birch)

We gain spiritual knowledge through book learning (reading), followed by practical application of the learnt knowledge in real life situations (solving applied problems). We may of course take a reverse course.
Once we know the true meaning of “suffering,” we can start receiving full benefit from this spiritual education program. For that we must first wake ourselves up and become aware of the “true self” (the soul). The soul must be awake, before it can begin its activity in this world (p.118 Light from Silver Birch). However, even after awakening of the soul, it takes very long time, and requires many many spiritual experiences, before one reaches solid confirmation.

To conclude, here is a strong message of encouragement from Silver Birch:

“I am puzzled sometimes when I visit my friends on earth who have knowledge, and I see them worried and anxious. The knowledge is their foundation which should assure them that no harm or injury can befall their eternal spirit. Those with knowledge should be living in the light and never fear what the morrow will bring.
There is nothing in your world that you need worry about. You have within you the armoury of the spirit, the divine potential which you can utilise to help in any emergency or crisis that comes your way. There is no problem you cannot solve by calling on the power that is within you and by appealing to the power that is without.”
(p.21 Light from Silver Birch)

Light from Silver Birch compiled by Pam Riva, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1983.
The Seed of Truth compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 1989. Psychic Press Ltd, London, Great Britain. First published in 1987.


Process of spiritual growth and clearing karmic debts on earth

2020-02-29 08:32:41 | Life`s Purpose

— Soul must awake during the course of its life on earth —

Question —— “How is it that to find the spiritual we have to awaken? You tell us all human beings are linked in the spirit, yet so many people seem to miss it. I find it a mystery.”

Silver Birch: “It is not such a seeming mystery as would appear on the surface. You must recognise that all of you are spirits with bodies, not even bodies with spirits. Matter exists because it is animated by the spirit, which is the spark of the divine embedded within every being and within everything that expresses life, no matter what form it takes.
Obviously the purpose of earthly incarnation is for the individual to have those experiences which will enable the soul to grow, unfold and develop, and to achieve that kind of progress that fits it for the next stage of life beyond the death of the body.”
(p.31 Light from Silver Birch)

“Enable them to fulfil themselves, for that is the object of all earthly existence.”
(p.29 Light from Silver Birch)

Question — “So many people live their whole lives and are never touched by the spirit because they are materialists.”

Silver Birch: “You should feel sorry for them because they have wasted their earthly lives.
They have not fulfilled themselves. They are like children who have gone to school for the requisite time, learnt none of its lessons and thus are not equipped for the adult life that follows when the school period is over.”
(p.148 Light from Silver Birch)

(A) We continuously create new karmas during our life on earth (We create causes).
➡ Being full of shortcomings, we are naturally prone to errors.

“You are human, you will make mistakes; you are fallible, you will err. You are weak, because human nature is not all strength. The very essence of humanity is that it has its defects; that is why you are on earth.”
(p.201-202 Light from Silver Birch)

“If you were perfect, you would not be in your world.”
(p.144 Light from Silver Birch)

“We do not expect you to behave impeccably. We know you will make mistakes. We know you will do the wrong things sometimes because you are human and fallible.” (p.101 Light from Silver Birch)

(B) As compensations for our mistakes and wrongdoings, we invite for ourselves sufferings and setbacks (Law of penalty and compensation)
➡ If we are spiritually ready, we encounter spiritual truths through these sufferings and setbacks; become aware of our “true selves” which is the soul and start walking the path of spiritual growth.

“You would not be interested in the things of the spirit, which are your eternal possessions, the only enduring and abiding realities, until you are ready to receive them. So, you have to be tried and tested, just as the steel has to be tried and tested. You have to suffer.”
(p.20 Light from Silver Birch)

“You will not find spiritual truths when you have no problems. The catalyst will work only when you are in trouble.”
(p.20 Light from Silver Birch)

“Handicaps and obstacles are all part of the necessary preparation for an evolving, developing spiritual nature.”
(p.19 Light from Silver Birch)

“It is not when the sun shines that the soul finds itself. It is not in a bed of roses that the soul comes into its own. It is in the hazards and challenges, the difficulties, the hurdles and the obstacles. These provide the only means by which the soul can realise its latent divinity.”
(p.18 Light from Silver Birch)

(C) Guidance from the spirit world (Spiritual awakening and growth)
➡ We continue repeating processes A and B (the law of cause and effect), and if we are spiritually ready, we embark on the procedures below:
karma (cause) → sufferings/setbacks (effect) → spiritual learning and awakening → building faith through practice → spiritual growth → karma → sufferings/setbacks → spiritual learning and awakening → building faith through practice → spiritual growth → … (continues all through life)

These procedures we must go through, in order to attain spiritual growth in this materialistic world of opposites. When we reflect back later in life, we would be able to see how we had been supported and guided throughout, by the spirit guides.

“I always wish that people in your world, especially those who have this knowledge, could become aware of what is around and about them.”
(p.45 Light from Silver Birch)

“You, like all who serve, can look back and see how the signposts of the spirit have unerringly pointed the way.”
(p.147 Light from Silver Birch)

(D) Absolutely no worries and no fears for those with spiritual knowledge.
➡ Those who are spiritually awake, with the knowledge, must acknowledge that love and protection from the spirit world surround them at all time. Be ready to receive the guidance and inspirations from your spirit guides, by making sure that these blockers of the spirit power do not occupy your mind: any thoughts of worry, anxiety, troubles, and alike.

“Those who have knowledge of spirit realities should never allow anxiety, fear or worry to effect a lodgement within their beings. These are negative qualities. These block the channels by which vivifying power (spirit power) can reach you. These are obstructions that bar and interfere with the harmonious conditions (balanced unity of spirit, mind, body) which alone can promote what is essential for the fullness of living.”
(p.154 Light from Silver Birch)

“Do not fear. Fear is a bad counsellor. Fear corrodes; fear rusts; fear blocks the channels through which help can come.”
(p.159 Light from Silver Birch)

“Fear should not make itself felt among those who have knowledge. Similarly, any thoughts of anxiety act as a deterrent to what can be achieved.”
(p.152 Light from Silver Birch)

“Do not allow yourself to be downcast or have even a shadow of fear as to what the morrow will bring. You have been brought through many crises. The way will be shown to you whenever it is necessary.”
(p.153 Light from Silver Birch)

“There is no need to be downcast or pessimistic. You should all be optimistic, filled with hope based on faith.”
(p.156 Light from Silver Birch)

(E) What we must do:
➡ Live each day striving to do the very best we can.

“What we say to you and to everyone we encounter is to do the best you can; no more is expected of you. When you fall down you can pick yourself up.”
(p.92 Light from Silver Birch)

“Do the best you can is all we expect of you. If you were perfect, you would not be in your world.”
(p.144 Light from Silver Birch)

“Progress consists in shedding imperfections and striving and growing towards perfection all the time. Just live for the day.”
(p.27 Light from Silver Birch)

“Forget the past. It is behind you; what is in front of you is more important. Naturally the past was responsible for the causes producing the effects which you are now experiencing, but you are producing the causes that in turn will produce the effects. Try to sow the right seeds, which is a platitude but still true.”
(p.201 Light from Silver Birch)

(F) The greatest contribution on earth
➡ To help others attain awareness of their “true selves” (spiritual awakening), is the greatest possible contribution that can be made on earth. Nothing else match the value and importance of spreading the spiritual providence. It is the act of altruistic love itself, to which no others but human beings on earth with spiritual knowledge have the privilege to practice. For us to take on this exclusive privilege is the most earnest desire of our guides in the spirit world.

“We have to exert our influence in your world, which is material, from our world, which is spiritual. We have to use channels, mediums (on earth), to do so.”
(p.151 Light from Silver Birch)

“If you succeed in helping only one soul, then all is worthwhile.”
(p.104 Light from Silver Birch)

“You have the inestimable privilege of serving others (by helping them with spiritual awakening). That is the most important contribution you can make. That is why you were born into your world.”
(p.144 Light from Silver Birch)

(G) Clearing the karmic debts
The karmic debts that we accumulate through this lifetime can be cleared, following our altruistic behaviors to help others with their spiritual growths, and to assist them in finding their “real selves,” which is the soul. The spirit world considers “salvation of the soul” as the greatest and the most altruistic of all possible actions on earth. We serve God by serving other children of God; and under the governance of the law of cause and effect, we automatically receive credits for our altruistic actions to help and serve others.

Question — “After a person is more mentally and spiritually aware, is it possible to pay the price of one’s sins of the past while still on earth by service to others?”

Silver Birch: “Yes, that is the reason for being on earth. It is quite simple, once you have achieved awareness and know why you are there, then you can outwork the condition by making the compensation which is yours to make.”
(p.113 Lift up your hearts)

Lift Up Your Hearts compiled by Tony Ortzen, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1990.
Light from Silver Birch compiled by Pam Riva, edition 2009. The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain. First published in 1983.

Communication and Communion

2020-02-04 16:38:01 | Spirit Guide

The aim of disseminating the spiritual providence through the internet is to bring the providence to the attention of those who are ready to receive it, and to initiate their spiritual awakening and growth. We can say that this form of dissemination and the absent (distant) healing are common, since the two operate under the same principle, where the spirit power is delivered to whomever is ready spiritually.
This time we will be reviewing a question and answer session recorded in Lift Up Your Hearts (p.158-164). A practicing spiritual healer (M. H. Tester), along with his wife,
attended a seance, and consulted Silver Birch with some of his concerns regarding absent healing, including the issues of communion. How did Silver Birch respond to the healer’s inquiries? Little lengthy, but there are so much to be learned from the session. Let’s have a look.

The healer (M. H. Tester): “The problems I have are really of communion rather than communication.”
“As a (spiritual) healer I don’t have this feeling of communion. Therefor I tend to be working in the dark. Am I healing and acting in the way I should? Have you any suggestions for the methods and technique I should adopt?” (p.158)

Silver Birch: “This is a very good question. There are degrees of attunement between matter (humans on earth) and spirit. In that infinite range communion is superior to communication. Communion means increasing awareness far more than does communication. If you look back, you will find that in the practice of healing there comes increasing awareness. You do not have to be told by the patient what the trouble is in many cases. You know within yourself what the trouble is. Moreover, in important cases you are aware not only of the symptoms but of the origin. So progress has been made.
I would say it is better to develop that awareness of communion than to have clairvoyance or clairaudience (communication).” (p.158)

The healer (M. H. Tester): “I accept that.” (p.158)

Silver Birch: “This (communion) is the way of the spirit and it is better. I am not decrying other gifts of the spirit, but you are in the higher reaches when you have attunement.” (p.158)
“‘It is nice to have your confirmation sometimes,’ said the healer.” (p.159)

Silver Birch: “Yes, when we have the instruments through which it can be expressed, we can help to work the divine will. But we must have the channels; we must have their co-operation. We do not seek to dictate. We seek only to work in cooperation, so that together we can fulfil the divine will.”
“Despite the difficulties, problems and the occasional shadow you are richly blessed. You are treading an appointed path. You are fulfilling yourself and you are serving (E). All other things will fall into line as the time is ripe.” (p.159)

“Do not allow even a particle of fear to find lodgment within your being (B). It is not necessary. Fear is the enemy, the corrosive foe that should never be welcomed. Have complete confidence in what has been revealed to you and build your faith on the foundation of your knowledge (A). You have the knowledge. That is your base. Let your faith, your reasoned faith, your credible faith, arise from that foundation and all will be well. Just go forward. Do be best you can (C).” (p.159)

“The visiting healer put some of his problems to Silver Birch by saying; ‘Over a period I have not been too content with the absent healing I have been doing. I feel that people write to me on rather a casual basis. So, I am not quite sure if I get through to them. Should I continue with the absent healing? Is it doing any good? What should I do to improve it?’” (p.163)

Silver Birch: “Yes, you should continue with the absent healing which is just as effective as that done by the laying on of hands. The reason is simple. Everyone who approaches you makes a link (connection) and creates a path (instrument) along which the power of the spirit can travel to reach them. You cannot do any more, to use your phrase, to get through to them than you are doing by being available.” (p.163)
“Thus, you become the transmitter (transmitter and receiver, the internet), the catalyst for the spirit power that reaches out, and the amalgam (spirit power, providence) travels on that path to reach them (ones who are ready). You can make it more effective only by increasing your receptivity, which in turn increases your attunement with the beings who co-operate with you (D). This is something that only time and effort can achieve. If you pause for a moment and look back, you will realise that you have attained a degree of attunement that never existed in the past. Would you accept that?” (p.163)

The healer (M. H. Tester):
“It (attunement) is a degree I have never even contemplated!” (p.164)

Silver Birch: “With it comes a growing awareness. The next stage you will find is what I hear my instrument call a ‘knowingness,’ (ability to sense) which is not good English but coveys what is involved. So far as you are concerned you are dealing with intangibles, imponderables (spirit power). But these are infinite in their potentiality. Adjustments have to be made according to your capacity so that the greatest possible force emerges that can be used for those who are sick.” (p.164)

“All we ask is that you (spiritualists) do your best. We will do our best and together we will help souls (seeking help) who have nowhere else to turn. But if they do not respond, you are in no measure to blame. That is their problem, not yours. If they fail to respond it means they are not spiritually ready. These matters are determined by the operation of spiritual laws.” (p.164)

— Two types of spiritual interactions link physical and spirit worlds —

1. Transmission process by way of certain abilities of the spiritual body, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience . . . Communication

2. Awareness that accompany spiritual attunement with another spirit, as a result of elevated receptivity . . . Communion
Occurs when one attains unification (attunement) with the spirit guides. Communion surpasses communication in the degree of realness.

These two types of interactions connect the spirit world and the earth. One is the transmission of information through natural talents of spiritual body like clairvoyance and clairaudience (communication). The other is through intuition and inspiration (awareness) brought by spiritual attunement between spirits (communion).
Communion means unification, in other words, tuning and resonating your spiritual vibration with other spirit(s). As the spiritual interactions grow, the two spirits are drawn closer to each other, through the force of attraction. Similar to the magnetic force, we can say. To enhance this magnetic power, or your receptivity, follow these guidelines found in a response by Silver Birch quoted earlier. (For your reference I have indicated the corresponding alphabet letters in parentheses within the quote.)

(A) Learn the spiritual providence and have complete confidence in it. Have certitude verified by reasoning, and fervent willpower built on credible faith.

(B) Drive away any thoughts of anxiety by maintaining unshakable faith on the providence.

(C) Follow the providence and do your best.

(D) Know that you are never alone. Acknowledge the unification with your spirit guard and guides. Pray in order to attain and develop the unification.

(E) Discipline yourself into an orderly lifestyle and use your talents and skills for the benefit of others.
(Practice altruistic lifestyle, where spirit is the king and body is the servant of the spirit.)

There are mandatory prerequisites for attaining successful unification and genuine communion (spiritual interaction and attunement) with your guides. One must take time, a long time, to learn the spiritual knowledge. Then one must accumulate enough spiritual experience by putting the knowledge into practice. Also, very important are the zealous efforts to strengthen one’s faith in the providence.
Due to the nearsighted nature of humans on earth, we often fail to notice the communion (spiritual interaction with the guides) when they occur. However, by reflecting back on our footsteps we confirm the progress we have made, in the depth of attunement and unification.
On surface our life seems to consist of series of unrelated and coincidental events. But observed through the perspectives of the spiritual truth, we begin to see that all events we encounter in life are in fact, guided by our spirit guides, from the spirit world.

With years of dedication, following these guidelines to elevate your receptivity, you will grow more unified and attuned with your spirit guides, and your spiritual abilities too will follow the steps toward enhancement, according to earlier quotes. This will open a new door for deeper understanding of Silver Birch’s teachings; and your refined abilities become important factors in the dissemination of spiritual truth on the internet. Here are the spiritual abilities in discussion:

⇒ Increased receptivity for spiritual energy (spirit power), leading to broadened awareness (enlightenment and wisdom) of the spiritual providence.

⇒ Discernment skills start to sprout.

⇒ Improvement in the “intuitive vision” and receptivity of “inspirations.”
Spiritual interaction, hence, your mind being unified with the minds of your spirit guides, will produce these changes. It is comparable to the principle of octaves in music, where there are same notes at different octave range. The frequency of vibrations varies in highness or lowness, yet they produce the same note. When in tune with the spirit guides, we can harmonize with their insights and inspirations, despite the distance in the range of vibrations.

To conclude our discussions on the spiritual interactions with spirit guides (evolved spirits), let’s look at a quick comparison with the cases involving earthbound spirits, thus phenomena of spirit possessions.

Harmful spiritual interactions (spirit possessions) with immature spirits and earthbound spirits.
• The one being possessed has no spiritual knowledge, or has only a limited exposure, with no real understanding.
• Possessions occur without consent.
• One is unaware of the possession (Often the spirit possessions are unknowingly invited by oneself due to one’s selfishness, immaturity, or the karma.)

Spiritual interactions with spirit guides (evolved spirits).
• One has solid spiritual knowledge. (With years of practice and efforts to build faith.)
• One wishes to have spiritual contacts with the spirit guides; and thus there is consent.
• With the foundation of spiritual knowledge, one acknowledges clearly the guidance from his spirit guides.

Lift Up Your Hearts compiled by Tony Ortzen, The Spiritual Truth Press, Surrey, Great Britain, edition 2009, first published in 1990.