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Bvlgari jewelry

2016-12-13 17:27:18 | 日記
Founded in Rome in 1884 till now,Bvlgari Necklace Group has become one of the world’s five major jewelers.Zhi originated in Greece Audemars Piguet Rose area, who demand the establishment of the family in Dili Ecolly Opel (Sotirio Bvlgari) to precious silver Bvlgari Necklacecarving started. Immigration to Italy, he is just in front of the PincioFrench Academy in the sale of home-made silverware.But appreciated by a businessman, He get a corner of the store window located in Via Sistina street to to show his goods.And this lend cable Dili to success in Europe in this regard.

The last century 70 is the era of BVLGARI International starting point of mileage in this period, Bulgari in New York, Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo and other places to open boutiques.Now, there are more than 150 in boutiques.Zhi to the 90’s, Bulgari launched its diversified business strategy, including perfumes, accessories such as scarves, ties and leather goods, etc., we can see, Bvlgari perfume bottle design has a strong sense of the jewelry, as with But at the slightest decoration.

Bvlgari lock shape necklace necklace,lock shape,, colour:silver? Luxury but not losing lively, romantic and elegant in looks.Simple and elegant necklace, smooth lines with the simple expression of the modern woman’s wisdom and beauti. Simple elegant style, emphasizing the exquisite details.If one wear it like the picture above , I t must be a nice work .

Bvlgari Inspired Necklace with Pendant

The circle is double surfaces, both engraved with the Bvlgari Logo. Item comes together with a 925 sterling silver chain. This chain comes in length sizes of 16″, 18″ and 20″. This item’s material is 925 sterling silver.Charm and fashion. Lovely and pretty. Its rich art intoxicated

The more perfect style of jewelry :
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