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Bvlgari Jewelry Especially Made For December Brides

2016-12-13 17:31:24 | 日記
The modern styles of brides differ by person. Similar to jewelry, there are various kinds of them, including elegance, tradition, magnificence and Romance. As people’s requirement of life quality is improving, people become more particular for the selection of robes and jewelries worn in the wedding. Modern top Italian luxury group, Bvlgari, launched many kinds of jewelries for the brides based on their unique beauty, making the brides of different kinds of uniqueness.

The style of Italian design is famous for boldness and romance, which has a close relationship with ancient Rome eroded by the deep-rooted religious spirit. And the Renaissance brought Italy to the top position of world art. All the background bestowed Italian design creation, uniqueness and profoundness. Italian top brand, Bvlgari, is the classic of art, the representative to deduce classic art by modern methods. Bvlgari jewelry features fluid lines, abundant geometry pattern and dazzling colors. For the selection of material and gems, and the handling of details, it took a lot of attention. Bvlgari jewelries belong to the modern women who want to pop out personality and elegance.

Diamond Jewelries-elegant and timeless

Diamond jewelry is the classic choice of brides for the reason that it can set off the harmonious and elegant beauty of women. Bvlgari Elis Diamond Collection is one of the luxurious diamond jewelry of Bvlgari. Ellipse and gentle design, exquisitely adjustable proportion and excellent craftsmanship make this series timeless, flexible, light and comfortable for wearing. Every detail of the series is highly concerned. Each piece of diamond is exquisitely carved, making the front and back in the same excellence. Even a simple clasp or the height of gems, Bvlgari never looses its patience on details. Elisa Diamond Collection makes incomparable brides easily get the attention of the public.

Colorful Jewelry–dazzling and tasty

Colorful jewelry is the bold try of modern brides. Take robes and cosmetics for example, they both have color and style change. Bvlgari Sapphire Flower Collection is absolutely a charm for all. Transitional design is utilized into the usage of colorful sapphire and symmetry of the abstract flower shape. By a series of colors which are carefully selected to present its freedom and casual style of this series. Luxurious elegance, unique but not exaggerated design, and the expression of taste and attitude make the brides enjoy the dazzling beauty in maximum.

Sapphire plays an important role in the long history of Bvlgari. It is the symbol of ancient legend and the mental guide of people in many religions. Usually, sapphire is considered the blesser of God and can protect people from injure and jealousness. The moral of BVLGARI Sapphire Flower Collection refers to delicacy and eternity.
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