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The Paper Making Process

2017-08-10 16:47:37 | Paper Pulp Equipment
All of us use paper every day. Yet, few realize all of the steps necessary to change plant material to this common, every day product. The fact that mankind ever stumbled upon this process is shear genius as the paper making process follows three steps: preparation of the fibers, sheet formation, and drying.

Paper pulping process

During the first step of the paper making process, the material used to make the paper is converted to pulp, which is a concentrated mixture of fibers that are suspended in liquid. Generally, the fibers are those found naturally in softwood trees, hardwood trees, or other plants. The fibers can also come from recycled paper, such as from newsprint, old corrugated boxes, and mixed paper.
The paper pulping process consist of paper pulping, pulp cleaning, pulp screening or pulp refining

Paper Making Process

The next step is sheet formation. At this stage in the process, the pulp mixture is diluted some more with water. This is then strained through a moving screen made of fine mesh in order to create a fibrous web. At this time, a watermark may be impressed into the paper if desired. Then, the moving web of pulp is pressed and allowed to dry. Pressure may be applied to help squeeze out the water.
The final stage of the paper making process is drying, which is accomplished with time and pressing of the paper. The exact method for drying depends on the overall process used to make the paper.

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