英国essay代写精选-Cirque du Soleil

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本篇英国essay代写精选-Cirque du Soleil讲了太阳马戏团成立于1984年,因为几位想要再次发明的马戏团的公共艺术家的努力。成立后,以相当快的速度发展,不间断地开始在不同的国家不同的国家旅游。 2000年,员工人数合适为2000人,丹妮尔•萨瓦(Danielle Savoie)为副总裁。本篇essay代写由51due英国代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

1. When it comes to the introduction about the current organization, what comes first is its history. To put it more specifically, this organization was established in 1984 due to the efforts made by several public entertainers who would like to invent again toward the concept of circus. After its founding, it developed at a rather quick rate and it began to tour within different countries in different year nonstop. In 2000, the number of its employees was appropriately 2,000 and Danielle Savoie became its vice-president. At the same year, it had three permanent shows and five tours on the road, which indicated the rapid development of this organization. Over the next eight years from 2000 to 2008, this organization was able to grow rapidly and it had given more than 5,000 performances annually in total in over forty cities all around the world by early 2008. Since the arrival of Danielle Savoie at this organization, she had brought success to it as a result. As for its current business operation, it aims to take advantage of Information Technology within the organization in various aspects, like arena shows, resident shows, touring shows, etc.
In addition, its current IT operation is mainly to support knowledge management so as to flexibly use knowledge in different processes and different projects. That is to say, it is the organization’s IT operation that enables its shows to have a longer lifespan, to enrich the organization’s memory and at the same time to deal with changes in its personnel and the shows. Thus generally speaking, the potential issues that have been illustrated in this case primarily include information technology, knowledge management, the whole scope of Cirque Memory and its database, the entire tour cycle of a touring show and how IT has contributed to different phases of the show.
2. Talking about the important elements that have been addressed in the case, they mainly include the below ones: the Cirque Memory database, IT, knowledge management and tour life cycle. And here the life cycle can be divided into show creation, design, preparation, diffusion and logistics. The rationale why the aforementioned elements are important lies in that they will exert crucial impacts on the development of the organization in one way or another because they are actually the key business processes of the organization. Detailed speaking, the importance of the Cirque Memory database can be indicated from the truth that it can help lengthen the lifespan of the shows via better knowledge management. And the significance of several phases in tour life cycle lies in that they are actually indispensable parts when a show comes out in the end. Furthermore, the importance of IT can be detected through its positive effects in the Cirque Memory database and each and every phase of tour life cycle.
It can be easily found that with the help of IT, all phases have already been improved more or less and the show can be completed smoothly at last. However, what has to be pointed out is that some help is still called for when taking the development of this organization into consideration. For one part, the help from artists, IT experts who know how to implement information technology in tour life cycle as well as numerous experts in making accessories, costumes, hats, make-up, wigs together with others who are able to tackle a series of issues like acrobatic equipment, sound and technical engineering, lighting and so on. For another, the cooperation of a large number of employees is undoubtedly critical because it is the employees that are actually performing tasks for the whole organization so that it is able to really make IT take function in the real case.
Moreover, the need for IT improvements is driven by the fact that the IT team of this organization is confronted with new puzzlements as for what they should do in approaching days and how they can continue to further bring value to the organization via the application of IT. So a fair knowledge can be obtained that given those IT improvements, they are bound to add more value for this organization, like improving its competitiveness over the globe when compared with other organizations in the same field, extending its business operation and some other achievements similar to that (Richard Blackwell, Bertrand Marotte. 2013).
3. As far as I am concerned, I hold that this organization can lay high emphasis in hunting talents and in the meantime pay attention to the cultivation of teamwork among its employees beyond some standard and contemporary IT improvements. It can be easily understood in that rare talents may help bring innovation to this organization so as to determine the goal to move forward next. Also, the teamwork can, to a great extent, increase the working efficiency of the employees. What is a must to mention is that this organization can try its best to limit its cost so as to contribute to a sustainable development. It is a common sense that the IT application in various aspects will actually lead to rising expenses of the organization and it will be a heavy burden in the long run. Or maybe it can be put in another way that the increase of working efficiency can as well be deemed as a effective method to control its cost because fewer employees are needed for the completion of a certain task.
Works Cited
Richard Blackwell, Bertrand Marotte. 2013. Eight problems Cirque du Soleil must solve before the show can go on.

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