英国essay代写范文-The Palette of King Narmer and Sculpture of Akhenaten

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本篇英国essay代写范文-The Palette of King Narmer and Sculpture of Akhenaten讲了古埃及,一个惊人的文明渗透着神秘的色彩和神奇的光芒。吸引了数以千计的艺术家在这里聚集在这里,因为他们的呼唤和内心的声音渴望难以置信的艺术而学习和探索。古埃及反映了古埃及本身的人性与自然环境特征。本篇essay代写由51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

Ancient Egypt, an amazing civilization pervaded mystery colors and magical shine. It attracts thousands of artists gather here to study and explore due to their call and desire of inner voice towards unbelievable arts. Ancient Egypt reflects the Ancient Egypt itself humanity and natural environment characteristics. Overall, Ancient Egypt can be divided into four periods: Presynaptic Early Dynastic Periods, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom. In these four periods, the arts styles were similar on the whole but the innovations and changes brought about new development on the arts (Button, Jeanne & Sbarge, p100). The essay would concern about two works Palette of King Narmer and sculpture of Akhenaten, both of them belongs to two different Egyptian styles, one from the one from the Old Kingdom and one from the Amarna period, and the easy would compare their similarities and differences through compositional features, proportions, the use hieratic scale, the presence of naturalism or idealization, etc.
The Palette of King Narmer is a shield block which was unearthed in Hierakonpolis.
The height of The Palette of King Narmer is 63cm and both sides all carved scenes to memorize the governance of king Narmer. On the front of The Palette of King Narmer, Narmer wears white crown, and his right hand holding a warder, the left hand to grab knelt on the ground of the enemy's hair. At the foot of a king, and two enemies are running away. On the back of The Palette of King Narmer, Namer wears red crown and patrol the battlefield with his entourage. On the front of them, there are ten decapitated enemy bodies on the ground. On the bottle of back side, it symbolizes king's bull breached the fortification of the city, and they are treading on attempts to fleeing enemy. The noticeable is that the front side of The Palette of King Narmer, the white crown represents Upper Egypt, and the back side The Palette of King Narmer, the red crown represents Lower Egypt (Chairman, p.913). Red and white two crown at a suit, this in the future of Egypt's history has always been said symbol of national unity. And sometimes the joining together of two crowns, that was known as white and red crown. Palette was regarded as the demonstration that Narmer united Upper and Lower Egypt.
The Sculpture of Akhenaten, unearthed in Karnak, Thebes in the before 1353-1353 BC. It was the sandstone, about 3.96 meters high. Akhenaten later became the first pharaoh of Egypt. Before the Akhenaten, Egypt only has king but not pharaoh. The pharaoh means that which you will become. Akhenaten wanted to tell human beings which they would be in the future in forms of words (Guo, p52). Akhenaten's main task is to break all the wrong religion, and lead the country back to the only faith in god. At that time, all the people in the worship of idols, people are used to believe in these things. Therefore Akhenaten must give them something to see, to believe that, as a result, he gave them the sun as the image of god, because the image cannot be fixed at the altar.
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