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本篇英国essay代写范文-Mia Madre is Margherita讲了米亚•马德雷的主角是玛格丽特,电影导演。这个角色受到很大的压力,因为她的母亲生病了,她的青春期女儿是反叛的,她的工作正面临两难境地。虽然电影的名字是Mia Madre,这意味着我的母亲,这部电影的主要故事实际上是关于玛格丽特的紧张的生活。本篇essay代写由51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

The main character of Mia Madre is Margherita, a film director. This character is under great pressure as her mother is badly ill, her adolescent daughter is rebellious and her work is facing dilemma. Although the name of the film is Mia Madre, which means My Mother, the main story of this film is actually about Margherita’s stressful life and her companion with her ill mother in the last days of her life. Under such name, this film reveals the stress on work and family in middle age to the audience from a feminine perspective with intricate emotion and feeling. Nevertheless, the character of ‘mother’ is less important but acts like a foil. However, it is just this kind of setting makes the role of ‘mother’ more representative and impressive. If this movie describes the role of mother in the normal and direct way, this character will be too specific to represent the meaningful emotions of the movie.
This film presents the depressive and messy life of the character with plain skills and detailed scenes. The whole movie is basically consist of two story lines, one is the seriously ill mother of Margherita and another one is the shooting site of her work. Without dramatic and exciting plots, this film puts more concentration on the little nothings of life. The conservative shooting styles seems like to recover the common scenes of daily lives. For example, it repeatedly presents the shooting site’s problem and the American actors’ arrogant to shows the difficult situation of Margherita’s career; her conversation with daughter, nightmares, water-leaking of house to show the disorder of Margherita’s family life; old days with her mother and days in hospital to show the illness of Margherita’s mother and the emotion between them. This kind of film cutting and editing seems all in a muddle and even confusing when the scene is watched separately. However, when put together, all of this scenes and plots inherently and comprehensively describe the life of a middle-aged woman and transmit the realest and most delicate emotion of her.
The tone of this film is basically cold tone. The overall cold tone makes the film under a depressive and stressed atmosphere. As the film which tends to resonate the deep feeling and profound thinking about life and family ties, this kind of tone absolutely helps it to remind audience to watch with a serious attitude. The plots of the film is not full of ups and downs but the cold tone penetrates the sorrow and depression from the beginning to the end. One more special feature of this movie is its close shot. This movie has a lot of close shot and close-up sequences of the character, from which the feelings and emotions of the character get well expressed. The film begins with Margherita’s directing the movie and ends up with her half smile half scare facial expression. The mental change of Margherita from ‘smile’ to ‘ scare’ and finally to ‘ smile’ is perfectly reflected from her eyes. The close shot of Margherita also expresses her complicated, contradictory, fearful and terrified feelings.
In a word, the story lines, film editing, cold tone and quantities of close shots reflect the character’s complicated emotions and build a depressive atmosphere. All of these express the stressful and sorrow life of middle-aged people from feminine perspective and the precious ties between daughters and mothers.

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