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Guide for a married couple from Australia, 6th August 2016

2016-09-22 | Guide Report
I showed a married couple around Tokyo on 6th August 2016.They came from Sidney, Australia.At first, we visited Tsukiji fish market . . . Read more

A walking tour from Shiodome-Shiosaito to Toranomon-Hills

2016-09-11 | Our Activities
A walking tour from Shiodome to Toranomon Hills, guided by Mr. O, who had worked for a construction company, was conducted in Aug. 20th, 2016. . . . Read more

Ningyo-cho town tour (Report of guide training of members)

2016-08-22 | Our Activities
Tour guide training was held in Ningyo-cho  town on 29 July 2016. . . . Read more

“Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2015” on Sun., 15 Nov. 2015

2015-11-17 | Guide Report
“Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2015” was held on Sun., 15 Nov. 2015. Our Edo Tokyo Guide Group participated in “Kagurazaka Time Slip (Stamp Rally)” program. Historical guides from our group offered OMOTENASHI for guests by introducing historical story of Kagurazaka. . . . Read more

Invitation to “Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2015”

2015-11-04 | Our Activities
Let’s experience a variety of traditional performing arts in Kagurazaka! Our Edo Tokyo Guide Group will participate in “Kagurazaka Time Slip (Stamp Rally)” program. Historical guides from our group are ready to offer OMOTENASHI for guests by introducing historical story. See you at Kagurazaka on 15 November 2015! . . . Read more

the American High School graduates enjoyed the historic tour from Yotsuya to Niju- bashi bridge,

2015-10-31 |  with Students
The member of Edo Tokyo Guide Group offered the American High School graduates for the historic walking tour from Yotsuya to Niju- bashi bridge. in the morning on October 30, 2015. The students came to Japan to learn Japanese language, culture and history.  It was actually cloudy morning.  I prayed we would not have rain during the tour. . . . Read more

Welcome, new colleague!

2015-10-11 | Our Activities
26 new members just joined our group.We believe that our group can provide further developed "OMOTENASHI" for foreign guests by powered-up guides.  . . . Read more

The Dutch family enjoyed Tokyo Shitamachi tour on their summer vacation !!

2015-08-18 | Guide Report
We met at the lobby of the hotel early morning and kicked off watching the Sumo Keiko(practice) at Arashio-beya stable.The married couple and their childred in  20s from the Neitherlands enjoyed summer vacation in Japan !!     Fortunately, the weather has changed rapidly.  When we started the tour, it seemed cloudy then after that sunny, then suddenly rainy!! We used an umbrella both for the parasol. We could sometime got cooling down by the shower during the tour, otherwise we would be entirely exhausted by the crazy hot summer day ?! . . . Read more

Mama & daughter from Paris enjoyed the hot summer Tokyo

2015-08-02 | Guide Report
On a crazy hot summer in Tokyo, we welcomed the mama & daughter at the age of 10 from Paris. They enjoyed Tokyo tour visiting Ueno district, Ryogoku and Asakusa. . . . Read more

Wagashi making & Tanabata(Star Festival) with CIEE Students !! (7/1)

2015-07-03 | with CIEE
The 30 international students from US joined this program under the coordination by Edo Tokyo Guide Group and CIEE(Council on International Educational Exchange) The students learned how to make wagashi as well its history and the ingredients by a Wagashi chef from Eitaro(Wagashi shop) at Asagaya. . . . Read more