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Making Wagashi(Japanese confectionery) workshop !!

2014-07-01 | Europa
Akihabara is the place well known as a mecca of animated culture and AKB. There in Akihabara、 the CIEE  international students had an experience of the traditional Japanese culture, “Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making “!! It took place at the Izumibashi Kuminkan in the afternoon, June 25th, with 30 student participants. From US. University.  We invited Sakamoto-San, the Wagashi artisan, from Eitaro with more than 70 year history, at Asagaya.   He very earnestly taught the Students how to make wagashi representing the motif of the seasonal flowers. . . . Read more

Blessed with the beautiful weather, CIEE students enjoyed walking around the District of

2014-04-21 | Europa
Core of the Nation from Yotsuya to Nijubashi on April 16th, 2014. The international students were divided into 7 groups depending on the grade of Japanese language proficiency.   How beautiful weather we could see!  The late blooming cherry blossoms here and there welcomed The students from US just only 3 weeks from arrival.   CIEE international students started the tour from their campus heading for Nijubashi bridge around two  and a half and an hour guided by the members of our group.   We have been carried on this tour for over 6 years, so as the time has been passed,  the city Has been changed, it’s face in different ways over 6 years. . . . Read more

“Bento Lunch Box Cooking Event “ for the international students. 

2014-03-05 | Europa
On 27th Feb. the several members of international students joined our events “Bento Lunch Box Cooking “ in the kitchen room near JR Iidabashi stat.They are all from USA for studying at the Japanese Language School in GAP program. It was so great and fun to have a chance to cook   bento on their own. . . . Read more

GAP students and host family had a cultural exchange activity(Nov. 10th)

2013-11-13 | Europa
In the early November on Sunday afternoon, the member of Edo Tokyo Guide Group had an opportunity to help the high school graduated students try their hands at making their own “ Nuno-zouri” (Cloth Sandals ). They came to Japan to study Japanese language at school in Tokyo.All of them are staying at their host families who are invited together to this activity. . . . Read more

the international students enjoyed a walking tour from Yotsuya to Nijubashi 9/24

2013-10-06 | Europa
CIEE welcomed the new autumn semester students for the 2013 term who arrived Tokyo just a week ago from overseas and, as usual, CIEE planned to have an orientation of Japanese culture by walking from their campus in Yotsuya to Nijubashi-bridge of the Imperial Palace. Edo Tokyo guide group takes pleasure in assisting the plan by guiding the newly arrived students along the course for about 3 hours. . . . Read more

CIEE students challenged to make “Wagashi “ by their own hands!!

2013-07-09 | Europa
Twenty four students of Sophia Univ joined Wagshi (Japanese confectionery) making workshop on 3th July at Manseibashi Kumin-kaikan near JR Akihabara Sta.   . . . Read more

Portugueses visited Japan in early June (2013)

2013-06-07 | Europa
Young couple from Portugal visited Japan in early June. They were introduced to our guide group by their collegues, who inquiried us and enjoyed the tour of Tokyo with one of our guides last November. . . . Read more

German couples enjoyed walking around Yoyogi to Shibuya district (4/19)

2013-04-29 | Europa
The German couples after retirement enjoyed their trip in Tokyo. They visited their son who had been living in Tokyo since half a year. We met at JR Harajuku sta. And enjoyed hanging around Harajuku, Yoyogi, and Shibuya district . . . . Read more

Malaysian Guests fully enjoyed Tokyo Shitamachi tour including Asakusa, Ryogoku etc.

2013-04-27 | Asia
A guided tour was conducted for seven guests from Malaysia on 21 April. The weather of the day was not good, cold rain, however the guests fully enjoyed the guided tour to Asakusa, Ryogoku, Akihabara and Ueno. . . . Read more

Last week, we held a walking tour for international students of Sophia Univ.

2013-04-27 | Europa
Last week, we held a walking tour for international students of Sophia Univ. The walking course was from Yotsuya to Niju Bashi Bridge taking about two and a half hours. I will introduce the 4 places where the students most interested.   . . . Read more