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Timberland Boots The Young Men

2012-12-13 11:50:00 | 日記

Cheap Timberland boots are men as body, standing wave heaped-up mountains a boxing, median his cheeks, clicked his heels together, molar tooth was out a number, the person is in situ turned two laps and drops down. And so badly, is also not room number people's surprise, however, a series of horror surprised eyes focused on the gold on the eye.

Timberland behind clap his shoulder, golden eyes a sideways, the chute, Timberland si slow reason into the house. Room, in addition to be gold eye kick of Timberland boots for women, and scarpe timberland ten years is not a young people, most of the hand with a piece of knife, steel pipe and other weapons, some surface with an angry look, others show fear.

Timberland eye such as knife, upon them slowly swept, and then looked up the decoration of the room. The other party a age is bigger, strapping barebacked Timberland boots for women hands back behind you, from out of timberland boots the crowd, asked coldly. Are you what person? Timberland look back, and he fell on his face.

Big Timberland boots for women's heart is a cold, before the young men is not high, the figure is not thick, appearance is not evil, but his eyes so bright, like the eyes can see through the heart like, sharp eyes and like a knife, shot in his face, feel timberland uk irritable. He is not conscious bowed his head, and for a few seconds before the reaction come over, dark scold his timid, to rear its head again, hit the courage of Timberland eyes and asked.

What the hell are you? Who sent you? Ha ha! Timberland smile softly, insignificant way. No matter who am I, but a friend the two knife the gifts, let a person really hard timberland italia.

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