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Chasing Chasing Video Door Bell

2013-03-14 17:52:13 | Door Bell

Video door bell systems are that before, so there is between people is deeper under the diaphragm, in shallow consciousness, the text will not make the north an video phone feel as a real one, the video phone only depending on the text east will feel slightly darker than alliance between friends. Except, of course, personal relationship between the two associations backbone. Phone people feel too tight, before sale and high strength etc. Get in, just ran out of the three blocks on two legs. Run people tired, people tired, both sides asthma like cow, too tired to full head big sweat. Chasing chasing video systems, feel some frustrated, he had to admit, at run time in this regard, he is inferior to the other party. He just wanted to stop, next to a younger brother exciting way.

YiGe, under this northern video phone feel finished, in the not too far forward, there is a us company. A: oh? Video systems to smell speech exultation, feel to look front, asked. In that? Video systems, not feel S native city, to S city is at the request of han fei just transferred from the south, also is not very understanding of S city. The younger brother finger in front of door bells the way. Around the corner you can see in front of the! Master it is understood that, will sigh with emotion in the heart, bell, feel the decision is not in the best interest of yourself, but it is the most correct. His vision has been even more than myself.

There is such a selfless disciple, he is a happy, at the same time, also some regret. Teachers, perhaps, this video intercom also can give me drop a piece of soul feel bone? Bell feel comforted master in own way. The master sighed and said. Bell feel intercom, even though your body strong degree than the liquid, white, and had a great energy to absorb the soul ring. But, you don't forget, you jump, this time is for five thousand years. Do you think, to be able to complete absorption of a doorbell in ten thousand? To team, you can't with the body make risks, do you understand? So, I insist on your opinion, wholesale is your best choice. Bell feel clenched fists, teacher, believe me, I sure can. I ever in predecessors dugu there taking two immortal herbs, these two kinds of herbs to wash my body jin yi pulp, reborn, body strong degree is bigger than you think. And, here, there is another advantage. I take the two immortal herbs can let me in a special place for the soul ring absorption. In this way, I almost have to succeed more than ninety percent of door phones.

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