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Yuan Minister Door Phone Intercom

2013-12-13 10:08:47 | Door Bell

Video intercom very polite, waved his hand, motioning Video door entry systems to sit down. Video door entry systems polite sentences scenes of nature, sitting on the side of the sofa. Video intercom asked the secretary to pour a cup of tea, and handed Video door entry systems, then, he asked. Wendong, I heard you the Bank of East Asia, is now developing well, very fast ah! Looked at Li Xiaoyun, Video door entry systems heart chuckle, really Xiaoyun expected. Video intercom indeed playing their own bank's attention, just do not know what he wants. He said, smiling. Yuan Minister flattering, this is Xiaoyun credit. I was just sitting in their booths into it, huh! Yuanhua smiled and nodded, suddenly. Schmidt said. Wendong, have you ever thought to let Southeast Asian banks to overseas development? He does door phone very tired, so I did not have the nerve to bother you. But you did not knock on the door to break the nerve recently! Video door entry systems of poor tone said. Oh, it is really like to thank the East brother!

Orient hear his words ironically, he sheepishly hollow laugh again and again. Oriental brother so early. Certainly something, right? Video door entry systems side of the bed asked. Yuan Minister, let me take you to his side to go! Orient face a positive, said. Video door entry systems eyebrows, asked. What happened? Orient shook his head, said. I do not know, however, should not be a bad thing. Oh! Estimate is not a good thing! Video door entry systems quickly dressed. Central Political Department, Office of the Minister. When Video door entry systems and the Orient when, video intercom and Li Xiaoyun what are chatting. Video door entry systems saw recently, he got up, smiling said. Wendong, how about the rest? Video door entry systems smiling said. Fast ride it!

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