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We are familiar with the Replica Cartier Love Bracelet is very expensive

2017-07-13 02:26:21 | 日記
In China’s jewelry, the most attractive is made of jade. Cartier has such a very valuable collection of jade necklace. This necklace is very luxurious, has always been the most important collection of Mdivani family. We are familiar with the Replica Cartier Bracelet is very expensive, can imagine, this jade necklace will be more expensive.
This is the world’s highest auction price of a jade emerald jewelry, from 27 from the late Qing court of the old pit type of jade beads together, each of the beads of the texture and color have reached the top quality of jade The One of the largest ball diameter of 19.2mm, the smallest diameter of 15.4mm, so that the diameter of the old pit in the old emerald beads has been extremely rare, able to form a uniform necklace even more precious – the general needs of the jade necklace Up to three times the emerald beads.
American ladies Barbara Hutton is the owner of this necklace. In 1934, Barbara Hutton’s father asked Cartier to redesign a chain button for the necklace and present it as a wedding gift to her daughter and Georgian Prince Alexis Mdivani’s wedding. The ring-shaped diamond chain buckle design has been influenced by the Art Deco style, and the color of the ruby ​​and emerald is in stark contrast.
This necklace was circulated in the Mdivani family and was presented by Barbara Hutton to Louise van Alen, who also married the Mdivani family. In 1988, this family treasures as Nina Mdivani princess’s collection appeared in the Geneva filming, more than 20 years has been three auctions, is still the most precious jade emerald jewelry.
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