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Cartier love bracelet is also a symbol of loyalty to love

2017-07-13 02:24:25 | 日記
French famous jewelry brand Cartier recently launched a new brooch. This brooch model swallows modeling, a symbol of loyalty to love. The introduction of this brooch, the first time I think is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, because Cartier love bracelet is also a symbol of loyalty to love. This brooch as a swallow as vivid, very suitable for women to wear.
This bird shape brooch is Cartier made in 1944 jewelry, imitation of the swallows modeling, the use of emerald, sapphire, ruby ​​and other rich colors of precious stones, showing the birds flying wings of the posture.
Swallow’s body part of a total of four arc cut from the emerald mosaic, the total weight of 14.42 karats, in which the tail of the mantis inlaid with water droplets, cleverly transition to slim tail. Birds open the wings are embedded pillow-shaped cut sapphire, showing swallows faint blue feathers.
Cartier, especially for this swallows bifurcated tail with an asymmetrical design – the side is shorter, the other side is like a gentle streamer, inlaid small diamonds as a wings embellishment. Since the Brilliant cut process was not yet widely used, you could enjoy the traditional single-cut and sparkling bright diamonds on the brooch.
Swallow in the Western culture symbolizes love and loyalty, often appear in the war made of jewelry, we speculate Cartier during the World War II made this jewelry also want to express the same meaning. In Cartier’s past works, we can also see with the Arc de Triomphe modeling combination of three-color brooch, the German Nazi expression protest “cage bird” brooch and so on.
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