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Did Reality TV just reveal Gemma Flynn's wedding dress?

2016-11-26 09:44:06 | 日記

A bride's decision to say 'I do' or 'I don't' is often made in a split second. It's a life changing choice but it's instant and fairly easy.

But what you're going to wear on the big day? That, friends, is something that needs some pondering, some thought, some time.

It's difficult enough when you only have to look a vision of loveliness in front of your friends and family. But when you know most of New Zealand will be ferociously interested in the evening gowns you've chosen, well, you can be forgiven for falling into analysis paralysis.

So with that in mind it's not surprising that Gemma Flynn, hockey star and fiancée to Richie McCaw, would turn to the experts of Say Yes to the Dress for guidance.

Richie McCaw and his fiance Gemma Flynn. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Flynn travelled to Sydney to appear on the reality TV show that helps brides select something special to wear. The episode screened here last night on Sky's TLC channel.

She had cash to spend,with a budget of up to $8000, and was hoping that purchasing power would get a dress that was, "classic, elegant." She also wanted "something timeless" but with "X-Factor and wow".

So how'd she get on?

The first was rejected for looking like the kind of nightie Madonna would have worn during her Vogue era. The second was rejected because cousin Jessie "hated" it.

"It's so basic," she said.

And the third dress? Flynn loved it.

"It just has that extra special and uniqueness," she said.

The host Adam Dixon seized the moment.

"Are you saying yes to the dress?"

Dramatic music. A pause. The heart stopping anticipation that all wannabe grooms must feel after they've popped the question.

"I'm saying..." Flynn answered, drawing out the moment...

"... maybe to the dress."

Maybe? Maybe! I think we all know what maybe means.

What Gemma Flynn was really saying was 'no' to the unique prom dresses.

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