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The 6 Most Pinned Bridesmaid

2016-10-18 13:42:28 | 日記

Wearing an ugly formal dresses online is just part of being a bridesmaid, right?

Well, it doesn't have to be. The top bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest, according to a boardcreated by the social network itself, are downright gorgeous.

These dresses are flowy and ethereal, and they prove that a floor-length bridesmaid gown can be seriously stunning, no matter what your color palette is.

Pinterest also notes that searches formismatched bridesmaid dresses are on the rise. If your squad has different ideas of what makes a great dress — maybe one friend loves strapless gowns, while another would prefer an off-the-shoulder look — there's no reason to make everyone wear the exact same thing. (Plus, letting your friends choose their own gowns means you're not responsible for making them buy something they don't like or don't want to wear again.)

Click through to see the most popular bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest for some serious inspiration. Fittingly for fall weddings, the top-pinned cheap formal dresses uk include hues like navy, purple, and cranberry, though lighter colors and pastels are still popular, too. The best part, though, is that most of these options are under $200 — and that's news your 'maids will love, no matter what style you choose.

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