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Hello Everyone!

みなさん こんにちは!

My name is Yasuhiko Yamazaki.


I am a japanese independent journalist based on internet media.    


I am also a political and social activist.

I am broadcasting everyday in Japanese 【YYNewsLive】 except Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in local time for more than 9 years.


Approximately 500 persons are watching each time.

I started English-Japanese broadcast by-weekly on Wednesday night from the 7th February 2016 in order to talk directly to 1.4billions of
English speakers around the world to let them know the hidden and unknown truths on Japan and the world.





▲Please find and read here-after the English blog revised on the subject of English-Japansese broadcast made yesterday on 28th July 2021.


【English-Japanese Blog】【英日語ブログ記事No.3691】

■ Series "How to Choose Politicians" No3: USA)

Citizens of each country should choose the President (Prime Minister) and the politicians who would implement the policy to "fundamentally" solve their own "serious problems"!


No3: United States of America


1. Nationalize at 100% "the Federal Reserve Board (FRB)" and transfer all decision-making power to the Diet. Use the Fed's "currency issuance rights" only for "improvement of people's lives and welfare" and "growth of the real" the economy" and not for "financial economy".


For the American people to regain "the currency issuance right" of the world's key currency "dollar" from the "international financial mafia" and release the whole world from "financial control".


2. Allow "the Federal Reserve Board (FRB)" to lend directly to the government, local governments, businesses and individuals with "interest-free, low fees".


To ensure that the Central Bank funds are invested directly into the market rather than through private banks.


3.In order not to increase the national debt any more,the Government would
prohibit the issuance of government bonds.


4. To reduce significantly "the financial economy" and secure new financial resources.the Government would tax "the financial economy"."The financial transaction tax" would be uniformly levied on "all products of financial transaction" to secure new tax revenue.


5. To increase the disposable income of households and revive "the real economy"、
the Government would abolish sales tax.


6.To eradicate poverty,the Government would create "the basic income system" to ensure a hygienic, cultural and peaceful life for all people.


7. To eliminate child poverty,the Government would provide "the child allowance" to all minors.


8. To ensure equal educational opportunities for all citizens、the Government would make all education free


9. To abolish cruel punishment.the Government would abolish the death penalty.


10. To establish true sovereignty and democrac,the Government would abolish "the national centralization system" and introduce "the decentralization system" that recognizes the autonomy and tax collection rights of local governments.


11. Abolish "the Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment" and completely ban "the national weapon possession".


To eliminate each year the death of more than 30,000 and hundreds of thousands of injuries.


12. Establish "the Universal Health Insurance System" and prohibit financial control by private insurance companies.


To provide cheap and safe medical services to all citizens.


13. Abolish "the representative system" and "the single-seat constituency system" of the current "Presidential Election" and change to the "national 1-ward simple voting system" in which the candidate having got the highest total number of votes would be the Ppresident.


To create "the Presidential Election System" that accurately reflects the will of the people.


14. Prohibit political contributions by companies and organizations to political parties and politicians in all elections, including the Presidential Election. Political contributions would be limited to "the individual donations" with limited total amount of donations.


To stop the "Plutocracy" in which the politicians are chosen by "the money."


15. Eliminate weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons and biological and scientific weapons and reduce significantly conventional weapons.


To eliminate all wars from the earth.


16,To stop the role of "the police in the world",the Government would close more than 1000 overseas US military bases around the world and withdraw soldiers.


17. Keep the defense budget within 5% of the real GDP of the previous year.


The real GDP of the United States (2021) is about 20 trillion US dollars. That 5% would about 1 trillion US dollars which is a significant reduction from the current defense budget of 1.90 trillion US dollars.


18.Establish the independent and supreme authority"the Constitutional Court which is specialized in "constitutional review."


To protect "the Constitution" which is the highest law of the country.


19.Abolish the President's appointment of "the Federal Supreme Court judges" and make the term of office a mandatory retirement age.


The Federal Supreme Court would be elected.


20."The Supreme Cour"t sould accept and review all appeals. Therefore, the number of "the Supreme Court judges" would be greatly increased.


To guarantee "the three-trial system" of the trial.


21.Establish "the politician aptitude test system" so that voters could judge whether or not they have (1) insight, (2) ability, (3) achievements, and (4) philosophy suitable for politicians.


To prevent people like former President Trump who are liars, incapacitated, dirty with money and abuse power from becoming politicians.


22.To close the gap between rich and poor,the Government would create "the wealth tax".


23.To close the gap between rich and poor,the Government would introduce "the progressive taxation" with a maximum tax rate of 75% for income tax, corporate tax and inheritance tax.


24.To eliminate the shadow economy that destroys "the real economy",the Government would tax heavyly on the war economy, mafia economy and gambling economy.


25.To not recognize "the tax exemption privilege" of religious corporations,the Government would tax the religious activities of religious corporations.


26.To not recognize the privileges of civil servants,the average annual income of civil servants should be the same as the average annual income of the people.

27.To not recognize the privileges of civil servants,the maximum annual income of civil servants should be within three times the average annual income of the people.


28.To not recognize the privilege of politicians,the maximum annual income of politicians should be within five times the average annual income of the people.


29.To close the gap between rich and poor,the annual income of the chief executives of private companies and various oizations should be within 10 times the average annualincome of the people.


30.To not allow dictatorship by the elite,the Government would prohibit "the elite education" to nurture a small number of elites and guarantee high-level education widely and equally.


31. Abolish nuclear power plants and thermal power plants and switch to renewable energy power generation.


To prevent radioactive contamination caused by the nuclear accident and abnormalweather caused by the global warming.


32.To ensure "the political independence",the Government would separate "the cohesion" with politics and (1) religion, (2) finance (bank), (3) economy (company, industry group), (4) media, (5) military, (6) police and prosecution, (7) court, and (8) labor union.

『政治の独立』を確保するため、政府は、政治と ①宗教、②金融(銀行)、③経済(企業、業界団体)、④メデイア、⑤軍隊、⑥警察・検察、⑦裁判所、⑧労働組合との『癒着』を分離する。

(end of No3)


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Yasuhiko Yamazaki
e-mail: yampr7@mx3.alpha-web.ne.jp
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