2006 Asia Youth Culture Camp のご案内

2006 Asia Youth Culture Camp のご案内


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           Date: October 27-28, 2006

           Venue: Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, South Korea
           Organized by Asia Culture Forum
            in alliance with Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society


For long, Asia has been forgotten by none other than the Asians themselves. All the roads from and to the Asian societies had the other ends in the West (and perhaps still have). If a boy had wanted to travel to the neighboring countries, he must have found a way to his destinations via world metropoles such as New York, London, and Paris. Days of industrial expansion and imperial domination seem to have long gone, but in fact, they are still lingering about in every corner of our habits and institutions.

Generations are changing, and so are the memories. New spaces are being born in every Asian societies with the rise of new generations. Spaces are in flux. Conflicts and confrontations between old values and new visions are clashing hard. Cities and towns are paying dearly for modernization and decolonization. From a street corner of Tokyo to Seoul to Beijing to Taipei to Manila, to Hong Kong to Hanoi to Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to New Delhi, generations of future are resisting or reconstructing the ages of nationalism.

Cultural imagination of being Asian is replacing the idea of becoming Western in the chained spaces of cities. But the shadow of imperial domination and power politics is long and thick. Asia Youth Culture Conference was proposed to open a new space for the future generation to imagine the communities through interactions and exchanges and mutual learnings. This is to be the first moment of a long revolution. Come and join us to open the space and the future.

2006 Asia Youth Culture Camp Steering Committee
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