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With the widespread of android system especially android phones, people would face more problems on android. Once there significant data, files or photos on android is lost, they would focus on the importance of android data. In order to decrease the bad effect of loss or corruption of android, we can find a super recovery pro for help. If such situation really happens, we would meet with that calmly. Anthe recovery pro can also help to get rid of the further destroy of operating system.

Android Data Recovery Pro is a professional recovery tool for recovering lost data from android system especially for android phones. It will help restore unintentionally deleted messages, contacts, photos and videos from your android phones and tablets. Compared with other shareware, Android Data Recovery Pro owns distinguished advantages. The thumbnail display of recoverable photos and files gave better look of the tool; the batch recovery process made it able to recover multiple files at one time; and the safe recovery process proved that it is safe and risk-free. Besides, the software can support more than 100 different file types and nearly all android phone brands in market. In addition, as the world's first android contacts recovery software, it allows you to restore deleted contacts, as well asmessages, photos and video directly from android.

How to recover your android data? Look at the following steps, and you will find it is very easy to handle.

Step 1, open Android Data Recovery Pro, then connect the device and select the destination folder.

Step 2, scan and select the files you want to recover.

Step 3, press recover and get what you want.

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