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I would not hesitate to recommend the C75 for a small office or Ketchup Packing Machine that does a few books a week. The construction is good and it comes with a decent one year warranty. However, for higher volume applications or for offices that need to bind larger documents it probably isn't a good fit. For a little bit more money, it should be possible to find a machine with disengageable dies, an adjustable depth of punch margin, a larger punching capacity and the ability to handle documents up to 2" thick. Still, the C75 has its place in the market and is a good choice for light volume users who need to bind the occasional document or report.Icemachineclearance is one of the global leaders in appliances like ice machine and under counter ice machine used for both commercial and residential purposes. Our under counter ice machine, water filters, and wine storage units, are widely popular, and have become mainstays in both the commercial and residential kitchens.

The under counter ice machine provides some great benefits for smaller caf, bar, and also in the home or office. These under counter ice machines provide ice on smaller scales with greater production rates. The under counter ice machine is a convenience for even the smallest shop or business.

An under counter ice machine is ideal for businesses that have limited space for equipment. Compared to an under counter ice machine, a regular ice machine that makes ice is large and bulky and often requires its own corner in the establishment. Many businesses that do not have an under counter ice machine put their ice machine in their back room which is far away.

Businesses that need immediate access to large amounts of ice also enjoy the benefits of having an under counter ice machine. Busy shops have little time to worry about getting more ice from the back room, so an under counter ice machine makes it easy for employees to have a large supply.Installing under counter ice machine requires very limited modifications that are inexpensive and easy to do. The first thing that under counter ice machine require is a dedicated water line. The water line should be hooked directly into the machine and supply fresh, cool water to the ice machine.
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