2017/06/15 Sat class and NDSL U15.

2017-06-16 01:12:09 | Ireland

Hi, guys.

I will keep posting on my coaching things time to time for my note. 

Today, I went for a coaching session with the U9 team of Terenure Rangers at 615. We have two groups training at the same time. I usually look after the SAT group of them(kind of the second team) and the other coach look after the SUN group.

Basically, the kids in the SAT group are not coachable at all. So I need to put more importance on teaching how fun the football is rather than teaching football technics and skills. I do so when I coach the kids in the Sunday group, though. We sometimes switch the roles each other to teach the other team for the day。It's kind of for a change for us and kids need some fresh air from the different coach. 

Today, We started off with a warm-up, followed by a shooting game  and 1 on 1. Of course  we wrapped up with a match. But A huge mess happened towards the end of the match. A goalie in one team was always kicking the ball ramdomly for the goal kick and gave it away to the other team in front of the goal, so the other team kept scoring after some easy interceptions from his goal kick. And his teammates started blaming him for his reckless goal kick attempts... That made him throw a fit and he kicked the ball hard to a boy in the other team. I think it wasn't on purpose hitting him, but unfortunately it hit his penis and fell flat on the ground and started crying big time!! And then everyone started blaming him for the act.  He ended up saying that I don't want to come to training any more.. 

After the session, I had to explain what was going on during the game to his mom. But I think I could've done better for the case before it got out of my hand. To be honest, I should've cut off the match and teach him where he should kick the ball to and how risky it would be after kicking the ball right in the middle area from goal kick. At least I could've averted it if I had done that.

It was a lesson to learn!! 





 その後、U15の試合を視察。そこのチームのコーチが知人なので、見に来て感想を聞かせてほしいと。そこの統括がScotland Premier leagueのGlasgo Rangers FCのアカデミー統括をしていた方で、今はアイルランドのアカデミーをみているとのこと。紹介してもらい、自分の将来のやりたい事に興味を持ってくれ、コーチとしてやらないかと誘いを受けた。願ってもないことなので、これから話が広がっていけばと思います。

 試合の方は、選手は一応NDSL(North Dublin Schoolboy League)というリーグの選抜チームみたいだけど、レベル的にはまだまだ。縦に急ぎすぎ、難しい選択肢で一発狙いが多い、ワンタッチ目の質の悪さ、ポジショニング、バスの受け方など個人としてもチームとしても課題がたくさん。試合に入りきれず、戦えていない選手も多々。自信の部分が本当に左右するサッカーはメンタルスポーツだと改めて気づかせてくれた。後は選手達に自分がそうであったように、特徴のない器用貧乏な選手にはなってほしくない。これから練習を見て、一緒に成長していければと思います。

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