England Is Going Down. Only Left English.

2017-01-19 10:47:45 | 日記
19/01/2017 (morning) I've read the newspaper that says Prime Minister May chose Immiguration Limmitation Policy rather than EU marcket and to leave EU.
If the article are correct, England is the similar DoDoMerdic situation to Japanese counterpart.

Yesterday, I also read that the railways of suburban London is run by Dutch company.
I sighed. England is a pioneer of railway service from 19 century. Now, it relies on foreign companies.

Combining these news, the situation of the country seems too bad.

In addition, as I wrote before, I visited New Zealand and found young white beggers on the main street at Auckland city.

The government of New Zealand says, "We welcome immigrants from other countries." However, when I visited the immigration office at Auckland, the officer expressed that NZ is now narrowing the possibility of immigration.
This policy is related with that of the suzerain state, I think.

According to the news, the reason of demission of NZ Prime Minister is personal family matter. I don't know whether it is true or false. However, in NZ no one mentioned the topic at all. Nations acted as if he were already inert.

I wanted to stay several years in English speaking countries to brush up the language.
However, I remembered the remark of an old friend of mine in Plutinum Dormitory era Akemi SATO. She said that British related contries lived on English teaching in the world.
In Japan, British lecturers are hired easier than Americans in versities. There is a belief that British English is more academic than American one in this country.
Thus, many British lecturers are overestimated in Japan.
They aren't friendly more than Americans, generally speaking. They use the same tactics that Japanese DoDoMerdic professors, namely, "giving importance too much to subtle distinctions."
They like to show their superiority, enphathising their authentic English to others.

For us people, English is just a communication tool. The essence is much more relevant than the trivial gramatical matters.
Japanese DoDoMerdic professors are absorbed in leaning perfect English compiments, which we people don't count at all.
What is the difference between "Congratulation" and "Congratulations"? I don't care. Someone wants to express their praise to others. It's enough for me.
At Kyorin Univ., this type of English "Education" is highly promoted. Who wants to learn such kind of English compliments at the cost of US$8 thousand per year? Only DoDoMerdic pupils.

I agree that rich DoDoMerdic pupils know usage of limmitted number of English compliments perfectly, including their pronunciation.
however, it's based on the DoDoMerdic value choice. Only compliments weigh in Japan. Thus, speaking English means delivering compliments. Just it. Thus, DoDoMerdic graduates don't worry about their future, even though they have spended time to follow the pronunciation of their British inclinated professors for as long as 4 years.

I've heard that in Faculty of Foreign Languages at Kyorin Univ., there is an integrated curriculum for students, that is, a short sketch of certain scenes. Doring 90 minutes, several pairs of students play the role of the scenario. Every time, the different pair do the same act, in whole unit time of the class.
I've heard from this story from my ex-colleague prof.TOYODA, who resigned the faculty because of this monotonous forced system of Education. For her, this educational system is idiots making process.

DoDoMerdic English Education produces only parrots.
Oh, Parrots, sorry. I must correct. It produces dull little monstous DoDoMerdas much inferior to genuine parrots.
Because parrots are naturally beautiful, with colouful bright feathers, and they know their own bird language and besides they can imitate pronunciation of human beings. They are skilfull and clever.
I apology to all parrots for describing dull DoDoMerdic English leaners as them. I'm extremely sorry, again, Parrots!

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