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 No, Miyuki really thinks so. We human beings are less perfect than other F&F. Thus, we should take care of our personality during our whole life. Each time, we should suffer divine ordials, in other words. No exception. Miyuki is not free from it, she indeed knows so. Thus, semi-animals, we, human beings are. Probably, Lilis or Giants' gene we have a bit. Always we should struggle against this evil tendency. However, not so difficult in a normal situation. however, in some crutial moment, we should reveal our real character. Anyone is free from the ordial. and thus, we can live with some tension, in negative and positive, both meanings.

  Thus, Miyuki chose just positive meaning, and refused negative. Ordials are necessity or requisit for our life, and we should win this game. And only positive type could gain the game most.

  Thus, they just lost the possibility to be human beings, probably.

  Always, Miyuki presumed so rightously. And at least, YUKARI is a confirmed Alzheimer patient, the real one, yes.

  If her responsible askes me to investigate the best place for YUKARI, I would do so. IZUMI-san gave me an idea of Group Home. At least, try it, provisionally, I would like to say.

  And they all failed. YUKARI should be treated like a queen, they were recommended by her mother, Clare was said so, at least. Because YUKARI is superior to us all. IDIOCRACY's Queen, yes. Ironical sense, yes.

  And they gave up to persuade Miyuki to be concealed in her mother's sacred chamber. Now, if her mother will not change the will, she pushe her away to Clare's chamber. Good relief for both of us. Anyway, YUKARI is dangerous now. She calls often to her own squad to kill some of us, when she felt nasty. At least, Miyuki would be free from "being killed during her sleeping".

  They persuaded Miyuki's mother to do so, however, if someone askes, she wants to price up anyway type. Monopoly's origin, Miyuki explained clarely. And they really felt like that. Living God like existance, she is, they ironically expressed her in her back. Not Miyuki, but her mother, HARUMI. Who could put up with such a contemptious situation like behavours she took, and Miyuki was so slow to get acquaintance of it.

  Oh, Chinkoro!!! You are her saver!!! Always, she made a slight mistake, and others start to attack her harshly. Oh, spelling system, they used, and wanted to change my opinion as they liked. Correction, they wanted to apply to her conducts, and they asked Miyuki's mother to use the system. and she should put up with any contemptious remarks on Miyuki in every case????

  They did it, and Chinkoro prevented the worst case. Automatic correction. And Miyuki didn't want it. And it is confirmed worldwidely. The contextual reliance, she adopted. Now spelling mistake type. Thus, everyone can speak easily and more frankly. Why spelling is so important? Just for being quick. A game. Not so important. Significance is the best velue in communication.

  Her mother wanted Miyuki to be polite to others, indifferent from our common understanding. And she should know the fact. She is cruelly jealous to others. Serial killer type, yes.

  YUKARI is the same type. Thus, they get along with each other. Anyone can put up with YUKARI, and only her mother likes her.

  They are mutually dependent. Thus, they cover others' mistakes. HASE BYO nurse did the same pattern. Thus, they failed and should vanish now.

  For the last time, yes. However, she was dead more than several decades ago, Miyuki felt so. Changing way of saying and appearance in public is sometimes necessity for us all, yes. however, changing character means death of personality. And DDMs are believers of the strange religion called Mother=Devil. After the first kid's birth, wife should be a devil in the family in Japan. Miyuki didn't think so. Only indulged wife used the legitimatization to live depending on her family, at the same time, keeping her own indulged privileged position. Queens, they were called.

  Arrogance is the most hatred of Gods of the universe, Miyuki believes, and to be agaist any arrogance and jealousy, as much as possible. yes, sometimes she fails. However, she corrects them immediately, as soon as possible. And appologies to the victims as soon and much as possible. This works to strengten her system of Anti-arrogance. Not nasty. Just a recognition. A bit shameful, yes, because she notices her own mistakes. however, as a result, she gains a lot of gifts because of her developping process. It is good for others, yes. Not so promissive, however, easily to mimic others, like a professional performer type. A kind of comedienne, she is. Anyway, laughing is the best policy for us all!!!

  Trifle thing should not be criticised, was their policy. However, they criticised others in the minimulist approach. Like Kyorin versity, Miyuki thought, and sighed. And Todai also. 丹頂鶴 or Red Head Crane symptom again.

  Only others should obey, while we, so previleged, not at all!, was the starting point of IDIOCRACY. Why "equality under Law" exists type conducts were their daily life. They took advantage of it, and made enermous numbers of mistakes intentionally to others, they said finally. No. Wrongdoings. Intentional mistake is already contradiction. They admitted their wrongdoings in the final stage.

  They should vanish yes. however, they could pick up some affected ones as their belongings, they decided. Idiocratic way of allowence. Who did it? Anyone didn't want to indulge them at all. They themselves did against the promise. Betrayal, it should be called.

  Precarious, they were allowed, however, they came back and did wrong as they could at max. The evilest was done in Shirakawa, because of Miyuki's problem?????

  Always they want to put their responsibilty to others. We are victims, while they are wrongdoers. Thus, the end.

  today, DDMic vehicles moved so slow. And the IKKYO sports type faked kids ran so slowly. Why they couldn't run faster than my walking????

  Too too strange for her. Their faking was so strange for others. Instead of working, they started to have lunch at first. And one worker mistakenly pretended to be a walker, and took a rest in a view enjoying point during his working time.

  A strange faked real estate negociator brought two faked clients, explaining as if South Lake were all belonging to his company, althouth it is public property, and all three were in black formal clothings as if they were going to a funeral.

  They can't identify the actual role and its character, and they repeated the habitual most common character of each, Miyuki felt so, wathing the rare fanomenum near the lake side.

  They are all ghorems, Miyuki thought. They sold their spirits, yes. Already Muck. And when she was sketching, exagerated number of faked walkers appeared and passed in front of her, disturbing her sight. And vehicles wanted to stay near her.

  Why? Many birdies were near her, and she liked to see her skecthing. And they showed their various unnusual talents in front of her. Clows were making a conversation so long today, on the earth. Not in the sky. Comments? and a big crow showed his way of 1m hight pararel flying, and 0.5 version also. risky! You would be caught in water!, Miyuki warned, and he could it. And two water birds could walk on the surfice of lake. Thus, Miyuki thought of that Chinkoro would play the game to learn the way. And he did it, and Miyuki remembered the story of "White Rabbit in INABA", an old legend almost 2000 years ago.

  A white rabbit got proud of his quickness, and trapped many crocodiles and in the last stage, the lie was revealed and the crocodiles punished him, peeling his fur. He was crying of the pain, and a human being's ancestor called OOKUNINUSHI or Big State Owner Prince, passed him ointment and he was cured.

  When some other species of animals are getting arrogant, he was peeled out by others, in ancient era. Arrogance was punished by other animals also. Probably, it was not rabbit, but ape, more exactly, our ansestor. Human beings were peeled apes. Thus, Miyuki has some affection to touch fluffy fur. Contemtious legend, thus, other animals were used as their petaphor.  Punished already. And we got so arrogant more and more, beyond the limit of universe. Thus, we were in the danger of vanishing. Not the danger of the planet, but the danger of us, human beings.

  And Miyuki got to know that Lilis or ex-animal type ancestors human beings have, and always are inclined to be anti-humanistic, in this meanings. So forgetful, because of it.

  Semi-monstrous, we call it. And we should appology to others that we made a big mistake yes. Human beings should vanish immediately, in a body, they yelled. They lost all of our precious belingings so easily. They got upset. And they wanted to kill human beings as soon as possible. Indeed.

  However, some promissive should be fine to try the existance of good nature. Thus, we are chosen by someone. Called by someone, Miyuki really felt. And Miyuki was the most promissive anyway. Most animal like existance among them. Non civilized type. Female??? Todai related???? Over 50???? They got astonished at her existance at all. Too too rare figure at all!!!

  So fast to change her mind, if she gets to understand the situation in a whole. Flexible is not flamboyant. Reason is needed for the former. She is not so promissive type. however, she always felt "I am different from others", in the bottom of her heart, and she thanks so much to her lucks. I am not so skilfull in every meanings, however, for the sake of luck, I could manage the situation like feeling she feels even now. Just to be anti-arrogant is enough, she believes. And she did so. Proud, yes she has. She easily is proud of anything. Always I got a prize! type. Amusing! Cheerful life, she wants.

  how she dared to require such a strange requisit for accomplishing this cruel nasty mission?, they thought. yes, harsh, sometimes, however, the process could include some amazing discoveries!!! yes, we should know the facts, all, as much as possible. We pledged our revenge against DDMs.

  Miyuki really thought that Japan did wrong since the begining. They lived under total IDIOCRACY historically. Thus, they couldn't get out of the vicious circle eternally!!!

  Goddamnit towns, in Japan. Fatus eaters, they were. They marked the smell, and Miyuki smelled it in Kyorin campus, in the center of Tokyo, in the train of SAIKYO line, and in the house.

  For them, not nasty so much. however, YUKARI exclaimed, "Oh, what is this?!!!"

  Why my bones vanished and the smelly something appeared abruptly???

  Now, Alex is earger to move to other place. He is only one target of the both. Anyway, he should be treated better than others, because he is the tenth of Sato Family.

  When Miyuki heard their remarks, Miyuki felt strange. Clare is also tenth, yes. And the number of generation weighs lot on them why???

   Not, he is the target of feeding the old bugs. Too too nasty Alzheimer patients, they are. How Alex replied? Oh, I am not the tenth. YUKARI would be fine to be so.

   And they agreed to do so. And Alex escaped from the disaster soon. Illegitimate conversation. Just a joke type way of saying, they did, and for them, the fact, confirmed.

  Property holders they wanted to be. and they wanted more and more. And they should know the fact. Incapable, they are.

  Miyuki appointed the way, and her father recognized it. At least, there is a chance to do so. and he tried and could do it. Thus, they all escaped from the biggest disaster.

  Clare got astonished at Miyuki's predict. "Oh, now, no public power at all, including judiciary. Thus, if someone declares, faked public agencies do as it says."

  Thus, incapability should be confirmed. and he paid a lot on the matter, and they did quickly. It worked. Anyway, lawyer in a family, doctoral degree holder she is. Admiration from all of their family.

  Not so promissive, however, quick to perceive the situation. Animal like perception, she has. Not only instinction type. Because she is assisted by others!!!!

  Back Stage dancers!!!! All of them are poor in figure type. She should know the fact, they thought. And she agreed cheerfully. Oh, me too!!!

  Too too poor as versity professor, she is. Amazing fact for Platinum tribe. "Exploraration", the faked real estate holder and the faked clerk talked. Why they used such an unsuitable academic term for their faked negociation?, Miyuki got upset.

  They always used it, and wanted to use it as usual. for it, they came to us all. Oh, impulse catcher?

  They wanted to trace Miyuki's life, and trace Miyuki herself???? Metapher doesn't exist type, they are. Thus, meta-physics is important for us all. Hegel! Oh, now she remembered his name smoothly.

  Why sometimes, I couldn' remember such an important well known name?, Miyuki gets in wonder. Someone explained it as the lack of interest, and others aging, others idlness of memory function. And too too simple proper name, like Hagel, Miyuki could not remember exactly in the moment. Why???

  A mechanism. Nasty rough made mind, they put in Miyuki' head, instead of her genuine brain, in a part. And Miyuki was marked by DDMs as usual. Too too nasty, however, they tried to do so sometimes to conceal their own fact. Just say, "We lost", DDMs!!!!

  Miyuki would like to eat someting. Dinner needed.

  See you soon in this blog!!!!

   Vanish!!! DDMs!!!!

  With BIG LOVE and beijinhos, from Quarted MARC!!!!

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