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2017-08-14 22:51:34 | 日記

All big tax standards, including constitutional ones, are skewed and betrayed by satans. They call it sometimes, "inner tax", sometimes, "outside tax" and sometimes 5%, sometimes 8% and sometimes 10%!!!

The exact name is Consumer tax, yes. However, each supermarket put it as they like fanomenum, in Shirakawa. And just BLA-BLA-BLA is written as explanation. The proof of Alzheimer patients, at all Supermarkets.

Thus, idiocracy confirmed, done.

The police is faked one. With guns! Terrible!

And Miyuki found three "Jeep" mark vehicles, on the road and in the parking lots of Supermarkets. Two, dark green, and one, white. White jeep? Strange inclination. Camp Frankenshtein like impression.

And all three were new and brand name is Wrangler. And they are said "Imported" according to the stecker on the back. The tires were Dunrop, according to the letters on them.

Suddenly, why three?

And whitish green heavy duty dump tracks and trash cars are increasing. And also dark green thick cloth roof damp cars.

Satanic Alzheimer skills, probably.

for Miyuki, satans are wet is a big surprise. However, muck, and fat short Gaia the earth type, Miyuki now changed her mind of the conception of the standard human figure of satans, understands so well.

Wet Muck, thus, diarrea muck smell, here and there, especially, near the shelves of cheapish traditional Japanese sweets corners, at each supermarket.

Nostargia triggers their wetness, and satans feel to evacuate, and suddenly do it in the supermarkets, was the rightous answer.

Old satans, Shirakawans are.

Grogan Dog was unfortunately now jobless. He was accused by his aproximity with Miyuki. Miyuki just wanted to say that he is acute, quick good looking young promissive German Shepard. However, Groran got upset, and he fired this german dog, and now, he turned to be wild dog...better than participated in Mega-Death...Grogan Dog was chased by his ex-mates, and needed to look after foods, even in trash bins. And now, No Man's Land...Thus, sufficient to eat, anyway.

He needed to change his appearance. For german dog, it was difficult. However, some examples were existing in you kins, they advised, and he tried, and turned more original shepard type. Brown longer hair and black face at the center. In his police job days, he was rather black, Miyuki remembered it, and his black short hair was brilliantly cambed up, and looked handsome. however, now, more Lobo the wolf, in Seaton Animal Diary.

More Miyuki's inclination. However, he prefers to be lonely now. Miyuki's offer is too too kind, however, too too hard for him and his mates. For her, paradise, however, for others, nasty inferno, probably. Why???

Amusing yes. However, non moral at in a certain field.??? Too too moral and healthy! Don't you want to try? No? Thus, please advertise for others, especially, young couples. "Miyuki, my rightous brother team's leader, wants her boyfriends. Probably, your future kids would be good candidates. She is more liberal than us all. Next generation should be more reformed or developped. Thus, more liberal. Thus...she wants to do it for them, if they want, in the near future..."

The next generation would be chilled...for frosen sperm???

Miyuki is too too nasty to say so. However, even animal world had suffered from anti-reproductive attacking, yes. Less kids world, here and there. For whom???

For the nature, it would be fine, yes. Already, when we were kids, the population was too much to be sustained by the earth, we were said. Thus, ideal, for other animals and plants. However, the reduction for Fauna and Flora is too too drastic, and Miyuki already got chilled at Silent Spring, Summer, Autumn, in Tokyo.

In Hachioji, no insect world, already. Cockroaches were rare, in 2015, and they were weak and slow so much.

There, only rainy seasonal flowers and Japanese Hibiscus bloomed, in 2016.

Birdies, only two crows, a treeful of MUKUDORIs and several AJISASHIs, only three species, in Hachioji.

They killed so much, suddenly, and No Man's Land fenomenum happened.

They can't believe that others revealed the fact, however, got revealed so soon. Why they can't believe?, was probably presumed by Moriko, OKINO and Miyuki. Alzheimer recognition problem. Arrogant. Stupid, objectively, while genus, subjectively. At Kyorin, Todai, Waseda, Knocked Out, Aoyama, Tsuda, and so on, all the same. No versity at all.

They can't believe that they suffer from Alzheimer disease. Thus, recognition problem. Who says "I am not Alzheimer" would be Alzheimer, in case of satans. Objective diagnisis is necessary.

In Xebio, a training center for Miyuki, and a sport equipment shop objectively, faked consumers got interested in clothiings only. Sports shop, why they want to wear some 5 times expensive clothings, and don't get interested in any sport related materials? Fake, yes. Thus, more "sportive!" should be keyword, Miyuki thinks, however, they were not wanting to play the role of sportive guys. Strange!

And Beisia, the security service yelles, "welcome, cliants!" Oh, just like the first floor of New MARU-no-UCHI Building, in front of Tokyo Central station.

Good looking young security service played the role of Hotel Front, in the evening, after 19:00. For Miyuki, ????, however, for satans, "Anyway, uniform wearers, they are!"

Junior high kids with guns world would come in Shirakawa!!!! Salor Uniform & Machine Gun. By Hiroko YAKUSHIMARU.

Miyuki wants her leather pants and bistche with transparent shoulder straps, and long boots, all in a black. Coolish, anyway! GAKI-DEKA, yes, as an executer: Model Miyuki SATOW. Statute???

(KOMAWARI + Sharlot Rumpling) ÷ 2 = Miyuki

Rumble Fish, Miyuki did know the name. River Phoenix's struggle between two brothers.

Miyuki didn't pay so much for movie. Expensive. In USA, just one coin of US$5 per road show, thus, OK, however, in Japan, for adults, US$18!!! Impossible!!!

In Roppongui Hills, Miyuki was induced to watch "Short Money" for free. Miyuki didn't know the system at all. They yelled, and Miyuki entered. Just it. No ticket at all. She didn't want to watch it at all. And didn't know the system at all.

It happened, when she was in front of National Theater beside Supreme Court of Justice in Tokyo. The discription was, "For guys, who were invited, only!" and when Miyuki was reading the discription, they yelled, "don't you want to enter into the inside?" Thus, "yes, I want" and Miyuki entered, and watched the 5th memorial day of TOUHOKU Big Earth Quake!!! The superficial formality only, and no audience. Just for TV news video use, only!!!

Miyuki got in rage on the stage. No guys really thought of the victims at all. Just film making only. No Man't Land, yes. And no audience at all. Just faked mourning guys only world, and almost 10 TV monitors there.

Miyuki is in now experiment mode. She tries to be less harmless to others. Thus, she tries to use Carbonate Oxigenode Natrium for every wathing job.

She is now training to live in the minimum. Thus, so small space, she uses. and only one micro-oven for cooking, and a sink for washing face, and toilet and bathroom. And these spaces are used in public, thus, not so uses them for long minutes. Should be quick. And no soap life would be good for Fauna & Flora.

thus, Miyuki tried to find a good material in several shopping centers, and found the soda. Baking powder, in short.
She started to use it. She bought it earlier to make pancake, however, now, for cleaning, rather the culinary use.

Cheap, Multiple use, harmless. Why it is not used for cleaning job, so much? Exist some believers of this product as cleaning use. However, so few to advertise baking powder as cleaning use. No more ditergent, Miyuki thought of. Easy and only few. And no smell at all. different from soap. Powder type.

Miyuki would try it for washing face, body, and brushing teeth. Probably an ideal for her future life.

Gradualy, her activities would enhance, in the near future. Thus, training is necessity as its training. And after she gains Jeep, used type, she would live inside the Jeep, and use some shower and toilet in some kind guy's house, by its acoordance. Thus, minimum life, she is now trying.

And selective members are needed. Thus, as soap, teeth paste, clenser of dish, and so on, baking powder was chosen.

Miyuki liked to use herbal soap yes. However, it would cause a more damage for plants world. Thus, more selective guys, should be used.

And after training, sometimes, when Miyuki wants to feel really gourgeous, she uses her special soap, bought at Air Port of Auckland, in New Zealand, made of mud of SPA, according to discription.

She would make her original soap, in the near future, as her experiment, however, as a basic standard washing paterial, baking powder is enough, Miyuki thinks. Easy and clean. Non harmful. Eatable. Thus, she liked.

And toilet paper would be used as a kind of any disposible cleaning work. Only a few, not to make so much of trash. She used wes, torn from her used bed clothing, however, it was ending now. Thus, in case of gaining some used cotton cloth, she would cut and use it, however, more effectively, toilet paper, non smell type would be fine. A bit a bit, is necessity to be thrifty, and keep clean.

Le Crue, an Italian Silicon ware for Micro-oven use, which Miyuki bought at US$12 vanished, in the main house. Always, Miyuki's belongings vanish in her house. Some guy steals or allows to be stolen, probably.

Why YUKARI occupies so many rooms?, is our question. Because she is Alzheimer patient, is the rightous answer. Alzheimer patients want to enhance more and more, without limit. Alzheimer excessiveness, she is in this stage suffering from.

Extremist? Not at all. Just she can't stop her activities at all, if she likes. Addictive, in this meaning. Thus, she is drinking beer, and now, addicted in any addictive medicine, provided by her team mates.

Satans providing medicines, it was called, yes. However, no one caught the scene. Oh, I watched a white hand. Isolde???

Triste Tristan. Tristan, because he is the hero of sob story. Betrayer, he is, and stole his boss's wife. For Miyuki's understanding, "Oh, Arthur, it's good time to cut the tie with this bitch! Give her to him, and look for another! Probably, prittier and younger, the next would be! Big chance, for you, Arthur! You can dispose this old skin bag! You are so lucky to be able to do so! Betrayal is the real cause of quit her from your family! I hope you choose correctly!"

And his answer is, "as always. She came back, saying, "I suffered a lot. Thus, I need some guy's warmth." And Miyuki would reply instead of Arthur, "Oh, you were so ugly to be kicked out from your new lover! Bye, for now! Vanish, in front of me! I will find better wife. You are just an old bitch for me, now. Time changed, and you changed also. Thus castle you can't stay in any more! No time for the loser, Isolde! Your choice. You are not so young, nor beautiful at all, old bug! You are useless for us all! Thus, vanish! Immediately, BUSU Bitch!!!"

In the polite mode is as follows, "Oh, Tristan, you found a suitable wife! Oh, I know, she was so good at doing it! You tried, yes! How about you? Not so bad? Thus, get married with her! I am so so kind to celebrate your marridge, for you both! I am tolerant, as you know, Tristan! Congratulations! You have a wife already! She is yours, Tristan! I hope you would have a happy life with her!!! Go with her! She is follow you, of course! You should leave here, of course. You chose already it. Your departure! You are now in the new phase! She would be so fine for you! The real better half, Tristan! She is rather your inclination, however, stupid I, King Arthur didn't recognize it at all! Now, I did know it so well. Thus, I want you two to be happy in your future. I, of course, would like to be happy, yes. However, now your turn! Go with her! You would be so nice to her, and she, to you! You two are so so similar, like twins! You would be tied so tight, and would never been split! Go, guy! Bye for now! Congratulations for your new life, for you two, both, Tristan and Isolde!!!"

Arthur is now in a good mood. As a matter of fact, ISOLDE was a seed of his headache. Now, he is totally relieved from her, eternally! Superb!!! He feels so light like a swallow. Thus, he wants to depart for his new adventure, especially to get his new mate!!!!

Thus, Arthur found a beautiful young lady, and got married, up to get tired of their sexual life. The end.

British Pride, it was called. Tristan and Isolde. Miyuki only remembers, "White arm ISOLDE" and the rest, she forgot. Why so many times, "White armed ISOLDE?" and her hypothesis is so so primitive. Swine, she was!!!!

Western countries don't have such a habit. However, in case of necessity, she was eatable. Thus, fat is good among them. Miyuki is too too right, because why the song exaggarated the whiteness of her arms????

And for 20 years in Japan, whiteness is prevalent among DDMs. Almost 20 years ago, umprellas were started to use to protect their white arms, even in cloudy weather. For Miyuki, astonishing.

And now, it is common for old rural males. Miyuki watched an old male satan walked with a dark brown umbrella, along the riverside near Mega-Stage Shopping mall. Oh, SHIRAKAWA, U2???? Miyuki got appalled, as usual!

And several days ago, more unusual scene, in front of her.

These days, old rural bitch female types, especially cycle riders, use Black Long Glove in their arms, especially, under the red hot sunshine. Chilly Peppers.

For Miyuki, yes, in Tokyo, and in some urbanized areas, it was already seen for so many times. Not unusual. However, in rural area, like Shirakawa, why rural farmers want to wear long gloves to protect their arms from sun shine?, was Miyuki's primitive question. Farmer should work even under the red hot sunshine. why they avoid to appear under the sun shine, and in case of appearing, always they are covered with so many protective clothings???

And more shocking scene for her. She was in BENIMARU-Showamachi, sitting at a table, and talking on her unusual experience in Shirakawa.

An old really rural male appeared with BLACK LONG GLOVE, like famale satans!!! Oh, U2!!! Miyuki got surprised so much. Dynamite class shocking, she caught. However, no one paid attention at all. For them, normal. While, Miyuki, "Oh, the end of the world, yes, of course, of satans." like great schocking.

Even MATSUKO, a female clothings wearing comedian, a big fat boy type, would not have such a bravery to wear them like that! For Miyuki, too too shocking, and she took a picture, as soon as possible.

Shirakawa is unusually protective from the sun shine. Why???

Probably, the situation of whitening was an evasive explanation for us all. Why they use umbrellas in cloudy and fine day, was primitive question. Thus, "whitening" was the answer done by satanic side.

And even in fine day, dark black or navy rainy umbrellas were used. Miyuki thought that Oh, they were all Alzhimer satans. The mates provided evasions instead of the Umprella maniacs.

And now, long glove wearing guy, not fashionable at all. TAGISAKU with black long gloves. Who made him get to wear them??? And the result. He put them both, by himself. Because he thought as if it were normal.

Miyuki is sleepy now, thus, see you tomorrow!
VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly BUSU bitches!!!

Then, from Cyborg 009, with Big LOVE!!!

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