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19/06/2017 (Monday, evening)

Look at this article!

Japanese Government starts to provide US$5 thousand for their DDMic friends, at the cost of our precious money called tax. And this idiots showed to give more benefits to them, confirmed.

Miyuki went outside as usual. She got up at 7:00 oclock, and checked her garden, and found that two chilled leaves of rasberry were shrunk. Probably it decided to cut the damaged part, and concentrated on the growing job.

Today, first, many junior high bitch type uniform wearing bitches appeared in YAOYA-cho area. Despite of cold weather, they was putting on summer light uniform called "セーラー服”or Salor man's jacket combined with pleat skirt. Machine gun should be putted. Hiroko YAKUSHIMARU.

Miyuki is now drowsy, because someone put amphetamine in the office, during her absence. Miyuki came back to the office and started to write this article at 19:00, and after several lines, she was caught by sleeping mode, and now, at 22:52, could start to write again.

These days, the inclination to sleep after coming back from her evacuation walking like orphane,was so so strong, and she could not put up with maintain her open eye mode. Thus, it is so difficult to inform the discoveries on the same day. She wants to write more and more, however, during a day, she is obliged to pass her time outside, almost from 8:00 to 19:30, to avoid the nasty disaster, and after, the sleeping attack.

Probably, someone put so small amount of amphetamine near the desk. It is enough to cause her sleeping mode. So so sensitive against this medicine, she is.

Thus, this someone is accustomed to use it, when it thinks to disturb her working.

And from almost 20:00 to 22:30, someone came to wash so small ammount of clothings in the office's clothings changing room. Repeatedly means that this one is the real Alzheimer patient. And this repetition induced Miyuki's sleeping mode at maximum. Accelator, the machine use is.

Oh, thus, acepharos DDMic cars were used for their pleasure death?!!!

Today, in the parking lots of MEGA-STAGE shopping mall, Miyuki felt L.S.D. In front of YAMAYA. They inhale some addictional medicines, and started to drive in the cars. Gear change is not necessary. Only accelarator situation.

Break pedal is not necessary for them. Probably, the system is similar to racing model of bycicle for professional racers. Just letting the foot from the accelarator would cause the same effect of breaking function. Oh, "Idoling Stop mode is recommended" was because of it.

Miyuki remembered that MASAKI was so sleepy when he was in her office at Kyorin Versity. Miyuki thought that he was working hard. And he said, that he was suffered from traffice accident in 2014. On the parking lots of his town, probably, near SAGAMIHARA. And he was not so bad at listup ability. He had ability to make a report in the quickest way. Clever, Miyuki categorized him.

And he said, sometimes, he got violent, when he was drinking. In the bar, drinking with his mates, including his actual wife, he got so angry, and broke the wall in the bar.

Miyuki remembered that she, unintentionaly, fell in the bycicle and inclined to the house of Ms.ONOZAKI, a resident of an old house, borrowed by Miyuki's grand father.

Miyuki, as naughy boy's manner, kept silent at the matter. It happened when she was 5th grader of her prymary school days. After several days, Ms.ONOZAKI claimed to her father that "Miyuki broke the wall of the house", probably. And the father asked Miyuki, "Did you break the wall of her house?" and Miyuki denied decisively.

And Miyuki kept silent on the matter until 2016. Miyuki was asked by her father, "Miyuki, you did broke the wall of Ms.ONOZAKI, in fact, didn't you?" And Miyuki, now she thought that it would be better to confess her wrong behaviour in public, thus just said, "In fact, yes."

So so short confession of her mistake. For her, only 50cm X 50cm wall dislocation would be ignored to the adults. Slight naughy job. Why the adults are so so serious at her so slight bad bahavour?

And Mr.ONOZAKI could mend the wall so easily. Why she was so persistent to accuse me? She was a kind of existance, who relied on kindness of others. My grand father rented the house only at US$100 per year. During more than 50 years, she paid so small amount of money for my family. Why she accused me, only by such a trifle???

When Miyuki fell in the bycicle, YUKARI was near. Only one guy who could inform "Miyuki broke the wall".

Probably, YUKARI took advantage of Miyuki's mistake, and put some unusual requirements on in at maximum. She sold Miyuki to Ms.ONOZAKI, against her family's benefit. She is always betrayer type, since she was born. Unhappiness creator, she is.

Returning to MASAKI's wall breaking, probably, the same thing happened on him. He is a kind of "Always picking some troubles unintentionally." type. Miyuki heard several problems from him, and each one is a kind of "You are completely right, however, you lost, unfortunately".

Trouble makers, Miyuki felt in him and herself. Always some evil guys put us tremendously big burden after our slight mistake.

MASAKI was a kind of poor family's kid, with a bunch of kids. Too too rare in Japan. 4 members of his brothers were already independent. One of them turned to be a SUSHI cook.

He has a younger sister. His father was ex-yankii, and put into jail especially for youngsters. He showed his photo in his yankii age. Handsome boy with yankii like white working clothings called TSUNAGUI, racer type, and dyed his short hair in blond. "Do you think this guy is good at appearance?" And Miyuki said "yes! Oh, handsome boy!" And "However, his fasion is not good...Yankii fashin is out of mode...Anyway, he is handsome"

His photo of his high school or junior high period, Masaki showed Miyuki.

MASAKI went to junior high, and he struggled with some guys who belonged to another group. Near TAKAO mountain, in HACHIOJI. One day, they, MASAKI and his team mates, fought against 6 figures. And MASAKI's team won. And he took a walkman type recording system's equipment from the 6 figured team.

Then, he was sued by the enemy because of robbery. He was in junior high, at that days. He was declared guilty by a judge, and was put into a jail for deliquent youth. Near his house, in SAGAMIHARA, near HACHIOJI.He was in the jail for several months.

His description was almost equal to that I experienced in Tokyo Bay Detention. In his case, the biggest problem was meals provided by the facility. Fish only. He disliked fish. Thus, he ate ricebowlful of rice with soysauce only. Anti-nutritional. However, for actual youth, fish is a kind of food torture. Meat should be provided. And fish is costive now. Why they provided fish? Easy to cook? Not at all. Just they wanted to torture the youth.

And he was also sued in civil court. And his father was obliged to pay US$30 thousand to the boy, who was taken the equipment. He said, "Reliable female lawyer said to us to be better for us to pay the value, and my father agreed."

Miyuki felt strange. Too too expensive. Miyuki searched the value of damage, in averege, and found that the value of US$30 thousand was the averege of one marder. "Oh, MASAKI, you paid excessively expensive money to the enemy. Do you kill him? For me, if you did it, I don't betray you, because in case of serious fight, it happens type thing. The value is so so high. I am in doubt of the lawyer. And why your father agreed such a high value? I could meet the lawyer to investigate if she were a betrayer." However, MASAKI denied Miyuki's suspect on the killing case, with a slight smiling, as if, "This guy is prepare for the real battle! Worrier! However, not me."

Miyuki explained that the civil case is different from criminal case. And MASAKI was punished by Criminal system. And the civil case, he should not pay any money to the boy, because he was in the total agreement of the fighting. It means that he already abandoned the right to sue the counterpart. Sly betrayer, this boy is!!!

And the lawyer was described "Reliable. Harsh type lady". Miyuki said, "I want to meet her. Where is her office?" MASAKI replied, "In SAGAMIHARA". God Mother type, who doesn't know law at all, and played the role of lawyer, against her incapability. KAKISHIMA or YUKARI type!!! Existed in SAGAMIHARA.

MASAKI told his youth prison experience frankly, because Miyuki got interested in. And Miyuki felt sorry for his Fish Only sytem. He said, "the rest, anyway, endurable. My family visited me every day, and they handed comic magazines for us. We, prisoners, got up earlier than 7:00, and made some glooming, and ate the messy meal, and some instruction was given. After, just boring pastime. We could do as we liked. Just boresome." However, at the same time, he said, "When I was put in an independent jail, I felt so so afraid, like I was closed from anybody outside. I want to run away from here, however, I couldn't. What shall I do? Fear, a big fear!!!"

MIYUKI deeply got impressed at his "Closing Area" experience, and said to him, "I felt so so sorry to hear it. If my son would be put in such a messy place, I would not be able to put up with the situation. Fear, I understand well."

However, at that time, Miyuki didn't that the DDMic army already planned to put Miyuki into the jail, just for giving the big damage on her career. Not Alex, but MIYUKI herself, got in custody, later, as you know well.

MASAKI is a kind of trouble maker. And Miyuki thought, "Oh, he is negative version of Miyuki, me!! He is not protected by Law Suits(Laugh!), thus, he is easily suffering damage, indifferent from any ability he has. Thus, I, Law Suits MIYUKI, instead of Mobil Suits Gundam, would revenge to the society! "

At that time, MIYUKI didn't know that LAW doesn't function at all!!! Her tiny knowledge on Law, didn't help her at all!!! Law, for justice, Miyuki believed, and failed...Now she regrets that I made a big mistake. I should be an artist, rather than law professor. Good at painting, and scrupture. MIYUKI Angelo!!!

She put Michalangellos' masterpiece work, "Creation of Sky and the Earth", on the wall of the office of the graduate school of Tokyo versity. It was an amusment of only Litmus Test Paper could do it type. The exact "it" of ADAM appeared in the sight, and the old guy, Gods' representation, pointed his finger to Adam's one. ET's contact pose, with dress wearing white beard God like guy and nakid ADAM. Stimulation, it means.

She put also EGON SCHILE's "Youth, two, in doing it" post card, on the wall. She thought, "These artistically ZERO existance, namely, my colleagues, would not understand them and probably would misunderstand my inclination. HE-HE-HE-HE-HE!!!" like KENKEN.

Now the result. No one remembered these masterpieces!!!! All in vain. Miyuki bet the danger in these arts, however, no one noticed....Safe, however, uninteresting, at the same time.

"How scandalous!" She expected to be called. However, no one said so to MIYUKI...senseless. On the other hand, existed a male researcher who imported any erotic photographs under the name of freedom of expression. Strange. If he were so serious on the matter, he would get interested in Miyuki's scandalous arts' exibition in the public space...MIYUKI was so lonely there in the graduate school.

MASAKI has lots of episode on this line. Indifferent from his own betrayal, it would be put in our blog. Today, Miyuki should sleep well. Sleeping on the desk without pillow is not healthy. Sleep well, MIYUKI!!!

Why MIYUKI is so troublesome? was their question. Miyuki's reply. It would be combined with lucks. Unchangeable. Thus, MIYUKI is a kind of getting fear of others. So many strange episodes she has in her life. And she thought this inclination as a kin of being lucky. Too too rare...For others, mistery or miracle. For her, "I am accustomed to be so." For others, including her team mates, Ummmm....unusual combination, her SQUAD 6 is!!!!

Miyuki recognized a lot of gifts of Today. Feathers, with a drop of bleed means "I love you so much!!!" from Mountain Dove!!!! Oh!!! They refrained from another place because of another suffering starts, with his team mates...Devastation with the earth????

Miyuki watched that several heavy duty vehicles track brought a mount of the mountain earth, stomps included, from SHIRAKAWA toward west. Digging????

They should be burried in a ditch. Vanishing! No ditch necessary at all!!! Tumbs' inclination again? Toilet type Tumbs, with washlet????

TOTO is the name of King Tut-Anc-Amen. MIYUKI liked his gold mask's T shirt. All blue, and the line was white. Good example of ROSENA YEAH!!! Meet you all the way ♫♬

 Miyuki's way of life was supported by plants, rather than animals. This evening, Miyuki watched a bunch of white pinkish roses on the Big Cross. Banker SEYA's house, they get out toward the broad pedetrian deck. More than 3 meters of Niagara Fall of Roses. White, a bit pinkish. So aristcratic, and smell is superb!!! Wedding, Miyuki imagied, and thought of ADACHI gained his eternal DIVA, and got total satisfaction. Thus, MIYUKI celebrated them, and waiting for the more special information on this matter, including some predissesor only knows type. Anyone frankly told to Miyuki on it. And roses showed that Miyuki's inclination is more similar to their choice.

A bunch of flowers here and there, and Miyuki remembered that June is the season of wedding. And thought of that Roses were used for the symbol of Happy Wedding, in the narrowest mode. One male combined with one female type. And Roses prefer more Multi-type combination. Thus, they are so pretty and beautiful. Superb!!! Aristcratic!!! Authentic!!!!

And with stings. Oh, a-sexual only protectors!!! And a-sexual was only her protector at that time. Now, after a-sexual days...Only TOHOHO remains...The same...Stings on MIYUKI. Stigma. Nathanal Howthon....MAJI-NAERU....

MIYUKI's world creation is superb, however, she has a limit. Yes. And her understanding on the earth is totally different from others. And she is satisfied with the result. Generally speaking, yes. Yet, DDMic cars come, and vanish. repetition. Each time, degraded.

Today, Miyuki watched the desastrous Petroleum trailer in CAINZ's campus. The former head part moves differently from the latter tank's wheels. In case of the toy, OK, however, for the real use, terrible! Just a disaster!!!

For DDMs, OK, because they are always waiting others' unhappiness. They are waiting for bad informations only. Weather news for it. Other news are already too too dificult for DDMs. Unhappiness for them all, while happiness for us all!!!! Miyuki, who is the last TOHOHO among the squad 6, except Rabbit tribe, when she would gain her first virgin quitting mate????? Too too expectation only, and imaging the world so so beautiful, and failed again????

Mountain Doves ran away. It means it is more danger here in this place. Mountain side would be constructed a big toilet???? For whom??? For DDMs???? Why??? Some DDMs requested. Betrayal!!! Death, now!!!

Miyuki should know well that Miyuki's family was categorized 4th grade, including YUKARI????

They are just non insurance figures. Just it. And Miyuki informed that non-insurance, Insurance attacking happened. Only 80 yens per month, they induced. Why? Miyuki got in wonder. And they were trapped.

It is the begining of the moral degradation in Shirakawa and other countries. Insurance, why? No industry at all, thus, no money at all. Logical. And insurance nas no money. Self devastation system. Autofagy, at this meaning.

Oh, Miyuki should sleep now. A fainting mood. Sleep is needed.

Devastation should be avoided. For individual, the insurance should be limited. For others, not at all!!!

Incapable doesn't understand the situation. They are too too dangerous for us all. However, they were not so nasty as Miyuki thought?????

For Miyuki, out of mind type. However, Alzheimer caused by their effort to be so...Non forgetful?????

A kind of super power holders, they were. However, now, out of mind. Too too indulged with the situation. Accustomed to be indulged. For them, disaster to recognize their forgetfulness. Forgetfull more than 40 years!!!

For others, yes. However, for them, not at all. Not ready to recognize it. Thus, only denial, and induce dangers. DDMs took advantage of their feeble minds. They should not maintain their correct information and change always as they liked. And for them, it would be allowed. Thus we should take advantage of their forgetfulness. Without appointing the fact....Too too dificult. At maximum, I don't mention to it, and I keep away from them all.

Miyuki's recognition ability is superb, and now, tolerance? ZERO!!! Too too difficult. DDMs should not be forgiven!!!! Thus, stay away from the house. And too too nasty that addicted medicines were used by others already. Here and there, they smell. Hormone inducing damage. Fatal. Erotic kinky old guys, they are!!!!

This morning, Miyuki was reading the rural magazines' contents' advertisement in front of the book shop called KANEKO. At 8:00. Suddenly, a man popped out, and said, "May I help you!". Miyuki got anger so much. I was reading the advertisement which he put. And ealier than the opening time. Miyuki wanted to read in datail, and he, because of opening, disturbed Miyuki's work. And his way of saying is, "I will inform you to the police, and they would kill you, fortunately, son of bitch!" like mood. Erotic devil, he is now.

Degraded totally, and sold spirit so so earlier than this ordial. Probably he sold Miyuki's personal information, to some faked publid facilities, and gained lots because of it. Face. Appearance. Morally degraded, his face was. Thus, almost 15 years ago, Miyuki stopped going to the book shop.

Yes, when she was young, she was a customer of this bookshop. however, after her recognition of his mood change, she tried to keep away from him. Old guy, started to dye his strangely fat hair in blond. Kinkiest!!! Why he was not informed by others????

Then, see you on our blog!!!! SQUAD 6 love Miyuki so much!!!! ADACHI was traveling with Roberta in Honey Moon!!! She is expecting the chatting report of them...for the reference for her chance!!!!

She believes that ADACHI did it. Satisfaction. Rolling Stones.
And she believes that she would have variety of satisfactions in this area. Pioneer. Report is expected. Thus, chance!!!! No man's land!!!! How? Yes, possibilities with other species, however, with them, Miyuki wants to know it!!!! In various ways!!!! Erotical training!!!!! Imagination!!!! Platon would be killed by MIYUKI's imagination....Too too sexy!!!!

It would be fine to know that exist some guys in the middle. And probably, after her trial, probably, they would vanish....

Only amusement type. And virgin TOHOHO...inducing, however, Miyuki's inclination is the contrary...This is the problem....

Spooky black wearing strange devils here and there. Out of mind type. And for them, toy is the real track...heavy duty track maniacs....Dangerous Truck Drivers. Ruriko ASAOKA....

So many good guys, frank common people adore them type, were targetted because of their populality based on their skills or abilities. Fairness, they wants.

Why my cousin is so pretty? Because she is a positive girl!!! The rightous answer. Alex was thought that a kind of American god like existance now???? Alzheimer patient????

A kind of. He is good at every skill, and quick. Thus, multiple designer, anyway. And he earns a lot of money, yes. However, he should know his limit. He lost his weight??? Bad foods????

He lost appetite. Because he is busy. and now, he would like to be a cook. Good. Also. And gained a adequate muscle. Good. Change would be needed. With YUKARI'S way of living, the two kids should abandon. Terrible weight they gained by her intentional attacks. YUKARI wanted to be their mother, because it is the last chance to gain popularity among their DDMic world. Mother. They both hated, however, they both wanted to be.
And disliked by all of us. Mother, is not existing. Just human beings. Just a room inside the female body. A bag, practically. Rental, in case of necessity.

In case of necessity, OK, Miyuki said to ADACHI. Not so effective, however, not so burden, for Miyuki. Slight evacuation combined with water melon weight. Ummmm....Quick to express.

ADACHI laught at it. Now not necessary. However, she thought of the ancient regime. Thus, if you need, in case.

ADACHI laught at her response. It's too too image the situation. Not so burdensome. Continuing to being human beings, yes. Not beyound nor less. Some kind of cold patient. A bit of caution is enough, and after, the same as usual. How burden???? Above!!!

Good night!! See you in the morning!!!!
MIYUKI likes to swing in the jungle!!! Lion is sleeping. PAPAs and MAMAs.


With Big Love, from SQUAD 6. See you, for us all!!!!!!

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