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 And until now, they pretend to be normal, after a lot of calling of their own clinical jobs. They contracted with some insurance by their own money, to earn from the insurance use, hearing from Miyuki's remarks in HASEGAWA hospital.

  Miyuki remembered the face of her mother, when she criticised the evil clinic like hospital, "This is the messy life of Tokyo high society.", and her mother said, "Oh, riches do it, yes, I know well." in her indifferent way, a bit vague to look up sky type.

  Oh, they are thrifty, I believed, and I also imformed the real situation of Tokyo, and they did know the less population how was caused by.

  Thus they all failed. Miyuki's memory is too too rightous and good in remembering the situation. Not only the fact type. Supporting details were also remembered by her, because of their special system called Quartet MARC!!!!

  Now Chinkoro is proud of being touched by her. Her face was too too nasty to him. And her smell. And she soon got hungry. Why my death caused her hungry???? He was really damaged by her faked kind attitude of touching his precious ear. And said, "Oh, cute guy. Handsome one, would be. Fluffy, especially this part!!!" And touched to pledge his revenge.

  For her, couldn't put up with thing, however, for them, dishonor, yes. And Miyuki pledged not to touch without their accordance, as much as possible.

  Miyuki's weakpoint. She likes to touch fluffy material. Too too attractive for her. thus, a kind of torture for her, not touching the far, especially of diceased ones. And they laught at her messy attitude. Hunting for what?

  To compete the ability with them. Thus, another athletic games would be fine for us all. Not for eating type situation yes. Leghons are better than normal deer and rabit meat yes. Not so promissive in her experiment of the culinary.

  If already diceased, and we are in hunger, and no alternative, yes. however, I avoid to win my curiocity to cook them as much as possible. For example, French cheif invites me to his special party to participate in the kitchen as a cook. And she found that he prepared a rabit for the dinner, coincidently, because his friend hunter gained a lot.

  And in this case, how Miyuki should behave? Miyuki doesn't lose her dearest friends. Thus, her reply is, she uses cheken in stead of meat, and they would eat the same dish in the both meats, portly and meat. And they comments. Miyuki tried to make her effort to cook better chiken dishes rather than rabit ones. If they get to know that chiken is much more delicious and cheap, they changed their mind to use rabit meat in the near future. Miyuki will eat her delicious chekin portly with her Quartet MARC. And probably, it would be a tabboo to her from their participation. Without knowing type mistake happens, sometimes, in really. However, intentionally, of course yes. This, the ingredients discreption was so so important for our life. Sometimes, alergic problem causes someone a serious fatal disease. KARASAWA was milk alergic, yes, and he told his own quasi dead type experience in the reataurant in Hachioji Campus. Miyuki believed it, because, she had some alergic problems in her early years. for the first time, most impressive, yes. And then, another experiment yes.

  Why they get tired of it? I am curious of it now. Oh, U2?, type coincidence between the three, she, especally, and her two kids. They are protected by Gods of Justice. And now, no man's land, except kinky old bugs. Thus, Clare decided to leave the house, by her own will. Good, Clare!! You are brave. And they tortured her, because of her audacious attempt. They called the police, and they said "You are the evilest one among us, Clare!"?????

  For Clare, why she is in custody, was eternal mistery. Miyuki felt so strange here in Shirakawa. A kind of custody, in a wide range. Like Aun Sang Su-Chy had a fazenda, and she is in a light custody in the whole fazenda, and only kinky servants are working in this vast fazenda." like impression.

  Just the same. We want to sail, yes. And no boat at all? I know where they were. On the lake! Yes, however, they scolded me to use it! They are old kinky bugs, set in the worst period of IDIOCRACY, and couldn't change their mind at all. They should vanish soon. Probably in 48 hours.

  Miyuki did know the system right now. And they did it as soon as possible. Until Miyuki recognized it, was the agreement, and Miyuki really well knows type recognition, they can't have. For them, no recognition is enough, because they are incapable to recognize. Miyuki's recognition, not their one. Why they continue their contemptious harmful play until now?

  Today, Miyuki's mother opened the window of the old actually non used toilet. Why? You want to another toilet in the main house? Oh, insanity problem, they has. For them, evacuation smell was nothing at all type, and for them, easy toilet is better than this nasty remote toilet system. US$10 thousand were needed to do the toilet change, Miyuki was said to her mother, and almost 20 years ago, Miyuki asked her, "Are you really want to have a toilet? Yes, expensive, however, if you like, I could manage the money."

  now she remembered her remarks, and she contracted the change. Who could do it? And you said, "The old toilet is smelly, and dangerous for kids. Thus, for us all, using the toilet, clean business type in the office is the best choice." And now, she did the contract without any information to others. Why? She explained, "I thought that Miyuki indeed agreed to do so."????

  She never asked Miyuki to do so. She refused by herself at that time. And now, against Miyuki's will, she contracted. Oh, she should pay. I am free from the damage caused by your any faked contract. Alzheimer patients contract easily. Thus, IKKYO believers were used in the town. They are also Alzheimer patients, yes. However, less progressed ones, the town explained to us all.

  and Miyuki's laughing joke series are really popular among us all!!! She took the proof easily, and they recognize it at least in their slightest memory. During in this period, they took advantage of it, and they induce Miyuki's family to do so. thus, they got nervous, and forgot more and more, even their important things.

  Why didn't you explain the reason of Clare's decision before her?, was her grand father's remarks. Clare wanted to avoid the matter. Miyuki is the less promissive for her yes, because she was jealous to Miyuki. Miyuki did know well at this point.

  Sense of fashion, and her cheap way of dressing well. And her legs!!!! Horse like rabbit type ones, she has. ADACHI would like to compete with her in their costume play!!!!

  And Miyuki is really cheerful guy in this town. Always damnit words so clearly and cheerfully. No time for losers, in the end!!!

  And for our proissive futures, we should colaborate with others of course. Less populous world, we are living. And now, fatty mountains are here!!!! Greens from darker tones to the lightest ones. Oh, I would like to hold a sketching day in a picnic mood!!! If the Quartet agree, we would prepare some lunch to do so!!! River sketch is fine, however, until in a certain place, the rivers are not so clean. Why IKKYO believers clean up the inside the rivers?

  IKKYO believers like to keep vacant, however, inside the river, they didn't toutch!!! Oh, betther than total serious killer!!!

  Oh, poison, they wanted to clean up. Thus, they made a MITSUBISHI PULP company in the upper and better site of the rivers.

  IZUMI-san, do you know TAKAHASHI River? In the map in front of the SHIRAKAWA-SHINYOU-KINKO or 白河信用金庫, a rural small scale bank in Hakamachi-Era, Miyuki found the name of the third river in the top of the big, 1.5m × 1.2m type turistic advertisement map. I have never heard of the name of the river. They sometimes created strange names by their own will and put them on the map, as they liked. Horikawa or 堀川 is also.

  Famous ABUKUMA River is called in Nishigou era with this strange name. Why? The painters suffered from Alzheimer disease, probabalt, like Tokyo's counterparts.

  All Alzheimer patients surround their home town, they really felt so. Why they are so forgetful? And this is the prohibittion no.1 for them. Alzheimer patients, yes, now. Oh, Recognition problem, yes. Idiots, yes. However, forgetful, never????

  I am good at memory, they insisted as usual. And they took the test, and formidable result. All Alzheimer patient country, Japan is. Oh, I know well. They degraded easily. And they pretended to conceal the fact even now. Kids also. Infants yes.

  for them, not so natural. For Miyuki's harsh attackings, they were too too inable to do so type. Fatal for us all!!! Thus, Miyuki should be concealed?????

  For their request, the major did it, because Kazuo SUZUKI, the major, was revealed as the real Alzheimer patients.

  Promissive, not at all type. And Funeral servant type. Spooky face with desiring other's unhappiness only type. Downward, absolutely confirmed. And they allowed to kill others, and the residents denied the facts, against the law. Three years ago, almost, he came to kill all of the patients, for his own sake to make his bigger company called AOKI. Stupid choice, with megalomaniac taste. King Ra, he wanted to be, or Emperor Shi, probably.

  Their dream should be completed in their own nightmare, yes. However, outside their dream, namely, in real world, they couldn't do so. Prohibittion was forgotten type assasin projects consecutively. Serious killer's ideal town in the world, they were told. Oh, Miyuki is famous for them all.

  If she gets to know it, she would like it, her real sister YUKARI assurmed. And they all failed. Just a serial killers, they are. Maniacs. Mentally illed completely. And majority of them are this type. They target less progressed Alzheimer patients. Thus, the extreme IDIOCRACY is exposed in this rural town.

  Miyuki is too too rightous to say so. However, how should I do? They are majority, in precarious way, and easily move with their smart cars. Thus, universal information system, taking advantage of their own routes. Smart cars are for it. They have no memory at all. It means they can't drive a car at all type. And they can drive, even after being to be revealed as the real Alzheimer patients. Astonishing news on this matter. On 14 of May, ASAHI Shimbun informed the news with their agreement. We all astonished at the article, however, for them all, not at all type common article, it is.

  the real Alzheimer patients are too too dangerous in your town. I know well on your situation. We should help us at all, anyway. Miyuki believes that at least MAYA's mother is more helpful for Clare, yes. Miyuki met her, and got astonished, because she is a foreigner. Clare didn't mention at all. And one day, Clare decalred to Miyuki, "I will stay one night in MAYA's house." Thus, Miyuki got upset her, because at least, before her leaving, she should inform on the family MAYA.

  MAYA is my closest friend, Clare introduced her in the entrance. Oh, thank your for playing with my daughter. They wore uniformes yes. However, her mother, Miyuki didn't know it. Thus, Miyuki said to Clare, "At least, I will go with you to meet MAYA's mother. If she is normal, yes, OK, you can stay. However, if not, you should give up the plan, you did it without noticing to me." And on Monday, a bit rainy day, Miyuki went to her house. Near, however, it took almost 45 minutes. FUKIMORI Park was the nearest land mark. However, Clare took a slow straid. Why? I know this place, at least, the direction. Why we couldn't reach her house yet?

  And finally, her house was there. Oh, bigger house!!! Miyuki thought that they were residents of an apartment like Miyuki's family. Oh, spacy!!! And MAYA's mother appeared, and "Oh, you are a foreigner!"

  And Miyuki got relieved at all. Miyuki was a bit nervous, because when Miyuki asked Clare to get acordance with MAYA's family, and MAYA's mother replyed in English. Thus, Miyuki's strange detective story on MAYA's family began. Why she wrote it in English? The worst case was for Miyuki & Adachi, "SPALTAN Monster", education only type.

  I can write in Engilish!, type. Vertisty graduates only type!!! To be proud of superior to others, yes!!! This is the worst situation for Miyuki and Clare. yes, Clare, you have right to communicate with any of others, because you should learn how to chose your friends. However, your closest friend's would be our enemy...might be....Thus, we should confirm the fact, anyway!!!!

  Thus, for Miyuki at that time, got up early in the morning, and followed Clare's way to MAYA's family. And the result was...Oh, just it...Thank you anyway. I will come to pick up...

  South Asian type, she would be. Pakistan or Punjab, northern part of the India as continent. Miyuki presumed. Ocean is near for her original house. Anyway, she looks normal people. OK, Clare, I leave you in her house. Don't abuse your priviledge!!! And bye!!!

  Normal people are majority in almost all of the countries Myuki visited. In Japan, the contray happened. Thus, Oh, a foreigner. Sure, it's OK for me. Just a my hobby to think of it...

  Miyuki's detective ability causes sometimes too many laughing stories. Thus, they wanted to open her ability by their own cost, they said to the public agencies, and they failed at all. Authoral Rights, for what? She can't conceal anything at all for the sake of just an Alzheimer patients consolation.  Why any of them colaborate her rightous opinion? For us all, too too normal to cut wifi in the town. However, in her own country, in her rural town called SHIRAKAWA, they didn't do so, and continue to do so, using the various ways of their evil technics.

  Thus, they colaborated until now. and Miyuki denied to their resque of the evacuation????

  Miyuki didn't know the situation in Shirakawa at all. Alzheimer patients, evil type only now. Jasons, we call them. And Clare should evacuate from the evil town. And they wanted to catch her in her own house, thus, they called their usual authority. Three gold or 三金 was for it. Vanishing their wrongdoings, and thus, they got richer and richer, immediately.

 Her mother explained Miyuki, "Sankin had two brothers, a medical doctor and a lawyer, thus, they could get rich." And Miyuki believed. Indifferent at all the richness of the family, and Miyuki did know the level of the richness. Messy contenners in the campus near Shin-Shirakawa station. Third class construction company, rural type, Miyuki categorized it immediately. Jealous? Not at all! Contemption, yes of course!!!

  And then, they tried to be the night emperor, according to Miyuki's gag version. Oh, the night life, they wanted to enjoy???

  For Miyuki, just seeds of joke, as usual. however, for them all, alive or death type choice. Oh, then, you should choose death, only death. In this case, you should say, "Oh, death or death situation, we are in. Thus, we should die!!!"

  Oh, 貧窮問答歌! by 山上憶良 Songs of question and answer on poverty by Okura YAMANOUE.

  Miyuki sang: You shall die, you shall die! ♫(^^♪♬ (In her cheerful voice, in the melody of BAMBI's opening)

 SANKIN sang: Yes, we should die, we should die! 🎶 (in the similar melody, in the negative tone.with spooky unizon!)

  This Okura is famous for his family adoration short light verse. Almost 1000 years ago, he wrote:

  Gold, Platinum, I don't care.

  My best treasures are my kids.

  Simple, and at least, we had some human being ansestor in Japan.

   Why they sold their kids? For Miyuki, nonsense, at all. And for them, everyday's attempt even now. They already could do it. Miyuki remembered her first slight traffic accident on the public limited road. She crashed on the pole, and the red car of her father made a concavo, and Miyuki should pay US$700 to her father.

  The situation was as fallows. An non licenced for the place type car, a mother and a boy, were there inside, dashed in front of her, and she was forced to cede the space for it to pass throught. And Bung!!! No injury at all, however, the back of the car made a concavo. And the inresponsible car passed soon after the crash, without thanking at all.

  Miyuki got upset, yes. however, her father said to her, "According to Transporting system law, in this case, you should not concede to them. Thus, your failure. " OK, I accepted his explanation. Then, I would never concede, in the similar case. They should pay, evel wrongdoer!, Miyuki really thought of it.

  And her secong crash in the 4th of January, in 2014. In the worktool store called KOMERI, in the parking lots. Almost no one was there, thus, Miyuki was in her always claiming to the injustice among society in the car. And after she bought a electric bar type limp, she started to go backward. And she crashed with a car, in which, a MISAKA resident was there.

  He was so accustomed to call his own police and insurance company, and at least, he left his name on her memorundum. Oh, he lived this place. Probaly, IKKYO believer, he was. And gained like in these styles.

  Oh, they used their neuro inducing system for it, and induced disasters as always. Oh, thus, Miyuki was so yelled to speed up more and more. And Miyuki kept sane mentally, indifferent from their yell. They want to gain from their own disasters. I don't colaborate with you, DDMs sobstory cruel makers!!!!

  For them, any place should be good to their own jobs. Cars are passing here and there, and Miyuki is a driver licence holder. Thus, they crashed as much as possible, and found that she has no car at all!!!!

  Miyuki wanted to have an old used Jeep, given by American Force. Only she wanted to have it. And others? Not at all!!! And the jungle painting with black, dark green and lighter green. For protection, four helmets please!!!

  Now, M&A are expecting that on the road, these cars, of course, faked ones, appear soon. American Air Force would attack them on raid!!!!

  Downward vehicles, they should be!!! Counterparts of thet Downward Blue Impulses.

  Go to INFERNO! in a GO, GO, MARINE! melody!!!

  Toriton, primitive version type animation. TATSUNOKO-PRO? Mitsuteru YOKOYAMA? Miyuki forgot the name of the writer. However, at 5 years and 6, she watched it on TV, before dinner type. Normal poverty line turned to be the most poor zone, she is in now. Oh, I studied hard, including cramschool type. And entered into the best Universitly in the country, and graduated the doctoral course, completely, and gained doctor degree in the field of Legal Studies. And now, practically jobless, and her faked superiors, her real mother, junior high versity holder, and her real younger sister, versty holder, caught her in ther hand, and force her to be low to their level. And their level are, Alzheimer patients one.

  Thus, they are jealous unnecessarily, and start monopolization or Muck selling business so easily, as if just a slight kindness were so precious for Miyuki only. Why they want to sell their so called unnecessary kindness to Miyuki?, because they want to do so. Just it. and they were scolded by others so many times, and they faked the fact totally against Miyuki's intention. Always, they took advantage of her isolation in the field of communication. They cut her information system, and contribute to create "Miyuki protector". Oh, Bird protector type irony, they adopted.

  HACHIOJI version was too too cruel for Miyuki and birdies, and SHIRAKAWA version is too too nasty to others yes. They want to punishe her because of her rightous opinion. And they are too too kinkiest at this point.

  Miyuki remembered the story written by 高橋康成 or Yasunari TAKAHASHI on Four Bronte Sisters. Mad girls in attic, it was said in British version.

  They lost their sanity, already, we presumed it, and Miyuki took a picture, and they got to know the fact, and they continue to punish her, instead of correct their own wrongdoings. No mistake should be done by us two, was their attitude. And now, Miyuki should move all of her foods stocked in the fredge of the main house to in the tiny fredge of the office.

  She likes cooking, thus, we should avoid her to use the kichen, they decided between them two both. And as soon as Miyuki got up, her mother declared the order to her. And she said only "yes." as usual.

  yes, kindness means just being taken easily. However, within the limit. Unifersal fundamental rights, not at all. Thus, they should be punished harshly. Now your both are revealed so evil. Clare suffered a lot, because she is a really good at cooking. Always they are jealous. Too too nasty strange kinky family we have, she declared. And Miyuki was saved again. Clare was forced to participate in the third catching of Miyuki. Again and again, they tried. And Clare is now the target. And we should colaborate each other.

  Just a trifle is enough, they informed to their enemy. And they did it. Always, they did it against my will. They, my mother and my younger sister. Why? Because they are both Alzheimer patients.

  They really deeply think so. Why they couldn't move to Tokyo? They really thought. And now, their era came!!! IDIOCRACY in Tokyo again version, they live already. For her, faked TOKYO is enough. And they are concealed 360° always. For their choice. For them all, anyway safe is predilection. And thrifty they are, and waste lots of money for their thriftness. Alzheimer economic contradiction, they are in.

  Miyuki laught at their attitude. Her mother washes her cloghing in the double long drums old type washing machine in the main house, while her daugher, YUKARI, does her faked washing with the precious water and electricity abundantly in the office building. Double use, they started. Terrible situation. They want to use their spending abandently according to their leader's order.

  They sold their spirit until the bit of the tow nail, Miyuki really thought so. Clare did so yes.

  And Now, Miyuki starts to clean up the fredge to coexist with others. Just a bit cleaning up is enough, probably. And the electricty no type? Just a stocker? Anyway, I will try to do it!!!

 Thus, see you soon!!! Quartet MARC, forever!!!

  Vanish! DDMs!!!

  From MARC, with BIG LOVE!!!!


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